Do You Need Payday Loans Alternative? Apply Now and Get Up To $10,000.

Payday loan may be on top of your list if you are in need of fast cash. Additionally, if you are one of those who have bad credit, you might feel like you have limited loan options. But did you know that there could be other instant loan choices that are suitable for your current financial situation?

What are payday loans Australia?

Payday loans are almost always on top of the list of Australians who are looking for extra cash. Although they are popular options, this type of credit isn’t suitable for everyone.

Through our practical knowledge, there has been a rapid growth in the market for short term loans over the years. However, payday lenders have become been in the hot seat so many times because of their inflexible repayment terms and high fees. These are only a few reasons why consumers are looking for alternatives.

Fortunately, Perfect Payday is here to help. Gone are the days when you have to spend hours online trying to search for lenders that can help. Our 100% online system will take care of it all.

Before anything else, let’s begin by understanding what cash loans are.

What are payday loans?

Our findings show that, as per the definition provided by ASIC, payday loans are short-term, high cost loans, which include small loans amounting to $2,000 that are expected to be repaid between 16 days and 1 year. In the past, consumers take out this loan to help them get through their next paycheque. You can settle the debt via:

  • Deduction from your next pay
  • Direct debit from your personal bank account

In case you have a poor credit history, you may be seeking out lenders offering no credit check loans, which is understandable. However, you may have other same day loans options aside from Australian cash loans.

Perfect Payday’s lender-finder service will try to pair you with a credit provider that may offer you the quick cash loans you need.

What are the alternatives to payday loans?

Before you start your search for a payday lender, make sure that you’ve considered all of your options.

There are some instances when a payday loan should not be your first choice. You should weigh up the best alternative option that will fulfil your current financial needs.

Talk To Your Utility Provider

Get in touch with your utility provider because it probably has its own financial hardship office. You might find alternative payment options in case you are unable to pay your bills.

If you think you can’t afford your water, gas, or electricity bill, talk to your utility provider first.

Secure An Advance Payment With Centrelink

Based on our observations, if you are receiving government benefits, you can ask for an advance payment. It involves receiving a portion of your future Centrelink benefits ahead of schedule. It’s an interest free loan that you need to repay through your future Centrelink payments.

In most cases, it’s better to take an advance payment rather than apply for Centrelink loans online.

But you need to remember that there are some eligibility requirements that must be met before the advance payment can be released. Contact the Department of Human Services to find out if you are eligible.

What is a no interest loan scheme?

Consumers who have low income can get no-interest loans from No Interest Loan Scheme as well as other similar charity initiatives. But, there are certain requirements that you need to meet in order to be eligible. You should consider taking out a no-interest loan especially if you are on a low income and you need cash to cover your medical treatments or household needs.

The No Interest Loan Scheme is a good option if you are in this kind of situation. Just remember that there are some eligibility requirements plus there are some restrictions on where you can use the loan for.

How is Perfect Payday’s lender-finder service a good alternative to payday loans?

Why not use Perfect Payday’s lender-finder service, which is absolutely free? All you need to do is submit a paperless application and Perfect Payday will try to pair you with a potential lender. We work with a network of credit providers that may be able to provide personal loans of up to $10,000. These form of credits, when compared with payday lenders, may provide more flexible options.

What are credit check payday loans?

If you apply for a loan that doesn’t involve a credit assessment, your lender won’t access a copy of your credit report. Instead, they will take into account other factors when assessing your loan application like your income and expenses.

You may be asked to provide the following:

  • Centrelink statements or payslips
  • Copies of bills
  • Copies of credit contracts
  • Property rental statements to check if your payments are up to date.

The approval time of one lender is different from another.

Are payday loans dangerous?

In some situations, a payday loan could be the best credit option. However, there are certain aspects of this kind of credit that have been criticized heavily by consumers.

No Regard For Responsible Lending Practices

Maybe the most damaging concept about payday lenders is that they have no regard for responsible lending practices.

Some credit providers have been criticized for providing loans that are not suitable for the borrowers. Simply put, these lenders offer credit to consumers who are not supposed to take out credit or can’t afford to repay them.

Repayment Terms

One of the things that payday lenders have been criticized for is their short and inflexible repayment terms. Apart from that, if you are unable to repay your loan during the limited timeframe, you might be faced with high penalty charges and fees that could snowball quickly.

Always remember that lenders can charge additional fees for missed payments. So, make sure that you read and understand your contract carefully before approving it.

Falling Into A Debt Trap

It could be easy for consumers to fall into a debt trap after taking out a lot of new loans. This could easily leave borrowers into a debt spiral that won’t be easy to get out of.

Are there guaranteed payday loans in Australia?

Although legal loans will never have guaranteed approval, credit providers will do their best to evaluate your bad credit loan application. It doesn’t matter whether you need $1,500 or $5,000, lenders will do all they can to determine if you can be approved or not. Aside from that, Perfect Payday’s lender-finder service is totally free and you are under no obligation to accept the loan offered to you.

All credit providers are required by law to evaluate if a credit contract is appropriate for a consumer. So, any lender that offers guaranteed approval is obviously not following the law and responsible lending practices.

Do I need to have a good credit score to apply for a short term loan?

A good credit score is not a general requirement for a payday loan.

There are some payday lenders that may not perform a credit check on your loan application. But there are other loan options for people with a bad credit history.

Perfect Payday, for instance, could pair you with a lender that offers a personal loan. Even if they check your credit history, there’s still a possibility that your loan application will be approved. It’s because Perfect Payday works with a network of lenders who might be able to focus on your current financial history.

Can a payday lender decline my loan application?

Given that there are no guaranteed payday loans, it’s possible that your application might be denied.

There are many reasons for a declined application and the common ones are listed below:

  • Your income cannot be verified
  • The lender believes you cannot afford the repayments

Can I go to jail if I fail to repay my payday loan?

You won’t go to jail for not being able to repay your payday loan.

Just remember that lenders will pass on your debt file to the debt collectors. They will get in touch with you via social media, email, letter, phone, or even in person. However, consumers have rights and that means debt collectors have to respect that.

For instance, a debt collector can only call you three times a week. Apart from that, debt collectors are not allowed to contact you during national public holidays.

If you need more information about your rights when you’re dealing with debt collectors then make sure to check out ASIC’s Moneysmart.

How is Perfect Payday different?

Perfect Payday is a lender-finder service. That means we are always here and ready to help all those who are in need of a quick cash advance to cover unexpected costs. So, rather than spending countless hours searching online and submitting several applications, file only one application form with us.

We will try to find a credit provider that may offer fast loans that range between $300 and $10,000. So, whether you’re looking a small or a large loan, Perfect Payday will try to help. In terms of the repayment plan, you can choose between 12 and 24 months, but of course, this will also depend on how much you borrowed. But ultimately, it’ll be the lender who will make the final decision, which they believe is best for your situation.

Who can apply for payday loans?

Payday lenders have their own set of criteria that applicants need to meet in order to be eligible. But, Perfect Payday also has its own set of requirements that you need to meet before you can use our lender-finder service.

  • You should be at least 18 years old.
  • You should be a permanent resident or a citizen of Australia.
  • You should have received income into your bank account over the last 90 days.
  • You should have a working email address and phone number.

If your answer is yes to all these questions, then you can use Perfect Payday’s lender-finder service. We understand that life can be hectic and we want to make the process of applying for a loan much easier.

Can I find no credit check loans?

Consumers who are looking for no credit check loans are commonly those who have a poor credit record. Rest easy knowing that the lenders we work with will not only focus on your past financial mistakes but also your current financial situation. Do you want to know more about bad credit loans?

But, please note that we can’t tell you whether the credit provider you’ll be paired with will check your credit or not.

Can People on Centrelink Apply For A Loan?

If you are a Centrelink recipient and you want to apply for a loan, you should consider payday lenders instead of traditional ones, because the latter will most likely decline your application. Even if banks and other conventional financial institutions will automatically turn down your approval, there are some licensed credit providers who may be able to help.

Perfect Payday will try to match you with reputable personal loan lenders that consider Centrelink payments as a form of regular income.

How do I stop depending on cash loans?

There are ways for you to get out of using a payday loan. First of all, you could earn more income. Or, you could cut back on your expenses and make sure that you focus on repaying your loan. But we all know that it’s easier said than done.

Why not use Perfect Payday’s lender-finder service and we will try to match you with a lender that can provide you with a consolidation loan. This type of credit can help you settle bad credit debts. If you manage to secure it, you’ll only be focusing on a single loan instead of paying different ones, which can be confusing and stressful.

Why should I Apply for Personal Loans?

A lot of consumers would rather take out personal loans for different reasons. Here are a few reason why they apply for personal loans.

  • Larger amounts – many payday lenders offer $2,000. Credit providers that offer personal loans may be able to provide you with a loan of up to $10,000.
  • Flexible repayments – consumers pay back their personal in a span of several months on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly repayment schedule.
  • Cover personal expenses – consumers can use their loan for various reason like rental bonds, car repairs, or holiday expenses.

How does it work?

Apply for instant cash loans through Perfect Payday’s convenient and safe lender-finder service. You just need a few minutes, an internet connection and a computer. Here are the three basic steps involved in applying for a loan.

Step 1: Submit An Online Application

Go to the top of this page and find our loan slider. Use it to indicate the loan amount you wish to borrow and you preferred repayment terms. Then you’ll also be given an estimate of the possible repayment terms that a potential lender may give you.

Consumers will be provided with examples of repayment terms. But the costs shown in these examples may not be same with the costs of your loan, since all these will all boil down to the lender you’re paired with.

Once done, click the Apply Now button and then fill out the application form. You’ll be required to provide a few more details and then click submit.

Step 2: We’ll Find A Lender For You

Once we receive your application form, our system will then get to work and try to pair you with a potential lender.

Step 3:

If we successfully match you with a lender, they will evaluate your application. If the credit provider approves your application, they will reach out to you with an offer.

When you use Perfect Payday’s lender-finder service, you no longer have to deal with lengthy application process and piles of documents that need to be submitted. All you need to do is fill out one application form and we’ll do the rest.

Why should I look for payday loans alternative?

Online personal loans is a good option for Aussie consumers who want to apply for a loan but don’t want to turn to traditional banks. Applying for a personal loan will only take a matter of minutes instead of days as with traditional financial institutions. We know that in your current situation, you wouldn’t want to deal with more inconveniences.

Are there any restrictions to the reason why you want to take out the loan? Fortunately, there’s none. You can use the proceeds as you fit but the most common reasons are listed below:

Holiday Expenses

Life can be stressful and it’s only natural if you’d like to go on a vacation to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Unfortunately, you don’t have extra cash to fund your much needed vacation. That’s when we come in. We will help find a lender that can offer you travel loans ranging between $300 and $10,000.

You can use the holiday loans to cover your airfare or hotel accommodation. Let Perfect Payday help make your travel dreams come true.

Car Repairs

In many cases, car troubles happen during the most inopportune moments and can easily ruin your budget when they happen. Having your car repaired may seem like it’s out of the option especially if you don’t have that extra cash.

Fortunately, Perfect Payday can find credit providers that lend you the cash you need to have your car repaired. The application process will only take a few minutes and you may even be connected with a lender within 60 minutes. If you’re lucky, you may access the credit you need the same day you applied for a loan.

Rental Bonds

Are you thinking of moving to a new place but don’t’ have the cash to cover the rental bonds? Get in touch with us now.

Financial Emergencies

Financial emergencies can happen anytime and even the best well laid out budget can easily be destroyed. Perhaps you’ve got to cover a huge vet bill or you maybe you’re faced with an expensive medical emergency.

What are the types of personal loans?

The network of lenders that we work with offer three basic types of credit. Check out these credit options below and determine which one fits your personal financial situation.

Always remember that the repayment terms vary from one lender to another.

Small Loans

Small loans are unsecured loans that range from $300 $2,000 and can be paid back over 12 months. Since they are unsecured loans, you don’t have to offer an asset as a guarantee; you can just submit an application and we’ll do the rest. It will be a hassle-free application and you may be paired with a trustworthy lender.

You may have to pay an establishment fee of $20 and other ongoing fees, but this will depend on the credit provider that you’ll be paired with.

Medium Loans

You may also find loans ranging from $2,000 to $4,600, which can be repaid between 13 to 24 months. Medium loans are excellent choices if you need access to a bigger credit but you’ll have to use an asset as a collateral.

Large Loans

Loans that range from $5,000 to $10,000 are large secured loans that can be paid back over a period of 13 to 24 months. Just like medium loans, large loans require some form of asset as a guarantee. The application process is simple and you don’t have to spend hours online or waiting in line just to find a lender that can help.

Perfect Payday is ready to help whether you need small, medium, or large loans.

Where can I find payday loans alternatives?

Use Perfect Payday if you have been searching online for instant approval lenders that can help you with your cash shortfall. We work with a network of trusted credit providers. Let Perfect Payday help you if you have been searching these terms online.

  • Payday loans Australia
  • Payday loans Centrelink
  • Weekend payday loans no credit check
  • Best payday loans Australia
  • No credit check payday lenders
  • Guaranteed payday loans no matter what Australia
  • Bad credit payday lenders
  • Payday loan online

This is a list of the most common terms used to find a lender online. They are not the kinds of loans that Perfect Payday will find for you. We listed these terms to let you know that instead of spending hours searching online, you can just use Perfect Payday’s lender-finder service for a faster application process.

Perfect Payday and Responsible Lenders

Perfect Payday works with credit providers that are following responsible lending practices. You may be wondering what their obligations are as responsible lenders.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission created rules that prevent lenders from providing unsuitable loan products or credit contracts to any of their borrowers. What is an unsuitable loan product or credit contract?

  • It is considered unsuitable if the consumer cannot afford the repayments or will cause them to be financially unstable.
  • It is considered unsuitable if the credit contract fails to meet the objectives and requirements of the consumer.

Credit providers are required to follow these regulations and that’s why they are expected to do the following:

  • Inquire about the financial situation of the applicant
  • Verify the financial situation of the applicant
  • Provide a written copy of the assessment upon the request of the borrower

If Perfect Payday matches you with a credit provider, you can rest assured that the lender is licensed and takes responsible lending obligations seriously.

How can you verify my income?

Perfect Payday works with credit providers that can check your expenses and income easily. Thanks to the internet and safe banking technology, lenders can now verify your income with ease.

Lenders can access a read only copy of your digital bank statements. This allows them to check your ability to pay back the loan without asking you to submit piles of documents. Aside from that, their thorough evaluation of your application will give you the peace of mind that you’ll only be offered a loan that you can afford.

Financial Hardship

Perfect Payday works with responsible and licensed lenders that have hardship departments. In case a major event happens in your life, which negatively affects your finances, you have the option to file for financial hardship.

Your credit provider will evaluate your financial hardship application, and if you are approved, they will offer an alternative payment plan.

Flexible Repayments

Borrowers can indicate their preferred repayment terms. Apart from that, they can choose how often they could make repayments like weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Don’t forget that the repayment terms vary from one lender to another.

Will the lender conduct credit checks?

It’s up to the lender whether or not they will perform a credit check. But, our network of lenders focus on other factors and not just your credit history.

They will assess your current financial situation and how you handle your finances. So, even if you have a poor credit history, there’s still a chance that you’ll secure a loan approval.

Reliable Customer Support

Even if our system is 100% online, we still have a live customer support team on stand by and ready to assist you with your queries and concerns.

When can I access my payday loan alternative?

There are several factors that will affect how long you can access your funds.

In most cases, lenders will transfer the money into your account once you approve your loan contract. It’s possible for you to get the funds the same day you approved your contract. But it’s also possible that you’ll get your hands on the cash you need the next business day.

Do you need same day loans? Perfect Payday may be able to match you with a lender that can help.

Are you ready to submit an application for payday loans alternative?

All you need to do is complete an online application and when you’re done, we’ll do what we can to pair you with a lender.

Avoid all the hassle, use Perfect Payday’s lender-finder service. Even if you are on Centrelink benefits or unemployed, we will still try to pair you with a potential credit provider.

Get In Touch!

You’re probably feeling overwhelmed by all the information presented on this site, so if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can also check out our FAQ page for further details.

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