How to Make Money on Instagram, Even If You Aren’t Famous

At PerfectPayday, we help you get a loan when you are low on cash and need emergency finances. This, of course, isn’t the perfect situation for you to be in. Instead of getting a cash loan, it is better to earn and save money so that you can have more stable finances. To that end, we are providing various tips and articles that we think will help you earn some more money. This particular article will focus on how to make money from Instagram.

Here I will be showing you how to make some money online, on Instagram, without actually being famous. Instagram has over 1 billion active users, with around a hundred million posts being uploaded, every single day. Those posts getting around 4 billion likes every single day. Instagram is huge, and there is a lot of money to be made on there.

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There are many ways to do this, such as drop shipping, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and shout outs. There are loads of different ways to make money on Instagram. I’m going to show you just how you can do it, without having to be famous. I’ll explain these different niches and ways to make money through Instagram and how to monetize your Instagram account.

Millionaire Mentor

The first example I will show you is Millionaire Mentor. They have 3.6 million followers. I’m going to show you different accounts in different niches. This is to show you that anyone can do this. If you can make an account, you can do the exact same thing that these people do. What is Millionaire Mentor’s claim to fame? They re-upload other people’s pictures. They pre-post other people’s pictures. It’s almost like stealing their pictures, but it’s not stealing, because these pictures posted to Instigram are free. They weren’t copyrighted. All they do is repost other people’s pictures and try to get followers.

I’m gonna show you a way that you can get followers to your account at the end of this article. Stay tuned for that. These Millionaire Mentor guys, how they make money, you can tell by the links in their profile that they are promoting affiliate links. If you purchase the item in their link, they will earn an affiliate commission. I’m not sure how much, but the item they are selling costs $99. They may be getting 60%, 70% or 80% commission. What they’re doing is making money through affiliate marketing. All they’re doing is re-posting pictures. They add their logo to the picture, and they also add motivational quotes. That’s all they’ve done.

Another thing they are doing is sponsored posts. They have an affiliate link on some of their posts, but someone has paid them to post it. It is an advertisement that someone paid for them to post. I don’t know how much someone is paying them to do this, but they have 3.6 million followers. I’m guessing they paid quite a bit to have the post with an affiliate link made to their account.

Awesome Earth

Next, we discuss another Instagram account in a completely different niche. The account is Awesome Earth, and the niche is travel. They post cool pictures of places around the world. These guys are not using their own pictures. They are pictures they’ve taken from other people’s accounts. They may attribute the photo to the original person, but they didn’t create the photos. They post other people’s photos, giving them credit.

Just like Millionaire Mentor, they make their money with paid sponsored posts. On one particular post, they are featuring a Black Friday affiliate promotion. It takes you to a Shopify website. They are dropshipping. What they probably do is get the items cheaper from Aliexpress. They will get an item that probably doesn’t even cost $5, but if you buy it from them you will pay $20. You buy from these guys, they go to Aliexpress and have it shipped to you. You pay them $20, they pay Aliexpress $5, they pocket the $15 difference.

They might do shoutouts as well. Many of these pages will do something called a “shoutout”. If you’re an upcoming photographer and you want to get your work on Instagram, you can pay these guys (for instance) $200 and they will post your photo. Their 3.4 million followers will then see your photography. If you have a link embedded into the photo itself, displaying a link inside the picture, many of their 3.4 million followers will visit your website.

Luxury Generation

You’ll see the next featured Instagram account is The Luxury Generation. You’ll see right on the top that they do “Collaborations”. That is essentially a “shout out”. They will feature a company’s luxury product and they are calling that a “collaboration”, but it is in fact a shout out. This is one way they are monetizing their account.

They are about luxury items. That includes jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, watches and other luxury items. They have 119k followers, not as many as the earlier featured accounts. However, they are more focused, more niche-specific, and it makes for a great way of marketing a narrow range of luxury items to a specific market.

They are not doing affiliate marketing or any other method of monetization. Instead, they are focused specifically on collaborations. That is their means of making money on Instagram. Again, we are discussing these different accounts to give you ideas on how you could make some spare cash with Instagram. A company that wants to promote their watch would spend their money, wisely, on having it promoted to its niche followers. If you can build a similar following, you can certainly build some a nice secondary or even primary income source.

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Viral Bikes

The last Instagram account we will discuss focuses on a completely different niche, motor bikes. Viral Bikes has 35,800 followers. It’s a smaller following, but a very specific niche market. They post pictures of awesome motorcycles, but they mix in product shout outs. They won’t make a fortune with 35k followers, but they might make $20, $30 or even $40 with a shout out. That isn’t bad for that size following. Again, this is how to make money with Instagram even if you aren’t famous. You don’t have to be huge to start making money, you can progressively make more as your following grows.

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If you were to start many different niche pages, you may only be making $20 to $40 per shout out, but you would be making it over many such accounts. You could try going for volume. Another possible method of making money for this Viral Bikes account would be by selling merchandise. They could sell motorcycle related merchandise or customized clothing. They certainly would want to do this if they reached over 100k followers.


In summary, you don’t have to be extremely popular or have an extremely high follower count of millions before you can start making money with Instagram. There are many methods to use, including affiliate links, drop shipping, sponsored posts, shout outs and selling merchandise. You can start small and work your way up from there. Instagram makes many people a small fortune, and you can begin building a side business with Instagram today.

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