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A breast implant, also referred to as augmentation mammoplasty in medical terms, is one of the highly sought-after surgeries in Australia. In light of the fact that it’s considered a luxury surgery, it comes with a high price tag that may not fit neatly into your budget.

Insurance, in-house payment plans, and credit cards are all financing options with terms and conditions that can be hard to wade through, especially if you’re getting the surgery for cosmetic reasons rather than medical ones. In this case, a loan for breast implants would make a better solution for you.

What Type of Loans Are Available for Breast Implants?

loans for breast implants

Drawing from our experience, breast implant loans fall under the category of medical loans, which are unsecured personal medical loan that help you cover the expenses of medical procedures and emergencies.

Personal loans don’t require collateral, which means they are not tied to a piece of personal property or business assets.

When you take out engagement ring loans Australia, you’ll borrow a fixed amount of cash and pay it back with interest in monthly instalments. The repayment period depends on the plan you signed up for, which typically ranges from one to seven years.

The interest rate can be as low as 6% or reach up to 36% depending on your credit score and annual income. Naturally, lower interest rates are reserved for those with excellent credit scores and better financial history.

On the other hand, customers with not-so-ideal credit histories may end up paying a lot of interest. Yet, even with the high APR, you’ll still be paying less interest than what you’ll pay using a traditional or medical credit card.

That’s not the only benefit you get from an different types of loans for breast implants. With a personal pool loans, you can get access to funds quickly if you’re in a hurry or have a medical emergency. You can also get a lending decision and have your fund ready within a few business days. Not to mention that you may be able to pay for your debt online.

Who Is Eligible to Seek a Loan for Breast Implants?

breast implant loans

As indicated by our tests, the rule of thumb is that anyone with a good or excellent credit score is eligible for a weekend loans direct lender for a breast implant. You can seek this loan from any online lender or local agency, and they won’t even ask you lots of questions about the reason behind the surgery. All you have to do is mention the type of medical procedure in the form you’re filing, and that’s it.

Note that before you’re approved for motorcycle loans, your lender will go through your credit and financial history to make sure of your ability to repay the debt. Since the amount of money in question is large, the lender will most probably check your credit score as a part of the process.

Now that’s a point to ponder since a hard credit inquiry in your credit reports will decrease your credit score five points or less.

Although this drop is temporary, usually for two years only, it’ll affect your credibility for any other loans you apply for in this period. So, it’ll be worth it to make a soft credit inquiry yourself first to make sure there isn’t anything that will stand in your way of getting the loan.

Can You Finance a Breast Implant Surgery with Bad Credit?

Well, yes! It’s possible to get a loan for breast implants even if you have bad credit. While the APR will be high, you can still get the money. Here are the ways you can do that:

Seek a Personal Loan Based on Income Only

Based on our observations, some lenders base their credibility on your income rather than your credit score. Such loans are called no-credit-check truck loans. They make a good option for young women with no credit history or customers whose credit reports contain black marks.

To apply for a no-credit-check wedding loans with no credit check, you’ll need to supply your lender with your signature, proof of income along with your agreement on the instalment terms. Once the lender has concrete proof of your employment and current salary, you’ll be approved.

Of course, the plan will impose more interest, and the amount of money you’ll get won’t be as much as what you get from credit-based loans. However, you’ll be able to pay for your breast implant surgery even with your poor credit history.

Improve Your Credit Score

breast implant loan

In fact, even if you don’t resort to the previous option, you can still get solar loans. But the catch is that you’ll get lower funds.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing since you’ll get enough money to cover at least the larger part of your surgery’s expenses and pay the rest out of your pocket. However, with the cost of breast implant surgeries in Australia, ranging from $6000 to $12,000, this out-of-pocket part can still be huge.

The good news is there are a few ways you can boost your credit score and make yourself eligible for the whole fund. Given that a breast implant isn’t a medical emergency, you can hold it for a while and do one of the following:

Fix Your Credit Reports

Your credit reports may contain incorrect late payments or false, derogatory items. By fixing these, you can improve your score immediately and be qualified for lower interest rates and better terms. Credit bureaus such as Equifax and Experian grant you free access to your report once a year. All you have to do is file a request.

If you don’t want to dispute your reports yourself, you can hire a credit repair company. In exchange for not-so-high fees per month, these companies can clean up your credit reports quickly.

Use Your Credit Responsibility

Paying off your debt and keeping your balances low on credit cards will positively influence your credit score quickly. Moreover, you can prove your reliability by paying all your bills on time as agreed every month. Try to stick to these conditions for a few months, and your score will increase.


Sure, taking up phone loans for breast implants is a cheaper solution than using a traditional credit card to pay for your medical debt. It’s also an alternative for medical insurance that doesn’t cover plastic surgeries, including breast implants.

However, before applying for a loan, keep in mind that you’ll have to pay it back with lots of interest on top. So it’s not a decision you take on a whim. Ensure that you know everything about the loan’s APR and be honest with yourself whether you’ll be able to afford the monthly repayment not to fall down the hole of late-payment charges and penalties.

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