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We all experience financial struggles from time to time, and traditional lenders like banks and credit unions aren’t always an option. Not to mention, they’re quite exhaustive in terms of paperwork and eligibility requirements.

So, how can you go about addressing these financial struggles without jumping through hoops? Private finance loans are one of the loan types in Australia! They are a fast online loan. Read on to learn more.

What Are Private Finance Loans?

private finance loans

Simply put, private financing is the act of borrowing money from a non-traditional loan provider. Such lenders tend to be big-time companies or individuals that are looking to earn higher returns on excess funds.

Bear in mind, however, that private financing is most commonly intended for business purposes. Why? Because private finance loans fall under the category of unregulated loans, meaning they’re not under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act.

Our research indicates that, you must also note that private lending, in most cases, is secured, meaning borrowers will have to present some sort of collateral to acquire personal loan consolidation.

Most private lenders are actually asset lenders, meaning that most of them are okay with lending against a traditional asset’s actual value, be it a property or another type of asset.

There are even private lenders who are willing to lend against business goodwill, equipment, income streams, and so forth. Such lenders tend to be a few and far between, though.

What Can I Use Private Finance For?

private money lenders australia

Based on our observations, Private finance emergency loans online are primarily intended for business purposes. This includes the purchase of commercial properties, business debt payouts, starting a business, business capital, property development, and other activities of that nature. What private finance loans aren’t intended for, however, is investing in residential properties.

Other activities where private financing comes in handy include clearing tax debts, releasing property equity, construction finance, business expansions, land acquisition, and business funding.

It’s worth noting most private finance approval loan providers require borrowers to sign a declaration that states that the reason behind the loan is to fund a business purpose.

Why Seek Private Finance?

private finance money australia

Drawing from our experience, there are numerous reasons why private financing is much more convenient than traditional lending. For starters, decisions are made very quickly. You don’t have to wait weeks or even months to have your loan approved, which is typically the case with most traditional lenders.

Further, the main focus of private lenders is your collateral. In contrast, banks, credit unions, and other traditional lenders focus on your credit score, income, payment history, proof of cash flow, collateral, and other exhaustive eligibility requirements.

Another benefit of opting for private lending is quick access to funds. Once your micro loan application is approved, you should receive your funds within only 24 hours. This, once again, isn’t the case with traditional lenders of last chance loans.

Other notable benefits of opting for private lending include readily accessible funds, lo-doc lending (more on that shortly), assistance in various business endeavours, and customisable loan structures. Best of all, private lending offers those with less than perfect credit scores the ability to access funds.

What Is Lo-Doc Private Lending?

private finance loan australia

Lo-doc private loans for hardship, as you may have guessed, are loans that don’t require as many documents as a traditional lender would require. For instance, banks demand to see the borrower’s tax returns and other related financial paperwork, which can be inconvenient for someone who’s self-employed.

Lo-doc private loans, per contra, focus only on collateral and don’t require such exhaustive paperwork. Not to mention, the application process associated with such loans is as simple and straightforward as can be.

Lo-Doc Loan Requirements

To acquire a lo-doc private loan, you’ll need to provide a business activity statement and an accountant’s statement.

Bear in mind, however, that document requirements tend to vary from one lender to another. They may also vary depending on the details of the best loans.

What Is the Max LVR for Private Finance Loans?

The maximum Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) varies from one lender to another as well as from one asset to another. In most cases, however, private loan providers will stop at 65% LVR. In other words, they can’t lend more than up to 70% of the asset’s value.

To put things into perspective, let’s say you have a $1M commercial property; most private loan providers will lend you up to $700,000, which is 70% of the property’s value.

As far as loan terms, the minimum repayment duration with most private lenders is 3 months. Such short repayment durations are intended to help borrowers trying to get through short cash flow issues or financial gaps.

In terms of rates, private finance easy payday loans are associated with notably high rates. The rates are higher than the ones applied by major banks. They’re sometimes even higher than the rates applied by tier-two lenders.

Final Thoughts

Private finance loans are becoming more and more popular by the day, and it’s not hard to see why considering they offer greater convenience than traditional loans.

If you’re having a financial problem that’s preventing you from addressing any of the above-mentioned business purposes, private finance loans are the way to go.

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