Five Ways to Save Money When Grocery Shopping

We all love shopping online as it comes with many advantages. Buying stuff online is handy because it can be done time from any location and have goods delivered without having to go anywhere. At the same time, it is simpler to get discounts online because cashback and coupons are more comfortable to use, and price comparison is straightforward.

When we are always on the go and must buy a food item, we frequently resort to a stop off at a gas station or convenience store. At some point, the majority of us have hand-picked up snacks, bread, soft drinks, milk, and eggs at a store.

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Although there is a persuasive logic for doing most of our shopping at a convenience store or online. Here are a few things that are often bought at a grocery store:

  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Pantry fixes.
  • Meat and seafood.
  • Frozen foods.
  • Generic goods.

Fruits and Vegetables

For the majority of us, a grocery store is considered to be the most accessible place to purchase fresh produce like fruits and vegetables. The very place to obtain fresher food will be a farm, but that is seldom practical. There is nothing better than getting a hold of and squeezing fruit and getting the right juicy pears or some delicious apples for the rest of the week. At the same time, it is simpler to see what is currently in season when you are in the store. Fresh vegetables and fruits are not just healthier but tastier.

Pantry Fixes

We all want staples such as bread, cereal, milk, and eggs. Getting these items online is tricky. For instance, it isn’t very easy to look through cereal labels online. Also, bread is not likely to be supplied fresh when ordered online. Milk should be refrigerated continuously, and eggs are very fragile. It is also easier to conserve money at the grocery store by buying cheap and filling fixes. You could read labels, browse, choose what you like and stock them up in proper quantities.

Meat and Seafood

As it is now likely to buy fresh meat and seafood online, such may not always be a fantastic option. The selection is typically limited to pre-selected and pre-packaged items, the cost is expensive, and shipping might come at an additional cost. Additionally, you should be available to take the shipped items and instantly put them in the refrigerator or freezer, as food safety is the primary concern if the seafood or meat is over 40 degrees for any amount of time. A butcher store may not be accessible, but a lot of grocery stores have a fresh meat counter where you could browse and choose raw meat and seafood and obtain the best to bring home.

Frozen Foods

With a busy lifestyle, frozen snacks and dinners and deserts could be necessary time savers. But, the handiness of online shopping is less useful for these items, as they must stay frozen to stay suitable for eating. Likewise, while one can purchase these items at a convenience store, selection would be limited. Buying frozen foods at a grocery store is fantastic as there are not many food safety concerns, and the items are not likely to get ruined and unfreeze on the drive home. Moreover, buying at a grocery store offers us the benefits of a beautiful selection, the power to browse by appetite, and understand labels and the freedom to purchase precisely what appeals.

Generic Products

Products like rice, flour, and sugar are best bought based on the item’s value and grade rather than its brand. For instance, there is a distinction between the kinds of sugar, like granulated sugar, raw sugar, and brown sugar. But there is scarcely a difference between the different brands of every type of sugar. Thus, it is typically worth forgoing the expensive packaging of branded stuff for the savings of a standard when buying sugar, as well as other items like flour and rice. A grocery store usually is the only place to have additional savings from purchasing generics.

While convenience stores and online shopping have their benefits, so does a grocery store. The freshness and selection, as well as your skill to check and read labels, are among the advantages of buying at a grocery store. For most of us, a weekly visit to the grocery store is a fantastic way to get fresh and healthy food at great prices.


How Not to Make Mistakes When Saving Money

They say for you to spend to learn how to earn. Well, that’s a pretty good reminder when it comes to saving money but ends up not saving at all. There are a lot of mistakes most people make, and that’s what we are trying to avoid. This article will teach you the best yet easy ways to avoid all those mistakes people make when it comes to saving money.

With evitable changes and price hikes now and then, you must be wondering what steps you should do and practices to learn to save more. Knowing the reason why you can’t keep properly is as essential as checking for solutions. Now let’s break down all the mistakes you may not be aware of, and find the best answers to them, asap!

#1 Mistake – Invest In Value

Never compromise quality when you want to save money. Think outside the box by asking yourself if you are buying value or just an alternative to quality. You may have invested with cheaper stuff, yet they easily break after a year or two, which ends up you spending more than saving.

Finding a lower price item that will keep its quality for one to two years is not a wise investment over a more expensive one but last a lifetime. Always consider buying valuable and premium quality items with less maintenance over cheap ones that will run over your money after one year.

Ask the following questions before buying an item;

  •  Will this item last longer?
  •  Is it made with premium quality materials?
  •  What are the warranties this product covers?
  •  Will I be using this often, seasonal or once?
  •  Are there setbacks when it comes to product reviews about the item itself?

#2 Mistake – Spend Wisely, Not Stop Spending

This does not mean you will stop buying things that you need. Spending wisely and buying only the essential things you need is far better than depriving yourself of the things you like or need. It’s all about determining needs versus wants.

Investing and spending on essential things will prevent unnecessary expenses. Like skipping dental checkups, you might think that it won’t affect your health. however, in the long run, you might have problems with your oral health and need fixing that leads to additional cost.

Helpful Tips:

  •  Spending with proper foresight
  •  Determine essentials from nonessential things
  •  Please don’t take the risk when it comes to your health
  •  Invest with your health

#3 Mistake – Lifestyle Change Without Self-Denial

This is another mistake that most people go through when it comes to saving money for their future. Keep in mind that saving does not have to be frustrating. While you think that saving a few dollars while you are left with denying yourself the things that you like is healthy, well, it’s not.

You don’t need to wait until your expenses get better, because honestly, there is a slight chance about that. What you need is re-evaluating your lifestyle and determine which needs changes.

Helpful Tips:

  •  Understand cost reduction to balance your expenses between your lifestyle.
  •  Don’t give up on the things that you like but find better alternatives.

#4 Mistake – Embracing Fundamental Change To your Current lifestyle

Getting the right mindset and understanding every possible thing about saving money is a long-term process. Saving money is not about a short-term process that you deal with; it becomes a habit that turns into a routine over time.

Being mindful of your current and on-going expenses will help you to change your habits gradually. Dealing with your resources and income versus costs will help you acknowledge your weak and strong points to your financial status.

Helpful Tips

  •  Change your mindset when it comes to saving money
  •  Breakdown all your expenses over your income
  •  Slowly change your mindset until it becomes a lifestyle routine

#5 Mistake – Wise Cost Reduction With Quick Fix

Another mistake when it comes to saving money is by compromising one thing that you think will solve the problem. When things don’t work your way, you will begin to reduce another cost as a quick fix to your ‘plan’ of saving money. In the end, you’ll realize that there is no way to fix everything, and you will end up spending too much than what you’ve saved.

In reality, you don’t fix things when they can still be corrected. However, you realize things are all messed up when you don’t have an option, like a faster way to fix them.

Helpful Tips:

  •  Accept the reality that saving money is not easy
  •  Be patient along the process.
  • Expect longer yet beneficial results.

Different factors are affecting our decisions in life, especially when it comes to finances. It is a chain reaction that affects our way of how we spend our resources and leaves us with the thought of saving money instantly, when in fact, we can’t save much in the long run. With all the mistakes mentioned earlier, most people do. It becomes a daily struggle to preserve and ends up spending more.

The demand for your daily commodities, goods, and services are always at stake. In reality, they don’t get better, but they even become worse by the time you realize how saving works. Determining what you need and want, change of lifestyle and routine, understanding the process of conservation, and its crucial factors that hinder your decisions are some of the factors that you have to take into consideration.

Once you determine buying a valuable and high-quality product over cheaper and lower price yet serves you temporarily, you will then learn to spend wisely. It’s human nature always to get attracted to more affordable products, discounted items, sales, products with almost the same features as those items that have double price tags than the other one.

You’ll end up buying a cheaper item, which in return, will need continuous maintenance and, over time, will get broken. By the time it happens, realization already hit you, that you ‘could have bought that expensive one but the longevity of use.

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You have the power to change your mindset about wise spending and saving. It does not happen instantly. You have to take heed and be persistent. You have to practice today, until you get used to it, build a healthy habit until it becomes your daily routine. Until you can guard your expenses smartly to save more and invest appropriately.

There is a better way to avoid any common fundamental mistakes most people are going through. With the right and adequate mindset and knowledge, you’ll get things done correctly without creating massive damage to your finances. You can practice with small things. With wise expenditure, reasonable decisions about money, and encouraging positive thoughts towards saving for the future. Be one of those people who will avoid the destructive way of spending more and saving less.

Effective Tips on How to Manage Christmas Expenses

Christmas is just around the corner and if you are like most people, you probably haven’t begun thinking about Christmas gifts yet – or saving funds to buy them. As Christmas trees are raised, lights illuminate, and carols fill your ears, there’s no denying that you have Christmas expenses to manage. During this festive season, these effective money-saving tips will help you get the most of your money’s worth.

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Where to shop this Christmas to get the most bang for your buck?

If you want to save money this holiday, take advantage of Christmas sales offered at department stores and outlets. Don’t know where to shop? Here are several stores that drop their prices even lower during the Christmas season.

  1. Kmart – known for its cost-effective products, this department store will even lower their prices, making them an incredible place to shop all the things in your Christmas shopping list.
  2. David Jones – more appropriate for older members of the family, David Jones have Boxing Day sales every year. Plus, their products will have an even affordable price once Christmas season approaches.
  3. Target – just like Kmart, Target is another department store that sells almost anything that you can imagine. Take advantage of their 50% off clearance sale this Christmas season and save a lot of money on your shopping.
  4. Myer – together with David Jones, Myer also holds huge Boxing Day sales that start on Christmas Day. The sale will be happening on their website and if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet, you can simply visit their site and shop in the comfort of your home. No need to go out and stress over traffic and crowded shopping areas.

These are some of the stores that hold the biggest Christmas sales this holiday season. Visit them to save a generous amount on your shopping expenses.

Tips on how to save money this Christmas

If your problem starts and ends with your limited bank account balance and sales aren’t enough to get you through, here are some tips on how to save money this Christmas.

  1. Do a pre-Christmas cleanup – go through your old stuff from last year and salvage anything that is still in good condition. This doesn’t mean that you have to sell every gift that you received last year that you aren’t fond of. Simply do a general clean-up of all the items that you no longer use or need. You can put them up for sale online or do a garage sale to earn some cash.
  2. Create a list and double-check it – curate a list that contains every item that you don’t have to buy. It could be anything unnecessary. Make another list of all the people that you need to buy a gift and the allocated budget for each. Once that’s done, move to list down the needed entertainment supplies such as Christmas crackers, drinks, groceries, and the like. If you are traveling with the whole family this Christmas, make a list of all your expenses as well. This will include airport parking, petrol (if you are driving), and travel insurance.
  3. Use DIY wrapping paper and Christmas cards – wrapping paper and cards are usually get thrown out of the trash on Christmas morning. Don’t shed some cash on things that will just end up in the dumpster, instead make your own Christmas cards or hand-written letters, and get several plain papers and customize your gift wrappers by drawing on them. After all, it’s the thought that counts.
  4. Share tasks on Christmas day – reduce your work on Christmas Day by sharing it with everyone. This includes assigning dishes and snacks to various people, purchasing only the essential things that you need, shopping at supermarkets that offer the lowest Christmas price, and using loyalty cards.

Simple and Easy Christmas gift hacks

Here are some ways to let your loved ones know that you care for them without stripping off your wallet:

  1. Hand-made vouchers – gift them with handcrafted, redeemable vouchers for services such as dinners, picnics, bed-making, or massages.
  2. Pre-loved gifts – visit second-hand or vintage stores to look for the best Christmas gift for your family and relatives.
  3. Be prepared – start Christmas shopping earlier if you don’t want to panic when the actual holiday season arrives. Take advantage of the biggest sales that you will encounter so when December hits, you’ll be completely prepared.

Use these tips to cut down a lot of money on your Christmas expenses. Though it is the most festive season of the year, it’s also the most burdensome if you are short in cash.

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Smart Money-Saving Ways to Cut Down Cost on School Expenses

When it comes to your kids, you want nothing but the best for them. You send them to top-rated schools and keep them cozy and entertained during the holiday break. It’s common knowledge that when you have children, it’s expensive to take care of them – especially if they are in school. But despite this, nothing beats the happiness and joy these little ones give to you and your entire family. To combat financial stress brought by school expenses, here are some smart money-saving tips you can use.

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To save a significant amount of money on back-to-school expenses, it is vital to determine what these costs are. Below are the priciest expenses that you will face at the beginning of the school year:

  • Uniforms
  • Stationery
  • Textbooks
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • School contributions and fees
  • Transport fees: petrol costs or bus money

These expenses are mandatory unless you want to send your children to school using a paper bag and let them write on a piece of cardboard. But of course, no parent would ever want that. To help ease your budget and cut down a few dollars off of these expenses, here are some tips that can help you.

  1. Look for things that you already have – rummage through everything that you have at home and gather all the stationery and books of your children. With this, you don’t need to purchase things you still have.
  1. Purchase the important things only – there’s no need to purchase a brand new uniform for every single day. You just need at least 2-3 pieces of uniform and your children would have enough for the week.
  1. Divide the costs wisely – don’t buy unnecessary things until you need them. This will help you prevent spending a large sum of money on things that will just sit inside your home until they are needed.
  1. Purchase big clothing – no, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy gigantic clothing pieces for your children to save some money. Instead, when you buy clothes and shoes, make sure that they are half a size or a bit bigger than the actual size of your kids.
  1. Buy second-hand school items – whether its textbooks or uniforms, buying second-hand items is an incredible way to save money.
  1. Don’t bring your kids when you go shopping – shopping for back-to-school items with your kids is an expensive move. Kids have their way of persuading parents to buy things that they want but are unnecessary. To save yourself and your wallet, let them stay at home instead.
  1. Don’t purchase high-end stationery – though they look cute and pretty, they are usually the first ones that get stepped on and damaged so cross them out of your list. Take note that pens and notebooks don’t have to be expensive, as long as they serve their purpose for your kids, they’ll work.
  1. Label your children’s school things –From backpacks, water bottles, and pencil cases to textbooks, uniforms, and lunch box; everything that your children brings with them to school. With this, they’ll be returned to you in case they get lost so you don’t have to buy another one.

Tips on how to save money throughout the school year

Once you are done with the initial purchases, you need to manage the ongoing school expenses of your kids next, like transportation, school lunches, and extra-curricular activities.

If your kids take the bus or any public transport to school every day, see to it that they use a concession card to avail of cost-efficient fares. Concession cards cut the price of the rides in half among kids. Some schools offer a scheduled school bus service, so you might as well reach out to your school and arrange the perfect transportation option for your children. On the other hand, if you are a super dad or mom and you regularly fetch your children to school, hands down to you, and here are several tips on how you can save money on fuel:

  1. Supermarket discount vouchers – once you drop your kids off to school, you’ll probably head over to the supermarket next. Keep all the receipts that you have since they can cut down a few cents off your petrol cost.
  1. Rewards cards – get a credit card or petrol rewards card. They offer huge discounts of as much as 7 cents for each liter of fuel, as well as gift cards, flyer points, and cashback for every point earned.
  1. Drive smart – accelerate smoothly, don’t bring unnecessary weight, eliminate roof racks, close windows when driving on the motorway, follow the speed limit, turn off the air-conditioner when not needed, and regularly check tire pressure.

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An Introduction to Collateral Loans

When you talk about collateral, it’s something that you use against a loan. For example, you borrow a certain amount and agree on the contract that your loan provider can take your property and sell it, to cover for the amount that you borrowed in case you are unable to pay back the loan. At some point, collateral gives you better chances to secure huge loans and increases your loan approval rate during tough financial situations. When you present collateral, the loan provider will face less risk, thus you will be given a better loan offer.

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How does collateral works?

Drawing from our experience, borrowers are usually required to pledge collateral if the loan provider wants to have a sense of security that they won’t easily lose the money that they lend. Once you present a valuable item as collateral, the loan provider has every right to repossess the collateral, sell it, and make use of the earnings to repay the loan – in case you default. However, as much as taking away your asset sounds good, loan providers want nothing but to get their funds back. Suing you is never on their agenda, that’s why they try to utilize collateral as a way to protect themselves.

Different kinds of collateral

Any valuable item that your loan provider and the law considers as collateral, can be treated as collateral. Generally, loan providers favor valuables that are quick to value and convert into cash. For example, the funds in your savings account are excellent collateral. Loan providers instantly know how much it costs and it’s very easy to get. Other popular forms of collateral are the following:

  • Real estate
  • Automobiles
  • Insurance policies
  • Cash accounts
  • Collectibles and valuables
  • Future payments from clients
  • Equipment and machinery investments

You can still use your assets such as your residential property as collateral even if you’re planning to secure a business loan.

FAQs about Collateral

  1. Is it possible to pledge my land as collateral on a certain loan?

Certainly. You can use the equity in your land to construct your dream house!

  1. What is land equity?

Generally speaking, land equity refers to the difference in the value of your land and the amount that you owe on it. For instance, if you sell your land, the land equity would be the money you have left.

  1. Can I use my land equity to fund the construction of my house?

Yes, there are loan providers that provide approval for a construction loan that comes with land equity, depending on the value of the land during the loan procedure. Some loan providers will offer to loan you as much as 80% of your equity.

What is a construction loan? And how does it work?

Our findings show that, construction loans are a popular loan as the type of loan that is challenging to apply for since they come with a lot of factors and it involves numerous people. To apply for a construction loan, you need to submit a copy of your construction or building tender or quote and your proposed construction plans for the house. The loan provider will assign their valuer, to sum up the value and price of the property once the construction is done. Once they see that the appraised rate is good, the loan provider or bank will approve the loan.

Drawbacks of land equity construction loans

The major drawback when it comes to applying for a land equity loan is borrowing power. The banks take advantage of the value of your land together with the price of construction as the financial purchase value. This means that when buying land, make sure you do your research to find out if the amount that the seller is presenting is close or less than the land value. Here are some essential questions that you have to ask:

  • Is this a great location?
  • What is the size of the land? If the land is too large, you might decrease your chances of finding a loan provider.
  • Does it have access to electrical, sewer, and water services?
  • Does the property have road access?

Our research indicates that, if you are a landowner who has invested a lot of money on it, then you’ll have enough land equity when you decide to build your home. But, if you want to build right away, your savings is a much viable option since it won’t require you to apply in the bank to redraw the funds via your equity.

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The key to using your land as a form of collateral is to research the location and value the land before buying the property to guarantee that you will get an exceptional deal. With this, you’ll be able to acquire the money that you need to construct your house and pledge the land as collateral.

Cost of Private Health Insurance

Gone are the days when your only responsibility is completing a single house chore to get $5 of extra money from your parents. Now, you are a full-grown adult with lots of expenses and financial responsibilities to think about, including private health insurance. Basically, private health insurance is something that you shouldn’t overlook. The same with any insurance, this one is designed to secure you and your finances when life gets hard.

This article will discuss the importance of having private health insurance and how you can select a plan with the most bang for your buck. It’s brought to you by Perfect Payday, a payday loan company that can help you get an emergency loan.

Exploring the importance of private health insurance

Access to proper health care is one thing all people should strive to achieve. Though you can obtain some cover from Medicare, nothing beats the security offered by private health insurance in case you get sick or suffer from injuries. If you can’t imagine yourself traveling abroad or driving a vehicle without insurance, then you shouldn’t allow yourself to live each day without having proper insurance. But what’s really with private health insurance that makes it essential to everyone’s life?

It offers you peace of mind

As you get older, you start to realize that life is packed with the unexpected and this is why insurance is introduced. They will shoulder your expenses in case you lose your valuables in one of your trips abroad or your house gets flooded. Unfortunate events are unforeseen and you don’t have any idea where they will strike. But, having private health insurance will provide you peace of mind amidst this emergency situation.

It helps you save money for the future

When paying for private health insurance, the only picture that most people see is the initial monthly expense. Due to this, they often seek out short-term loans to settle the cost of the insurance for that month. Good thing you are about to see the bigger picture. By the time that you reach the age of 30, health care offered to you will be much more affordable. The catch? The earlier you secure private health insurance, the more health coverage you’ll enjoy. Moreover, in case you need daily treatments such as chiropractic, physio, cardiac, or optical, you get to save money each time that you avail of these services, and some of them are completely covered under your private health insurance. Basically, if you regularly need health treatment, you would have to chance to save up a lot of money by simply utilizing your health care to shoulder a percentage of these medical expenses.

You can access the proper health care that you need

Another importance of having private health insurance is you will have the power to look for medical treatment that isn’t shouldered by the public system. For instance, in the case that you want your wisdom teeth extracted. This particular procedure is beyond the coverage of Medicare and it usually costs around $200 to $400 per tooth, alongside the price of general anesthesia and sedatives. Basically, you will have to pay around $1, 500 to $3, 000.

Private Health Insurance Coverage

If you are not someone who needs daily medical treatment, private health insurance also cover other aspects of medical expenses, including the following:

Ambulance cover

In several states, ambulance cover is considered free, no matter what health care plan you have. But, in other states, ambulance cost starts at approximately $350 and can reach up to $6, 000, together with a per kilometer rate for the overall distance the ambulance needs to travel to and fro the hospital and your location. This is a huge addition to your medical expenses and a painful financial responsibility to deal with. With this, it pays to secure private health insurance since it covers all ambulance fees.

Hospital cover

One advantage of hospital expenses is they are generally free in most states, provided that the patient go to a public hospital. However, Medicare doesn’t shoulder medical expenses from private hospitals. This is where private health insurance gets in the picture. It covers all public and private medical fees, giving you nothing but peace of mind while you are recovering from your health complication.

Shopping for the most affordable health insurance

You can research the best and cheapest private health insurance online and take your pick from there, or you could visit a comparison site and let them do the rigorous job for you. Ideally, your plan will vary according to your gender, age, present health care needs, and the number of family members you want to be covered.

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Private health insurance is the perfect insurance you need in case of unfortunate health incidents. It will save you from worrying about the expensive medical costs while also giving you the chance to seek the best health care for you and your loved ones.

Saving Money in Winter

Winter often means layers of clothing, hot water bottles, and taking advantage of the sun as a natural source of heat. Here are a few money-saving tips on how you can stay warm in winter without damaging your budget.

1. Invite Mr. Sun into your house

This first tip is pretty much a basic concept but it can save you a lot of money when the colder season kicks in. Instead of switching on the reverse-cycle of your air conditioning, open your curtains during the day, specifically those that are in your north-facing windows. This will bring the heat inside your house and give you more warmth. When the sun sets, close the curtains to trap the heat inside.

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2. Reduce your heating system

In the middle of winter, this might seem a little odd, but, as much as possible, you don’t want to spend all your monthly budget on excess heating. Reducing the heat is a more affordable and less demanding approach compared to completely shutting it off. Basically, you have to turn it off when there’s no one in your home. But when you’re back, reduce your heating system down to a few degrees, especially during the night.

3. Invest in rugs, literally

If your house has tiles or timber floors, hit the mall and find some chic rugs that you can lay down for extra insulation. Despite having carpeted flooring, you still need a rug to provide warmth to the rooms in your house. Invest in rugs with greater stitch count and select wool rugs that are denser and more heavy-duty.

4. Take advantage of your ceiling fan

Some might not know this but you can use your ceiling fan to provide heat inside your house. Typically, ceiling fans are utilized during the summer season to give cool and fresh air. But this summer essential can also be used to warm up your house. It has a switch that activates the blade to spin in a clockwise direction, pushing hot air at the top of your house downwards to the ground.

5. Eliminate comfort food from your grocery list

Though winter is for eating delicious, comfort food, you might want to pass on it this time. Don’t purchase freshly baked brownies and other products that are influenced by your impulsive way of shopping. Create a budget for how much you just need to spend each week, write down all the things that you need, and stick to it. You can also cut down on grocery expenses during the winter season by preparing bulk meals and refrigerating the leftovers. Defrosting home-cooked meals is more economical compared to ordering food for takeout. Plus, you’ll be much healthier, as well as your budget.

6. Layers, layers, layers

Rather than blasting your heater and chilling on your couch in a t-shirt and shorts, why don’t you try the art of layering? Layering your clothes and blankets is a great way to provide insulation to your body. Turn off your heater, get some blankets, prepare a soup or tea, and enjoy the comfiest and warmest time of your life – at least during the winter.

7. Indoor movie nights

Movies are timeless winter activity but they can get a little expensive too. Instead of exposing yourself to the extreme freezing weather outside while trying to get to the cinema, gather everyone in the living room and have an indoor movie night instead. This one won’t cost you anything. You just need to prepare some blankets, great movie selection, and of course, popcorns! And you are all set.

8. Cut down expenses on petrol

Petrol is costly and that doesn’t require a lot of summation to figure out. During winter, your car consumes a lot of it since you need to switch on the heater while you are driving – you need warmth too, totally understandable. Knowing this, make an effort to cut down your expenses on petrol. You can do this by riding public transportation instead of using your personal or family car. Other than this, try to carpool with your friends on your way to work and home, then divide the petrol expenses.

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9. Maintain cleanliness in your vents

To stop dirt and dust from accumulating in your vents and radiators, make it a habit to regularly vacuum and clean them. Dust can prevent the heat from efficiently moving into your rooms and it can trigger your heater to operate harder than it normally does, which means additional electricity expenses for you.

These are all the top money-saving tips that you can religiously practice this winter.

Six Financial Goals for 2020

The key to establishing goals is to create a habit out of them. Every year, spend some time to figure out the goals that you want to achieve for the next year. Here are some realistic and attainable financial goals for 2019:

1. Create a budget – and stick to it

Everyone loves budget but not all are good at following them. You might’ve heard this thousands of times before but you have to set your own budget! Regardless of how much you earn, setting a budget is vital. Budgeting is the best defense you have to control all your finances. Your budget will serve as your guide, or financial responsibility and accountability. This isn’t the most exciting thing to do but creating a budget for yourself will help you practice discipline. When talking about ways on how you spend and use your money, discipline plays an essential role. For example, do you know the exact amount of money you need to allocate for your necessities compared to how much you’re planning to place in your savings? It’s going to be hard to create long term finances if you have no idea of the clear picture. Your budget will be your entryway toward financial freedom.

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2. Setting saving goals for yourself

You should set saving goals that are realistic and attainable. For example, for every paycheck that you earn, set aside 10% of it for your savings – nothing too demanding or aggressive. Take note that the higher the amount of money you save today, the more savings you will have in the future. Also, it is important to remember that you should put your money on your savings first, then pay the rest for your expenses. If you put your savings first, it will never be left out.

3. Settle all bad debts

Another important financial goal apart from investing and saving is paying off every bad debt that you have. Bad debts are the type of debt that hold extremely high-interest rate, such as 15-18% and higher, usually found on credit cards. Settle and eliminate all of these debts if you want to achieve financial freedom and gain control of your finances. When there are bad debts, good debts also exist. This is the type of pf debt you obtain when you are investing in something that’s intended to become an asset that will provide an exceptional return. For instance, if you borrow a certain amount of money and use it to renovate your house that will become a good debt since it will have a great return on investment.

4. Examine your credit report

Kick-off your year on the right track by knowing your credit score and the vital factors that impact it. In the case that your credit score is lower than you expected, spend some time and effort to enhance it. Settle all your debts and maintain a low balance on all your credit cards in order to achieve an excellent credit score. Moreover, you should also avoid financial activities that will damage your credit score. Like for example, when you take out a car loan, there is a tendency that credit reporters will reduce your score. This being said, you should be cautious when you perform a credit check if you are planning to purchase something. See to it that they won’t interfere or decrease your credit score.

5. Manage your taxes as early as possible

Whether you like it or not, you eventually need to manage your taxes. Every year, most people follow a bad habit of waiting up to the last minute before organizing their taxes. Protect yourself from frustration and stress this 2019 and manage your taxes as early as you can. Prepare your tax documents and process your tax right away, don’t let the agency put you in another nightmare.

6. Spend some time and do your research

This year might be the year for incredible deals on many amazing companies. This is why saving and organizing your finances is very essential – in fact, it is vital. When the market descends, you want to take advantage of all the good deals and fantastic sales offered by different companies. With this, make it your goal to list down at least 5 companies on your wish list for the next year.

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Setting financial goals for 2019 will help you manage your finances in an effective way. It will give you a clear direction towards securing financial freedom. No matter how many paychecks you receive, it doesn’t matter because these goals are applicable to all.

Go Green and Save Money

Climate change has been the usual topic in the news recently – but don’t worry it’s for a good reason. According to the UN, there are only 12 years left before the effects of climate change is still irreversible. So, what can you do to help make the planet greener? Here are five unique ways on how you can start carbon-saving without hurting your pocket.

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1. Limit your meat consumption

The first and most common step to becoming a green warrior of the planet is to lessen your meat consumption. Though removing any traces of meat from your meal plan will have a big overall impact, eliminating cold turkey might be a huge goal for you. In some places, meat is an essential ingredient in most of their meals. For some people, the absence of this juicy protein might leave them unsatisfied. Fortunately, there are wide-ranging protein alternatives that you can find in the market. They work as an incredible substitute for meat and they will give you the same feeling of satiation after every meal. You can start by decreasing the amount of meat you buy, which can also help you save a generous amount of money on your grocery bills. To kick off your journey towards limited meat consumptions, here are several strategies you can try:

  • Substitute chicken – chicken contributes the least amount of carbon footprint compared to meats. So, buying them instead of red meat is a good start.
  • Go meatless once a week – dedicating one meatless day each week is an effective and easy way to reduce your meat consumption.
  • Be flexitarian – if you truly want to make some changes, choose a flexitarian diet. This has been proven by scientists to have little to no impact on Earth.

2. Rebuild the mainstays in your kitchen

Your kitchen is the center of all the waste that circulates around your home. From food packaging to cleaning products, it’s hard not to fill up your trash bin especially if you are always using your kitchen. Though disposable wraps and plastic packaging are impossible to avoid, there are plenty of simple things you can practice to reduce your waste. This is all thanks to the introduction of sustainable products in the market. Now, you can choose among many creative ideas on how to dispose and store your food – minus the costly expenses. Take a look at these tips:

  • Use reusable produce bag when grocery shopping – avoid utilizing plastic produce bags when you are going to the supermarket. Buy some reusable ones instead and bring it with you whenever you are grocery shopping. There are many sustainable brands that sell them in different styles and sizes.
  • Limit your paper towel usage – these paper towels are somehow non-eco-friendly. So, skip them if you can and opt for reusable cloth napkins instead.
  • Avoid purchasing single-use wraps – even if foil and cling wrap are extremely convenient when storing food, they suck at breaking down and takes forever to decompose. Buy beeswax wrap and other reusable coverings instead.

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3. Prepare to Eat on the Go

People love dining outside, whether it’s in fast-food chains, restaurants, clubs, or pubs. However, the waste produced by these food outlets are not something that you will love. Be it plastic takeaway containers, food wrappers, straws, bags, bottles, plastic cutlery, napkins, and others – these wastes all add up. Good thing you can now practice greener habits when eating outside. There’s glass water bottles, metal straws, and bamboo cutlery for you to use. Here are other items you can bring to reduce your waster when eating in your favorite restaurants:

  • Reusable container – works great for takeaway orders or any food you had left that you wish to bring home.
  • Reusable cup – for coffee or milk tea lovers out there, investing in a reusable cup with save you tons of plastic cup wastes in the future.
  • Cutlery – to avoid plastic, get yourself your very own metal fork, spoon, knife, and straw. You can even purchase them in sets at an affordable price.
  • Water bottle – bottled water is pricey and it produces a lot of waste. So, make sure you bring your own wherever you go.

4. Invest in second-hand clothes

Fast-fashion and synthetic clothing had taken their toll on consumers for how many years now. Clothing items are also one of the biggest waste materials that stock up landfills worldwide. With this, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe and consider the clothes you buy. There are many ways on how you can reduce your carbon footprint, save money, and still be fashionable. It all revolves around selling, donating, and purchasing pre-loved clothes. Here are the best places to find good-quality second-hand clothing items.

  • Carousell – this app is a great platform for buying and selling clothes. It also has an incredible location filters.
  • Etsy – this app is the powerhouse of vintage and handmade products from local and international manufacturers.
  • SWOP – whether you wanted to buy vintage items or sell your own pre-loved clothes, this one got your covered.

5. Rethink your laundry habits

Laundry is an essential aspect of modern life. The introduction of washing machines brought comfort to many homeowners, as well as business establishments. However, no matter how useful these machines may seem, they are one of the largest consumers of energy and water in homes. Though there are a lot of environment-friendly and energy-conscious models and brands introduced in the market latterly, not everyone has the luxury to upgrade their washing machines. If you are one of those people, you can opt for these two easy yet effective methods on how to decrease your impact on the environment while saving money on water.

Dry smartly – take out your washed clothes outside and dry them under the heat of the sun. During the rainy season, hang your clothes in a bright, airy place inside your home.

Wash using cold water – heating water takes up a lot of energy. The smart way? Wash with cold water and watch your bills go down.

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Fixed Rate Vs Variable Rate Loans

Financial emergencies cannot be predicted and certainly cannot be controlled, but what you can keep under control is the approach you can adopt on how you can repay your loan obligations. This is the reason why lending institutions offer numerous ways of repayments based on the interest rate that you can afford.

Two of the most common loans that most individuals avail themselves of are fixed loans and variable loans. It is important that you know the difference between the two to put you in a better position when deciding which one suits your current financial status best.

Fixed interest rate

When you avail yourself of a loan with a fixed interest rate, this means the interest rate doesn’t change or fluctuate during the lifespan of the loan. It remains the same and doesn’t change over time or during the entire period of the payday loan, allowing you, the borrower, to know how much you should pay when repayment is due.

Variable interest rate

Under a variable loan, the interest rate changes or varies depending on market conditions. This means when market interests change, so is the interest rate on the variable loan.

When you avail of a variable loan, the amount you pay for your repayments may vary. You will have no way of predicting how much you should pay on your next repayment due date, as the interest rate relies on market conditions.

Which one should you avail?

There is no easy yes or no answer when deciding between a fixed loan or a variable loan. When deciding which no credit check loan to avail, it will serve you well to know how interest rates on these respective loans affect how you pay your repayment dues.

It is a must to understand how interest rates work since they greatly affect how much you pay for your repayment obligations. It is also important to know if the loan you availed yourself of can change or not, as this sets the pace for how much your current income only allows.

With these factors in mind, it is important to know why interest rates change. Under a variable loan, for example, the interest rates depend on the Reserve Bank Australia’s cash rate. When there’s a fluctuation in the cash rate, you can also expect a change in the interest rate you pay.

The fluctuation in the Reserve Bank’s cash rate may be attributed to inflation. Simply put, when the economy is on the upswing, the cash rate increases as well. When the economy is not performing well, the cash rate will go down, too. The cash rate is being used by the Reserve Bank Australia as a means to regulate the economy.

Hence, the interest rate you pay under variable loan changes depending on cash rate performance. This means your repayments may increase or decrease. The question of keeping up with higher or lower repayments all depends on you.

It is also important to note that when you pay for a loan, the payments you make essentially goes to the interest rate. So, when deciding which loan to go for, it is important to keep in mind how much you can afford in terms of paying for the interest rate.

To help you decide better, here are the pros and cons of fixed loans and variable loans:

Fixed loans


  1. You can plan your budget better, as you already have an idea of how much your repayment will cost. This means you will also able to effectively manage and plan your finances.
  2. Even when market interest rates increase, you need not worry as this won’t affect the NZ loan you availed.


  1. Since the interest rate is fixed, you are not entitled to any interest rate discounts or reductions since you agreed on a fixed interest rate to be paid on the full life of the loan.
  2. When you are able to pay more and decide to make more repayments, there are restrictions or limitations to making extra repayments.
  3. You can get charged for another fee should you decide to pay off the full amount of your loan outside the agreed repayment schedule.

Variable loans


  1. You are allowed to make extra payments on top of your repayment due.
  2. You can save on interest rates when you decide to switch or avail of a new loan.
  3. You are entitled to unlimited redraws.


  1. Since interest rates vary, you will have a much difficult time planning your monthly budget.
  2. When you can’t predict the interest rate you should pay every month, it can cause stress, especially when your income would no longer allow for rate increases.

The interest rate to avail for home loans

Weighing in these pros and cons can help you immensely when thinking of getting a home loan. Most home loan customers avail themselves of a fixed rate home loan due to the following advantages:

  1. When you avail of a five-year home loan, for example, you can expect to pay the same interest rate for the entire five years. This means you will be able to plan your finances more efficiently.
  2. You don’t have to worry about fluctuating market interest rates, as this won’t affect your home loan in any way.
  3. You don’t have to deal with financial stress, as you already know how much to pay from Year 1 to Year 5. You will be faced with higher mortgage repayments as there is no increase in the interest rate that should be paid until the end of the loan.

If this arrangement works for you, it is probably a good idea to go for a fixed rate home loan. Fortunately, you can choose from a wide variety of banks and lending institutions that offer fixed rate home loans at the best rates.

Before taking that big step, take note of the following tips when making your decision:

  • Make a list of your needs and wants. Every customer has different priorities when looking for a home loan, and it is important to know what you want out of the loan you want to avail.
  • Compare different home loan companies. It is important to research and compare different fixed interest rates to see which company offers the best for your unique requirement.
  • Don’t hesitate to consult a professional. A mortgage broker, for example, can guide you on which home loan to avail that suits your needs, on top of helping you find the best interest rate for a home loan.
  • If you’re keen on finding the lowest interest rate for home loans, it is a must to compare lending companies to give you a better idea of what they can offer on the budget you want to provide. There are a number of online sites that you can visit to compare rates between lending companies.
  • Keep in mind that you don’t have to pay for the services of a mortgage broker, as more often than not, the lending institution will pay the fee for referring you to their services. However, do note that lenders often include this fee when calculating your loan proceeds. In short, there is no need to pay the mortgage broker a separate fee as this is included in the home loan you will avail and will be coursed through the lender.
  • Never hesitate to ask questions when working with a mortgage broker and make sure that everything is explained to you in a clear and precise way. You will be spending hard-earned money, so every little detail counts.

So, when you decide to avail yourself of a home loan or any kind of cash loan, it is best to weigh up all the benefits and disadvantages based on the interest rate being offered before sealing any deal. May it be a fixed loan or variable loan, your decision entirely depends on your current financial situation.

More importantly, when getting a home loan, decide based on whether or not you will stay in that home for a long period of time. When you intend to stay for the long haul, then a fixed interest rate home loan may be a good option to go for. If you’re planning on moving homes in the future, then a variable interest rate home loan could be the best choice for you.

Take all the time you need when making this big decision. Remember you’re going to spend a good amount of money on this particular loan, and a hurried decision is never a good idea.

How to Handle Credit Card Debt

Do you want to start a clean slate with your credit card debt? Now is a perfect time! Having a massive credit card debt can be burdensome and stressful. The new year is the best time to get your credit card debt under control for keeps. For some, this can be a real problem, but with the right discipline and mindset, you can get it over and done with fast.

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Know the Root Cause

Many people suffer from credit card debt because they own several credit cards. All of these cards bear various credit interest rates and this is where your problem begins. The more credit cards you have, the more stressed you will become. Do away with the stressor and focus on what truly matters starting today.

How Much Debt is Too Much?

If you want to bid goodbye to credit cards for good, then you have to sit down and determine how much exactly you have. We suggest you gather all the data and information in a piece of paper and take a good look at your finances. Have the resolve to end all of your debts as soon as possible.

Make Steady Repayments

It is crucial that you make steady repayments of your debts. Make it a habit to pay them off as much as you can every single month. This practice will help reduce interest. It is very important that you pay at least the basic monthly dues or suffer the late or default charges that can compound very fast.

You can take advantage of a direct debit process to ensure there is money sitting in your account when payment becomes due. Overall, if a direct debit fails, the default charges will be added to your account.

Make Your Debts Your Priority

For those who have several debts, start settling each one of them one by one. It may be tough at first, but when you are able to do so, you will get off the debt trap real fast. You can do the following to easily settle your debts:

Cards With Highest Interest Rates

If you are planning which card to pay first, then we recommend you focus on the ones with the highest credit card interest rates. This one is sure to cost you more, so better to settle it real fast. When you pay more than the minimum amount of the card, you can pay your debt fast, and move on to the next card.

Payoff Your Smallest Debt

Yet another great way to start focusing on paying off your debt is to pay your smallest credit card debt. Remain to pay your minimum repayments on all of your cards. However, it is best to pay more than the minimum amount to slowly and easily pay off small credit card debts. Once you have paid off your small credit card debt, we suggest you move on to the next credit card with the smallest amount of debt, proceed to the next, and so on.

Pay In Cash

For those of you who wish to do away with a credit card for good, we suggest you pay for everything in cash. It is never a great idea to add to your debt while you are trying hard to resolve it. Thus, it may be good to pay in cash or make a habit of paying for your purchases using a debit card.

Never Miss The Most Important Stuff

Whenever you have money, make it a habit to always take care of your most important expenses all the time. This means settling the charges for basic utilities, rent or mortgage, phone and internet bills, insurance, and more. We are totally emphatic with people who find it hard to hold back on the more gratifying expenses but, this is exactly how your credit card debt ballooned in the first place. If you carefully follow through this strategy, it can dramatically lessen the likelihood of you falling short on your finances and avoid depending on your credit card. You can instead, set up a direct debit with regular payments on the most important expenses, so you do not have anything to worry about.

Assess Your Savings

The next thing you have to do is to evaluate your savings. As the last thing you want to do is to make use of those savings and pay off your debts. However, this can be a sound option for some people. When you consider all things, you will find that the interest on your cash that is simply idle in your bank account is far less than the interest of your credit card that kept accumulating. So, it is something worth taking a good look into. At times, it is best to take care of the debts and bills and then start with a brand new slate. The last thing you would want is to end up with a very bad credit history.

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Start Budgeting

There is nothing safer than this advice – budget, budget, and budget! The best way to get out of the credit card trap is to start budgeting. Make sure to plan for all of your regular expenses like rent, electricity, fuel, and or food in a regular basis. When you plan everything right, there is less room for any unexpected surprises. You will always have a lot of cash for everything else. It is a very great idea to set aside a little cash for any emergencies and unforeseen events. You can use the extra cash for other stuff too like for travel, leisure, or buying something nice to treat yourself. Also, consider budgeting for your fun money. This way, you will not depend on credit. It can help you have a budget so you can see where exactly your finances go.

Close It Down

The moment you have paid off your credit card debt, close it down. Check with the bank and have them close your credit card account entirely. It will be very easy to fall into old habits, so make sure to get rid of the temptation now. The worse part is, if you refrain from shutting down the account you will still incur fees and charges. But, the great news is, credit card companies will provide the option to close it down, you can also do this online.

Avoid Getting Overwhelmed

It is vital that you do not get overwhelmed. It can be very easy to overlook a debt and then feel defeated and be unable to free yourself from it all. But, if you think things clearly – you always have a way and planning is the best way of doing it. If you know exactly how you go about it all, you can start banishing credit cards real fast before you know it. Make a serious commitment to stick to your plan. It is important that you write it somewhere you can see every day to remind you of your goal this year. Remember to always play more than the minimum on higher interest cards, this will help you get out of debt fast. When you finally see your credit card balance going down, you will be proud of yourself. There is no better feeling than getting out of debt this new year!

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Understanding Your Credit Report

At some point in your life, you might’ve wondered how your credit report impacts all your loan applications. When you are applying for a loan, it is essential to fully understand how your credit report works. And what can you do to use it to your advantage when anticipating for loan approval. Generally, lenders look at every angle in your credit report and what they find out will impact the result of your application.

Credit Report

In the simplest sense, a credit report is a person’s creditor history gathered in a single report. It facilitates your credit score and it is designed in a way that allows creditors and lenders to instantly determine your creditworthiness. If you ever applied for a home loan, credit card, personal finance, electricity, gas, or mobile phone contract, you already have an existing credit report on one of the many credit reporting agencies.

Credit Reporting Agency

A credit reporting agency is considered a company that gathers and keeps a person’s credit details. Creditors and lenders utilize these details to examine someone’s credit history. The vision of credit reporting agencies is to make sure that they have sufficient information to assist the lenders in making intelligent decisions.

Loan Application and Credit Check

If you apply for a cash loan from a lender, multiple consent forms and different information will be collected during the application process. The lender will ask for your complete name, birth date, gender, residential address, driver’s license, and employer information. All of these will guarantee that they have sufficient information to precisely examine your credit report. It is very important that you provide the appropriate information when applying for loans or credit since this will greatly help make application procedure seamless and fast.

The Information Lenders Examine on Your Credit Report

When a lender asks for a credit report from the credit reporting agency of their choice, there are different information that they examine to help them decide the outcome of your application. The first two things that they look at are your credit report and credit score. These are the two most important information on your report. You score will tell them your repayment capacity. In the lender’s point of view, the higher the score, the more likely you can repay the loan. The age of your credit report is another vital information that will make the lender trust you. For them, the older the credit report without any major problems, the better it is. Other than these two, the lenders will also examine other aspects of your credit report like past addresses, enquiries, defaults, court actions, bankruptcy, and business transactions. This information will impact your credit score and allow the lender to clearly see your financial history.

Improving Your Credit Score: Things to Avoid

If you badly wanted to increase your credit score, you should know what things to avoid and stop doing. The thing about your credit score is more does not necessarily mean better. Information such as the amount you plan to borrow and enquiries impact your credit score. When you know how much money you need, stick to it and don’t take more than that. When you apply for a bigger amount than what you need, it will affect your credit score – and not in a good way. Moreover, if unforeseen expense appears and you have no other resort than to apply for unexpected bills loan or emergency cash loans, avoid applying from numerous lenders simultaneously. Multiple enquires over a short amount of time will negatively impact your credit report and give the lenders the impression that you are desperate for money.

To take care of your credit score, limit your loan application to one lender and wait for the outcome first before you apply from a different lender. In addition, you should also prevent default listings to show up on your credit report. The best way to do it is to completely avoid it. If you happen to default on a certain lender, electricity companies or telco company, they can record a default listing on your credit report. The majority of these companies will hire a hardships team to help customers look for manageable solutions to repay what they owe to the company before recording it on your credit report. Reach out to your lenders and find a good solution to avoid default listing.

Free Credit Report

If you are a consumer, you are eligible for one free credit report every year. But if you want an instant credit check, you might be asked to pay. But, if you don’t mind waiting for 10 days, you can access your credit score check online. All you need to do is to reach out to any of the major credit reporting agencies. They will ask you to give your complete name, residential address, birth date, driver’s license number, and past address.

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Why It Pays to Check your Credit Report

It pays to know the information record on your credit report. There’s nothing wrong with knowing and it will enable you to change your borrowing habits – if there’s something that’s needed to be changed. Examining your credit report will also inform you of any inaccurate listings that might be due to identity theft. All in all, here are several things that you should watch out for in your credit report:

  • A debt that’s been recorded twice
  • Incorrect name or birth date
  • Old address
  • Inaccurate debt amount

Basically, checking your credit report will help you determine if you have weak credit and what kind of loan you may be qualified for. Once you find inaccurate information on your credit report, make sure you fix it as soon as possible. So, how do you fix it? You can contact the information provider and credit reporting agency since it’s both their responsibility to fix any incorrect details. However, you also needed to inform them of the wrong info. Tell them the facts and collect any documentation that will support your claims and mail or email it to the two providers.

Why Improve Your Credit Score?

A credit score is one aspect of your financial history that often gets the least amount of attention. However, no matter how boring it may seem to you, it greatly affects your financial freedom, thus you should begin taking your credit score seriously starting today. You can start by determining the present standing of your credit score and the rest will follow through.

Credit Score Checking

To get a credit check, there are many credit reporting agencies that will accommodate you. You can reach out to Equifax, Experian, and Illion. Before checking your credit score involves a lot of procedures and most of the time, it could be a daunting task. Even until today, you still need to wait for a certain period of time or you could pay to accelerate the process. Thanks to a free credit check online, you now have more options and much faster processing time. In fact, you can obtain free credit checks from various websites. Pro tip: get your credit rating check from different agencies to give you a better view of your current financial standing.

How To Determine Good Credit Score?

Once you obtained your credit score, what would be your next step? Basically, you want to assess whether or not you have a good credit score. Thankfully, credit reporting agencies utilize the same band descriptors to find out the status of your credit score. Typically, your credit score is somewhere between excellent, good or weak. Here’s a quick guide to find out your credit score rating:


  • Excellent – 800-1,000
  • Good – 625 – 699
  • Weak – 0 – 549


  • Excellent – 800 – 1,000
  • Good – 500 – 699
  • Weak – 0 – 299


  • Excellent – 833 – 1,200
  • Good – 622 – 725
  • Weak – 0 – 509

So, how do you measure up? If your score is currently on the lower level of the scale, don’t worry. After all, the initial step to solving a problem is learning how to recognize it. Even individuals with good ratings still need to improve because the higher the score, the greater the benefit.

How To Improve Credit Score?

In order to improve your credit score, you need to start with the basics. Practice good financial habits such as limiting credit card or loan applications, settling bills on time, and repaying all outstanding credit cards or payday loans. You should also track your credit score regularly to see you improve. Examine your credit check since you can pick up ideas on which aspect you need to improve. Take note that having a good credit score will give you a handful of benefits and will make your life even easier. Here are some benefits that you might want to check out:

1. Plenty of power to negotiate

This particular benefit cover different areas and it is extremely helpful. When you have good credit, this means that you can negotiate better than before. Whether it’s for managing a no credit check loan or negotiating terms for your credit cards, it pays to have more negotiating power. You’ve been through tough financial situations and bad loan terms so when you have the capacity to demand for greater deals, you won’t hesitate to use it to your advantage. With this kind of powerful influence, you’ll be more confident to communicate and demand what you think suits your situation. If the financial company you worked with isn’t offering you the terms that you are looking for, having an exceptional credit score will allow you to walk out without any doubt and find new deal from other companies. Feels good, right?

2. Better job opportunities

Though this isn’t as useful as the previous benefit, this one will back you up as you embark on your career. Chances are, as your position in your chosen field ranks up, potential employers will begin to perform credit checks as part of their assessment procedure. This is very important if you are planning to apply for a job that revolves around dealing with finances. Basically, in such a line of work, your employer will entrust the company’s finances to your hand – so they would want to find out how you manage yours. The credit check that would be carried out by your prospective employer will serve as some sort of reference. Generally, a referee is a form of contact you submit to your employer in order to determine if you are qualified for the job. They want to know that you are as reliable and responsible as you claim, and a credit check will offer some insight. Once they find issues about bankruptcy or consistent late default payments, they will deem you like risk and unreliable for the work. They will also worry that your personal financial problems could destroy your job with them. With this, having a top-notch credit score will serve as an extension of your credibility and can offer you an advantage against other applicants.

3. Hassle-free renting

If you are currently residing in the city, you’ll find that you have a lot of competitors when it comes to renting out spaces. There are many people who aren’t homeowners yet and they too, wanted to find the ideal spot that they can temporarily call home. The dream is to live in a space that’s close to work to skip morning traffic, just a short drive from restaurants and stores, and a walking distance from beautiful parks – but it’s not always this easy to look for the perfect place. And in the case that you do, chances are, you are not the only one who wants it. Just like employers and lenders, landlords can also utilize your credit score to find out if you are going to be a trustworthy tenant. With several people fighting to rent a single unit, having a weak credit rating will lower your chances of winning against your fellow renters. A history of late or default payment doesn’t translate to a responsible tenant and even if you have a healthy account balance, you could still lose your chance. This being said, having a favorable credit score is very important when you are looking for a unit to rent. This will give your landlord an impression that you can manage your finances well and pay your rent on time.

4. Great home loan deals

If you are done renting and want to settle in a place that you can call home, then you are ready to buy yourself a new house. However, purchasing residential property costs a lot and you can’t instantly get enough money for it. This is why you need to reach out to your bank and decide to take out a home loan. But, if you have a weak credit score, this simple process could turn into a difficult task. With this, you need to make sure that you have an immaculate credit score before you apply for a home loan since it will back you up during the application procedure. You’ll also have a chance to negotiate better home loan deals with your bank.

5. Affordable utilities

By the time you are reading this, you are probably thinking, “All aspects of my life are truly dependent on my credit score, just great!” That’s why starting now, you should give importance to yours and start revamping it to enjoy the benefits of having a good credit score.

In the case that you are paying utilities on your own, there are utility companies that may examine your credit history. The same way how landlord or bank companies do it, they wanted to make sure that you have the capacity to turn in regular repayment. If you had an issue of late or default payments in the past, they may ask you to make an advance deposit to make up for the risk that they are accepting. If you just moved to your new place, this unnecessary cost is the last thing that you wanted to encounter. This is where the importance of improving your credit score comes in since it will save you from additional financial strain in your life.

If you are on Centrelink payments, you may be interested in applying for a Centrelink loan. You can apply for one at the previous link.

6. Favorable insurance costs

Though you don’t want to think about unfortunate events happening to you, it pays to be ready. This is the reason why insurance companies are established – to aid you during unforeseen life incidents. To achieve peace of mind without breaking your bank, you need to obtain the most affordable insurance deal. As expected, your credit score plays a huge part even in this aspect. People with excellent credit scores have greater chances to obtain an affordable insurance plan. The thing about insurance companies is they calculate risk. Even if they won’t reject you for having a poor credit score, you will be offered an insurance plan with an expensive cost. Improve your credit score and witness how these costs will dramatically decrease.

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Your credit score influences different aspects of your life. Knowing this, you should start improving your financial habits, handle your finances accordingly, and take extra measures to ensure you rebuild your score.

Pawning Vehicles To Get a Loan

Pawn is the amount of money given to you that corresponds to the value of your property. In the case that your default on your loan, the item will not be returned to you. Once you agree to pawn a particular item, this means that you are also transferring the asset to the pawnbroker once you fail to meet the contract terms. The reason why many people choose to pawn their personal items, such as a car, is because it could give them quick and accessible cash. However, pawnbrokers don’t have to follow any code of responsible lending that lenders do.

Pawned My Car, Can I Still Use It?

Based on our firsthand experience, there are many pawnbrokers out there and they don’t have the same criteria of operating their business. However, most of them will let you use your car even if you pawned it against a loan. There are even some that will allow you to lend some money as compensation for the car parts – in the case that it’s too expensive. It is still best to check their individualized terms and conditions to determine what you are entitled to.

Secured Loan

Based on our observations, when borrowers use their assets to serve as collateral for the loan, they are taking a cash loan. Most lending companies will do everything to offer other avenues like rebuilding your loan so it suits your current financial capacity before they will finally take your asset – which can be in a form of car, house, and etc. Typically, a secured loan is a much better and safer resort compared to a pawn loan – though the money might take a little while to process. If you find pawn loan way too risky, taking out a secured loan is your best option to get the money that you need.

Secured loan lenders are not pawnbrokers. They will not offer immediate cash for your car, but they do have same-day approval – depending on your financial circumstances. The great thing about secured loan lenders is they follow responsible lending. Their primary goal is to provide convenience and ease to the borrowers. This means that you could take out a secured loan of as much as $10, 000, without the need to leave your home. In fact, you can even fill up the application form on your smartphone!

Moreover, you can utilize your car as collateral when applying for a secured loan without worrying that it will be taken from you. This is because the lenders will not allow you to take out cash that’s way beyond your repayment capacity. A payday loan also has a realistic assessment and the lenders are accommodating and understanding.

Can I Use My Car Against Secured Loan?

We have found from using this product that, if you are wondering if you can still use your car even if it is considered as collateral against the secured loan that you took – the answer is yes. Though there are various kinds of lenders that offer secured loans with numerous sets of terms, the majority of them will allow you to drive your vehicle. But, it is still best if you check out the terms and conditions of your lender – just to be sure.

Can I Use My Car As Collateral For A Personal Loan?

You can use your car as collateral for a personal loan when you apply for a secured loan from an online lending entity. Unlike an unsecured car loan, using your used car as collateral can help you take a bigger loan no matter what your credit score is.

A borrower uses their vehicle as collateral in hope of acquiring bigger loans with more favorable terms.

Are You Qualified to Apply for a Secured Loan?

A secured loan has a very flexible criterion that sets them apart from other loan schemes. Borrowers need to meet the following in order to qualify for the loan.

  • All applicants must be at least 18 years old
  • All applicants must have a stable income into their personal bank account for the past 3 months
  • All applicants must have an active phone number and email address
  • The application will require 100 points of ID
  • Online banking information must be presented during the application procedure

Approval Times of Secured Loan

Lending companies that offer secured loans do their best to update you with the result of your application as soon as possible. If you happen to apply during your normal AEST business hours, some lenders can get back to you in as fast as 60 minutes. If the entire application goes smoothly, you can have the money by the end of the day. Take note that inter-bank transfer times might have a tendency to bottleneck the speed at which the money enters your account. If you are planning to apply for a secured loan, make sure you prepare all of your personal documents in advance since this will accelerate your application procedure.

Perks of Applying for Secured Loan

When you apply for a secured loan, you can see to it that lenders will treat you with utmost customer service. This is because they abide by the standards of responsible lending, thus you can guarantee that they won’t take advantage of your financial incapacity. In fact, they will help you get back on your feet, so you can enjoy financial freedom.

How to Apply for Secured Loan

Once you made the decision that you will apply for a loan and use your car as collateral, here are the steps that you should undertake:

Step 1:

Scroll up to find the loan calculator. Choose the amount you want to borrow and the repayment period that you desire. Click ‘apply now’ and start your online application form.

Step 2:

Fill up the application form. Once you are done, the lenders will process everything and all you have to do is wait. They’ll get back to you with the result of the application after a few hours.

Step 3:

If your loan application is approved, the lending company will contact you. They will send you an agreement and you need to carefully review it before you sign. It is very important to familiarize yourself with any additional charges that you need to pay when you fail to repay the loan on time.

Step 4:

Once the lending company has your signed contract, they will transfer the money to your bank account. Take note that inter-bank transfer times might take a little longer compared to regular transactions.

Guide To Choosing The Right Lender

Searching for a lender? There are several things that you might want to consider first before you begin your ultimate search.

Getting to Know Money Lenders

A money lender is someone who offers loans with an associated interest rate. The interest rate is fixed and they can also charge additional fees such as service fees, annual, fees, transactional fees, and others. Selecting a lander has become more complicated as times passed by, especially with so many online lenders claiming they offer cheapest rates, excellent loan terms, and ultra-efficient loan approvals. But are these online lenders offer great deals compared to traditional ones? The answer is yes and no. Though they might not have the costly expenses linked to conventional lenders or major banks, there are still fees associated with money lending. However, online financing is a more convenient and uncomplicated option compared to traditional lending companies.

Should You Trust Smaller Lenders?

Is it right to depend on small-time or local lenders? The thing about small lenders is they hire their own closing and processing officers. They excel in small, instant cash loans. Their operations feature a top-level of entrepreneurship. Similar to big companies, their terms and expertise can also vary from each other.

Tips on How To Choose the Right Lender

1. Don’t forget to do your research

Many people struggle when it comes to selecting a lender since they have no idea where to begin. The answer is simple – explore online. Research all offers and prices meticulously for details. Look past through the fabulous advertising and unrealistic claims. Determine the appropriate requirements, additional fees and dishonor fees. Search for reviews, as well.

2. Compare different costs

If you have time to spare, compare rates from different lenders – four lenders is a good start. Take advantage of loan calculators to calculate how much you’ll be paying back in the future.

3. Determine what type of loan you need and why

There are an encyclopedic variety of loans that you will find out there – quick cash loans, smart loans, payday loans, mortgage loans, personal loans, car loans, and many more. Loan terms vary according to the kind of loan. The reason why you want to apply for a loan is also essential for you and your chosen lender since this will determine the ideal solution for your financial woes.

4. Enhance your credit score

Though you can still get a no credit check loan even if you have low credit score, you’ll have less negotiating power. Find reputable lenders that will not only focus on your credit score alone, but will also consider other factors.

5. Everything must be in writing

A reputable lender will guide you all throughout your application and they will give you a copy of the loan contract. Make sure you read it carefully before signing anything. If you have questions regarding the contract, feel free to ask your lender for clarification.

6. Ask suggestions from a friend

Though this might be too obvious, many people tend to overlook this source. There’s a big chance that one of your friends might be presently repaying a loan. Find that friend and ask for recommendations about great lenders you can work with.

7. Reach out to a professional

Ask a lawyer, real estate agent, accountant or financial consultant if you are planning to get a loan. These professionals work with lenders on a daily basis and they are full-aware of how they operate.

8. Read the fine print

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and read contracts from cover to cover. If a lender claims transparent terms and no hidden charges, don’t fall for it, especially if they are rushing the entire process. This is not an ideal way to select a lender. Find out about the criteria and charges. Before, borrowers just go to the local bank if they want to borrow money. Now, there are a lot of banks wherever you go and you can meet up with a loan officer anytime you want, even if it’s not mandatory. You can even sign a contract in the comfort of your home – that is the beauty of online lending.

9. Investigate their customer service

As of the present, it’s not about working with the nearest bank since it’s no longer mandatory to personally go to a bank to obtain a payday loan. It’s not also about loyalty to a certain company since you are just one of the thousands of accounts that they are managing. What’s important is the interest rate, but it’s not the most important factor. The lending industry is very competitive and many lenders provide the same terms. The number one criteria that you should focus on is customer service. Your lending company must have accommodating, helpful, and friendly staff. They must have amazing reviews and service awards from satisfied clients. The best leaders aren’t afraid to take personality responsibility for the loan of their clients.

Advantages Of Online Lenders

One problem with major companies is that they haven’t fully embraced the reality when it comes to people’s finances. With this, they end up rejecting potential borrowers, approving bad applications, and encouraging a scheme of irresponsible lending. Why? One of the main reasons is that these types of lenders only ask for the most standard and obvious detail, like utility costs. Things such as unintended but critical purchases can damage the bank, immediately resulting in default loans. After that, default interest is charged, completely submerging the borrower – who couldn’t afford the loan in the first place – to even greater debt. This is not good for the borrower and the lending company – who will begin having problems collecting repayment. This self-destructive pattern is the number one reason why the lending industry has a bad reputation. Online lenders are different than this traditional way of lending. They gather more relevant information and you can conveniently fax or email them any essential documents. Working with an online lender, you can guarantee that everything will be made available for you in writing.

How To Choose an Online Lender – and Which Ones to Avoid

The first thing that you should consider when selecting an online lender is their level of customer satisfaction. Lending is not solely about the rates, but the number of satisfied clients. Many online lenders claim that they offer instant outcomes and seamless communication, but not all live up to their promises. Moreover, locations don’t matter if you are choosing an online lender. However, you should still work with those that are within your time zone.

Once you know what a good online lender looks like, you should also be aware of the bad ones. Though most lenders follow the laws, there are still those that are black sheep of the industry. They prey on naïve and desperate borrowers and lure them into taking a loan that’s way beyond their repayment capacity. Furthermore, don’t settle for a lender:

  • Who sent you a direct email but you don’t have any connections
  • Whose advertise their loan by giving out flyers to your doorstep or sticking them in your windshield
  • Who randomly contacts you to offer a loan
  • Whose charges and rates are extremely high or low
  • Who is urging you to instantly sign the contract without reading

How Much A Loan Actually Costs?

There are many lenders and financial companies that offer loans. Basically, they won’t have the same terms, rates, and fees – though some might unintentionally have similarities. This is why shopping and comparing is highly-recommended for those who are planning to secure loan. With the competitive lending industry that you are in, it is very important to explore different loan options and lending companies. You’ll find that what’s expensive to other lenders is actually cheaper to some. It’s all about taking the time to compare and investigate the best deals.

Furthermore, you can take out a loan worth $1, 000 with a repayment period of 12 months, and repayment amount of $33 per week, $67 for every two weeks, or $140 per month. You can also borrow as much as $10, 000 with a repayment period of 13 months and repayment amount of $124 per week, $246 for every two weeks, or $539 per month. You will have the freedom to select which repayment amount suits your finances well.


Don’t fall if a lender claims that their loan will eliminate all of your financial troubles. The only way to solve them is earning and saving more money. Loans aren’t miracle workers. If you’re having trouble settling all your debt, taking another loan will only add up to your financial burden. But if applying for a loan is your only option, make sure you work with a lender that’s reputable and trustworthy – those that offer good loan terms and follow responsible lending. Don’t be afraid to compare loans from different lenders, this will help you find the best one that will suit your needs and requirements. Lastly, don’t hesitate to turn down a loan offer that’s sketchy and unrealistic.

What is a Balance Transfer?

At some point in your life, you might have encountered the term balance transfer. But what does it really mean? And what can it do for you? A balance transfer works in a very simple way, it is when you transfer money from one account to another. It is sometimes called a credit card balance transfer, which is considered as an act of transferring your own credit card debt to a brand new credit card for a much cheaper interest rate. This is often performed so a credit card can be paid off.

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Balance Transfer

A balance transfer is a process of transferring your credit card debt from your present lender to another one. This is carried out to enhance the interest rate or offer you a 0% interest-free period that will enable you to settle your debt within a specific time period. If you don’t settle your credit card within this given time period, you may face late charges and high-interest rates. Make sure you won’t fall under this cycle of transferring the debt to new credit cards. This is because balance transfers are usually logged on your credit report as a negative financial activity, which can damage your credit score.

Hidden Costs To Watch Out For in Balance Transfer

When selecting a new credit card that you can use for a balance transfer, there are hidden charges that you should watch out for, including:

  • Credit Card Interest Rate – though you might think that you are offered the best deal, once the interest-free period is an offer, credit card interest costs will knock you back to reality. And they can cost as much as 20%!
  • Transfer Fees – before you sign anything, make sure you check for transfer fees. They can reach as much as 3% of the total amount being transferred, making the repayment procedure even difficult.
  • Annual Fee – read the fine print and scan for an annual fee. Even if balance transfers advertise 0% interest rate for a specified time, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay for anything. There are even times that the annual fee is more expensive than usual.

Buy Interest Rate

When you have your new balance transfer interest rate card, don’t use it to make new purchases. This is often a trap that many people fall for and as a result, the banks make more money out of it. The lenders or banks can charge as much as 24.99% of interest rate, so better be safe than sorry and avoid those unnecessary purchases.

Credit Card Revert Rate

Another trap that you don’t want to be part of is the credit card revert rate. It is the amount you are charged when your initial interest-free period is over and you still haven’t paid off all your balance transfer. Revert rates can increase from 7.9% to 21.99%. This should encourage you to pay your balance transfer in full.

What You Should Know About Balance Transfers

Balance transfers have their pros and cons and before you decide to use it for your advantage, here are a few things you should know about it.

  1. It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

A balance transfer can take up to 2-4 weeks. Once that’s done, keep your old card in a safe place and away from your reach, so you won’t be drawn in to utilize it. If you insist on using it within this period, you may face additional fees on top of your present debt.

  1. It Has Transfer Limit

Basically, the limit of your latest credit card needs to be higher than your transfer balance. Every lender or bank has different terms and conditions, so make sure you check it out.

  1. It Is Not for Everyone

Take note that everyone goes through different financial circumstances. It all depends on your individual financial situation whether or not a balance transfer is suitable for your present situation. Always remember that balance transfers are not for everyone and they don’t fit every financial circumstance that you encounter. It is still best to seek professional financial advice before you decide to apply for bank transfer.

  1. It Is Not the Only Financial Option

Balance transfers aren’t the only financial solution that you can resort to. In fact, if you want to settle your credit card debt or any other debt, a consolidation loan could be a great option.

Consolidation Loan

A consolidation loan is a personal loan that merges all your outstanding debts. Based on its name, it simply consolidates every debt that you have. This means that you will make one big repayment, instead of doing multiple ones. A consolidation loan may also have a cheaper and more consistent interest rate on all your outstanding payday loans. To simply put it, once you consolidate all your debts, they will be repaid using a single regular repayment. This means less stress, more budget control, and potential savings on additional fees and interest rates.

Things to Consider Before Applying for Consolidation Loan

Just like any financial decision, you should first ask for professional financial advice before you apply for a debt consolidation loan. After that, consider these things to determine if debt consolidation is right for you.

  • Affordability – when you apply for a payday loan in Australia, you should consider if it is more affordable to pay off compared to your outstanding debts. You should also find out if you are financially capable to keep up with the repayments of a consolidation loan.
  • Early Repayment Costs – there are consolidation loans that charge certain fees if you want to settle your loan earlier. It is vital that you consider the early pay off costs before you apply for a consolidation loan. In other words, if you are certain that you want to settle your loan earlier, see to it that despite these extra charges, a debt consolidation is still a viable option for you.
  • Legitimacy – above anything else, make sure you get your debt consolidation loan from a reputable, licensed, and legitimate lending company.

How Credit Scores Impact Your Ability To Get a Loan

When you have bad credit, you’ll find it difficult to get your personal loan applications approved. It can also affect your capacity to pay for car insurance, rent an apartment space, and secure a great service plan for your phone. If luckily you can take out auto loans, student loans, or mortgages, you’ll be given higher interest rates. These are just some of the negative impact of living with a bad credit report.

When you are in dire need of instant cash and you have zero assets to consider as collateral, the best alternative you can try is applying for a personal loan. You can secure personal loans from different financial companies, such as online lenders, banks, and credit unions. You can use the money that you borrowed for any purpose you have in mind, including weddings, home renovation, vacations, or medical procedures. Personal loans are instant cash loans and borrowers need to repay it with fixed amount each month. The loan terms for this type of loan can last for about 2-5 years. They are also considered as unsecured loans since they don’t require any form of collateral. Instead, borrowers are given approval based on their credit history and source of income.

If you are suffering from repeated loan rejections because of your poor credit rate, then try applying for a personal loan. They are easy to obtain and they offer instant cash flow for your emergency financial needs.

Bad Credit: Everything You Need To Know

There are three main credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. These institutions gather credit histories by monitoring one’s loan applications, payments, and other financial activities. All three depend on the FICO score – a three-digit number designed by the Fair Isaac Corporation to determine if you are worthy to be given credit and if you have the ability to pay back the loan based on the information on your credit history and other factors. Here’s how the FICO score works:

  • 300-579 = Poor
  • 580-669 = Fair
  • 670-739 = Good
  • 740-799 = Very Good
  • 800-850 = Exceptional

Another scale that’s popularly-used by lenders is the VantageScore credit system. Here’s how it works:

  • 300-599 = Bad
  • 600-649 = Poor
  • 650-699 = Fair
  • 700-749 = Good
  • 750-850 = Excellent

When you apply for a loan, lenders will carry out a credit check to determine your credit history and FICO score. They will look for certain information such as your outstanding debts and payment habits to find help them decide whether or not you are worthy to be given credit. Apart from this, lenders will examine your occupation and income, the amount you are planning to borrow and your suggested loan term. They will also review your credit rating. Before you borrow a no credit check loan, make sure you understand how all of these works.

How Your Credit Score is Calculated

Your credit score can go from 0 – 1,200 but it can vary from different bureaus. Here are the factors that affect the calculation of your score:

  • Debt
  • Spending habits
  • Number of credit applications lodged
  • Kind of credit applied for
  • Defaults on payment

A favorable credit score is around 622 to 725 and a very impressive one ranges from 883 to 1, 200. Any score of less than 600 is dubbed as a weak credit score. This low rating will give lenders the impression that you have irresponsible financial habits and you are a risky borrower.

Effects of Week Credit Score

The most obvious impact of having a weak credit rating is you will likely face rejection from lending companies. However, there are still lenders that are willing to provide loans to those with low credit, it only comes with high-interest rates.

Fixing Your Credit Score

Lucky for you, a credit score isn’t forever – it can still be changed. Though it can’t be done overnight, there are plenty of ways on how you can revamp your credit score, here’s some of them:

  • Pay off your outstanding debts
  • Settle your bills right on schedule
  • Minimize your credit applications
  • Maintain low credit limits on your credit card. For example, if your limit is at $5,000 yet you never managed to use it all up, request your lender to reduce it to $1,000 0r $1,500 instead.
  • Carefully check all information recorded on your credit report to ensure that they are all accurate. The last thing you wanted to have is a basic system error to lower your score.

Even if you can’t change all the bad spending habits you’ve done over the past years in just one night, it’s still a relief that credit score isn’t permanent. Changing your financial habits by settling debt, maintaining timely repayments, and limiting credit applications will all contribute towards increasing your credit score and cleaning your credit report. With this, you can be confident that you’ll get the best deals when applying for same day loans.

Are You Dealing With an Honest Lender?

If you’re thinking about taking out a quick personal loan but hesitating for fear that you may encounter shady lending entities, you should definitely decide against it. The last thing anyone with a financial problem wants is to be taken advantage of by loan sharks.

It is unfortunate that this is the reality that most loan customers face these days. All they want is to get immediate financial help but here are unscrupulous businesses ready to bleed them dry the first chance they get.

It’s sick. It’s revolting. It has to stop.

The good news is that you don’t have to fall prey to the charms and empty promises of some of these small loan lenders pretending they have the answer to your financial mishaps. You have the power to stop these businesses dead in their tracks.

The key is to carefully choose a lending institution that you can do with business with sans the dishonesty.

Sure, it is easier said than done. After all, spotting an honest small amount lender is no walk in the park. You’d probably end up spotting more shady ones than good.

Don’t lose hope, though. There are still honest and reputable small loan lenders out there and they are just waiting to be discovered. They will be more than happy to serve you in your time of need.

So, before you give up the fight, here are a few tips to aid you when on the lookout for small loan lenders that you can trust and do business with.

  1. Be wary of false promises 

If a small amount lender is claiming to offer instant cash loans without any hassle, be alerted right away. There’s no such thing as “instant”. Everything goes through a process, even the quick personal loans being offered by reputable lending firms.

Simply put, you can’t trust anyone who offers the cash you need instantly without having to go through the standard process of assessing your eligibility. If you encounter a lending institution that offers this kind of arrangement, do yourself a favour and walk away immediately.

Honest and reputable lending institutions will never claim to give you fuss-free instant loans. All they will offer are quick cash loans that you may avail of and get approved for upon completing all eligibility requirements.

If this sounds tedious to you, just think about how this will protect you as a consumer. By allowing yourself to go through a standard assessment, you will know exactly how the lending institution conducts its business.

  1. Be even more cautious about interest rates

The thing about unscrupulous small amount lending institutions is that, more often than not, their offers come with unbelievable interest rates. The “instant” cash loan may not come with rigid approval procedures, but it most probably comes with hidden fees or additional charges.

You will only know about it once repayment period comes. The unfortunate thing is, what if you will never know about it?

So, be on guard and exercise your math skills. Do a computation of the interest rates to see how they stack up against the principal itself.

Responsible lending institutions are honest and transparent with their dealings and will tell you straight up that their rates are capped as regulated by the government. This ensures your protection as a consumer.

  1. Do a background check

These days, it is easier to know more about lending institutions through their online channels. This allows for a quick background check to know the company in detail.

Take advantage of your stalking skills and dig a little deeper about the lending institution you plan to get a small loan from. Go beyond their website and check their social media channels, too, as there you can check for comments or reviews from previous customers.

  1. Explore your options

Don’t just pick out one lending institution. Select as many as you can possibly gather before choosing the right one that can cater to your need.

If possible, set up an appointment with each of them, so you will be able to talk to them face to face. This way, you will be able to read their body language and know if they are being true to their word or not.

By reviewing the credentials of more than one direct lender, you will be able to compare the pros and cons of each lender, and from there, decide which one is best to go for.

  1. Get advice from people you know

Consult with family and friends and ask for good recommendations on lending institutions. They may have done business with an institution that has a good track record.

This way, you speed up your screening process and apply a loan with a lending institution that has a history of doing honest business.

Keep these tips in mind when seeking a reputable lending institution to apply for a small loan from. It’s easy to be tempted when you are being offered with instant cash loans that won’t need any strict screening process.

However, don’t give in and exercise caution. Remember when repayment period comes, you can be rob off of your hard-earned money that you may or may not know you are freely offering as payment for incredible interest rates.

If quick application process is high on your list, you can still be able to do business with a reputable lending institution that allows for the fast yet transparent loan application process.

Perfect Payday, for example, offers a quick and painless loan application process for customers who need fast financial assistance.

To avail yourself of a Perfect Payday short-term loan, all you have to do is:

  1. Visit the Perfect Payday website and file your loan application online.
  2. Once you met all the eligibility requirements, your application will be processed within an hour of filing. It may take a little longer if other requirements are needed from your end.
  3. If your application is successful, you will receive an email with the attached loan contract for your signing.
  4. Once signed and submitted to Perfect Payday, you will receive your funds in your bank account the following business day or depending on your bank’s remittance policies.

The quick and hassle-free loan process is a definite must for anyone with immediate financial needs. However, keep in mind that it is also very important that you know what you’re getting into before sealing any deal.

This is why using Perfect Payday to get your payday loan makes sense. You will benefit from this consultation to help you gauge your financial capability to pay off your loan.

In addition, you will also get expert insights on how you can manage your finances more responsibly. This way, you can plan your actions more diligently when it comes to money matters, with the aim to ultimately gain financial freedom.

Be an advocate for responsible lending

By exercising caution when borrowing, you set a good example on others to be more cautious as well when dealing with small loan lending institutions. Not only are you helping yourself be more responsible, but you are helping others as well.

When everyone takes necessary precautions when borrowing, dishonest lending institutions will be out of business in no time.

Getting a Personal Loan for an Upcoming Move

Whether you are planning to downsize or upsize, moving comes with expenses that you can’t avoid. Good thing there’s an incredible alternative that you can turn to personal loans. These are short-term loans that will allow you to borrow at least $300 to $10,000. In addition to this, here’s how you can spend the money you obtained from a cash advance to help you during your future move:

1. Packing

If you don’t have any moving boxes to salvage, chances are you’ll likely purchase new ones. Though you can ask your family and friends for leftovers, you still need to buy extra ones. How much does moving box actually costs? Typically, it is around $5 but you’ll need to multiply that by at least 20 pieces and now you have to spend $100 on boxes alone. Another packing essential is newspapers. Unless you are a hoarder, you’ll need to purchase them to secure your belongings. Butchers paper or bubble wrap costs around $9 for every 50m. Though it’s not expensive, you still need to shed some money. Lastly, once all your items are packed and stored in boxes, you’ll need to hire movers to deliver them to your next home. This is another expense that you need to deal with, but with direct lender loans, everything is covered.

2. Repairs

Drawing from our experience, once you are done packing your things, you’ll discover areas inside your house that need repairs, such as the dent on the wall, leak under the sink, and other possible issues. No matter what damages are done, they all mean one thing: costly repairs. But if you have a $3,000 personal loan, nothing is too difficult to fix.

3. Cleanup

One horrifying thing about moving is the cleanup. Though you can always do it by yourself, you have a lot of moving shenanigans to deal with. If you are moving from a rental space, you also need to meet the strict standards of a bond clean. This calls for the expertise of professional cleaning service. Of course, service cost may vary according to the size of the space but typically, it ranges from $130-$150 to carefully clean a large house. With a no credit check loan, you can leave your old home in a squeaky clean state without worrying about finances.

4. Movers

As indicated by our tests, hiring movers is probably the most expensive aspect of moving. First, their charges are insanely budget-damaging. Their hourly rate starts at a massive $50 per person. And that doesn’t even include insurance and transport costs. The worst thing is, if your next home is in the interstate, you’ll likely pay a lot more. With these costly moving expenses, it pays to have a personal loan by your side when dealing with the movers.

5. Moving Insurance

There are moving companies that offer insurance as an extension of their services. However, insurance is not always enough to replace damaged items. Varying on the cover, you still need to apply for additional insurance. Once you do, be careful of the costs since they are equal to maximum coverage. The sad thing about this is you will not be given the maximum coverage that they owe you due to several reasons. In addition, you also need to update any existing insurance that your home has. All of these could cost you a lot of money but with a personal loan, you can get the financial aid that you need without any hassle.

6. Brand New Furniture

Based on our observations, this is not a must for everyone who is planning to move but you’ll likely purchase new furniture when you transfer to your new home. Regardless of whether you are downsizing or upsizing, chances are you’ll probably end up buying or swapping out furniture items. By applying for a personal loan, you’ll be able to get the couch that you need for your home and repay your loan gradually.

Instant Personal Loans

You can get as much as $300 to $10,000 in personal loans, even if you have a negative credit report. The application procedure is always easy and simple. In fact, you can finish it within a few minutes. All you need to do is to submit your application and it will immediately be assessed to determine if the lender can supply the money that you are planning to borrow.

Should You Apply for Personal Loan?

To find out if a personal loan is right for you, examine your present monthly expenses and other financial commitments, like mortgages, credit cards, and the others. If you are planning to apply for a personal loan to cover your moving costs, can you still pay off other expenses if you take an additional short-term loan? No matter how considerate lending companies are, they don’t offer financial advice so it’s up to you to determine if you are still capable of dealing with another loan.

Helpful Tips To Increase Your Budgeting Power

In an ideal world, you could be living the high life where money is no object. You could be spending on branded clothing, enjoying the company of your friends in some Michelin-starred restaurant, or taking a tour around the world with your family.

You are, however, living in the real world, where your current version of an ideal life involves living from paycheck to paycheck and thinking of more ways to stretch your budget. This is the reality most people face today, and it can feel overwhelming sometimes when you’re stuck with no money to even budget.

This article on budgeting is brought to you from Perfect Payday. If you need a cash loan to resolve immediate pressing expenses, apply for a loan with us. We offer high acceptance rate loans on a short term basis.

Of course, this isn’t always the case. There may be days when you have money to spare to buy you some new clothes or treat your family to a nice dinner. You may also have had those days when you can keep a few dollars to your savings account.

Should those days become rarer and you find yourself tightening your purse strings again, worry not. You know you can survive this, and all it takes is discovering new strategies to help you stretch your budget.

Sure, this is easier said and done. However, if you can adopt new ways to save some cash even when living on a tight budget, you may very well say that you’re living the high life—the kind that allows you to take control of your financial life.

Before thinking of new strategies to keep your budget afloat, it’s best to revisit why it is important to set a budget and stick to it no matter what.

Why budgeting counts

We’ve all been told that setting a budget is a must if we want to at least save some for a rainy day. Budgeting is more than that, though. It teaches you to be smart about money.
When you know how to budget your money, it doesn’t matter if you’re earning more or less. Think about this: you can be receiving a bigger paycheck than the average employee, yet you don’t always get to keep some cash due to excessive spending. Whereas an average employee earning half your salary can be enjoying more financial rewards due to smart budgeting.

This scenario is definitely a slap on your face, as this simply reflects how bad you are with money. Turn things around by setting a budget for yourself.

When you work out a budget for yourself, it allows you to be more responsible about how you handle money. It teaches you to plan smart and be more aware of your spending habits.

How many times have you kicked yourself in the head for spending on those Starbucks lattes every day? You may not think this is a big splurge, but when you do this every day and compute the money you spend on everyday trips to the coffee shop, you would be feeling sorry for yourself for not keeping the money instead to save you from a financial emergency.

This will not be the case when you set a budget and stick to it. When you follow a budget, you teach yourself to be more disciplined about spending, which can help you when times get tough.
With a set budget, you will be able to prioritize where your money should go. You can save more cash that you can use to get you through hard times.

With the money you were able to save due to smart budgeting, you would have the funds to cover big purchases in the future. Maybe you’re planning on buying yourself a new phone? You can do so in a few months or so because you have some savings to finance the purchase.

Simply put, setting a budget is a must for any individual. It’s the first step to becoming more financially responsible as an adult.

Ways to boost your budgeting skills

Now that you know how budgeting impacts your financial life, it’s time to think and long hard about how you can save more cash. This may sound impossible if you’re on a stretch all the time, but nothing is too hard to achieve when you put your mind into it.

If you’re having trouble thinking of new ways to budget and save money, these tips might be of help.

1. Know why you’re setting a budget

You’re setting a budget because you want to save more money so that you won’t be required to get a payday loan, but what is that money for? Know the purpose why you’re saving up, so that you will be more motivated to stick to your budget.
Maybe you want to go on a grand vacation someday? Thinking of buying a new home for the family? Whatever purpose you may have, keep this in mind all the time, especially when the temptation to splurge is too strong to resist.

If you don’t have some purpose behind your budget, you don’t have to think of one. Financial emergencies or unexpected expenses like paying for medical treatments are reason enough to kick your budgeting skills into overdrive. Nobody wants to be cash-strapped when the time comes that you have to spend for more important things.

2. Avail of discounts

People love shopping, but this more often than not leaves anyone broke most of the time. Shopping is not bad per se, and you can still do so even on a tight budget.
The way to do is to be smart when shopping. Why spend too much on clothes when you can get them at marked-down prices?

In short, avail yourself of discounts or shopping deals that will allow you to spend on some items you like without putting a dent on your wallet. These days, shops have discount offerings all the time, so it will serve you well to research when these shops may be having the next sale.

The same goes for food. You don’t have to dine out when you can prepare your own food. You can spend on food allowance whilst teaching yourself to eat healthier with the food you yourself prepared. It’s a good way to stay fit and healthy, as your wallet becomes fatter.

3. Stop using your credit cards

Or, just get rid of them completely. It won’t help with your budgeting when there’s a credit card lurking somewhere in your purse, luring you into endless spending.

If you can’t get rid of them, you may want to just use them for emergencies. Credit cards aren’t exactly evil; it’s how you use them that makes you bad or not. Be responsible about using your credit cards and just use them during urgent situations, like for medical emergencies or home repair.

When you avoid using your credit cards all the time, not only will you be able to budget more efficiently; you will also be able to avoid unnecessary debt.

4. Sign up for automatic saving

This is the best way if you can’t discipline yourself into setting aside a certain amount to save. Ask your bank if it can make automatic deposits for you every month. There are banks that allow this kind of arrangement to put aside an agreed amount every month to be automatically deposited in your savings account.

This way, you don’t have to worry about keeping some cash to save if you’re having a hard time doing so. You won’t have to rely on getting a personal loan to resolve your immediate expenses. The bank can do it for you, and you can rest assured it will not fail like you always do.

Include these tips in your current budgeting agenda to boost your chances of saving more. Remember that saving is possible even when living on a tight budget. All it takes is knowing how to budget smarter, which you can achieve when you instill some discipline in yourself.

Instant Banking, Is It For You?

At some point in your life, you might have heard of internet banking. It is an essential factor that binds cardless cash and mobile banking apps altogether. However, are you familiar with instant banking? Though it may sound like the same from the aforementioned, it offers a new approach. Instant banking is a latest payment scheme that’s hailed as the best solution for instant online payments. So how does it actually works? Read along this article to find out.

This article on instant banking is brought to you from Perfect Payday. We offer payday loans for people who need quick cash. If you need instant cash to help you with your immediate finances, apply with us today.

What is New Payments Platform?

Based on our firsthand experience, new Payments Platform or NPP is developed to reinforce fast payment transactions. It reconstructs the way you send your money. But of course, your payments can still be directed to account numbers and BSB, however with this new method, you can make other identifiers or “PayID” to make the process easier. PayID uses personal details like your email address or phone numbers as a way of identification during payment transfer. On top of that, this platform is open for transaction for 24/7.

Main Features of NPP

NPP has three main features that will affect how you process your banking and these are:

1. Fast Transfer

NPP offers businesses and consumers the chance to facilitate real-time transfers. You don’t have to wait for more than 3 business days for the cash to be transferred to your account. You can also facilitate money transfer anytime since NPP operates for 24/7.

2. Simplified IDs

With NPP, you don’t have to bother memorizing your bank numbers anymore since identification is made easier using PayID. It is a single identification card that is much easier to remember compared to old banking formalities.

3. Lengthy Transfer Descriptions

It is difficult to fit all your transaction description in less than 30 words, especially if it involves business. Thanks to NPP, you can now have longer transfer descriptions since they increased their character limit. You can now take advantage of approximately 280 characters, emojis included.

What is a PayID?

Basically, your PayID won’t replace your account number or BSB. Instead, it is simply the addressing service of NPP. For example, you went to dinner with your friends and you want to pay the bill, everyone can just transfer their share to your PayID. You don’t have to remember your banking details anymore and let everyone know so they could send you their share. PayID eliminates that hassle! When you are done setting up your PayID, all you need to do is distribute the identification form to your friends for the transfer. On top of that, you’ll also get the payment in a real-time setting and you don’t have to wait for how many days anymore or suffer from banking delays.

Setting Up Your PayID

Our findings show that, you can make your PayID by joining an online or mobile banking service from financial companies. But you need to visit their website or reach out to them directly if you have no idea how to set up a PayID. When it comes to the form of identification that you can utilize for setting up your PayID, you have plenty of options to choose from. The majority of people who do so use their phone number or email address because these are the most convenient identification details to acquire. In the case that you have multiple accounts with various financial providers, take note that you can only connect your PayID to one account. This being said, you need to set up numerous PayIDs if you have many accounts.

As a reminder, you can get a cash advance loan from Perfect Payday. Apply today if you need quick cash and you have an income.

Is PayID Safe To Use?

Based on our observations, online payments are always exposed to several risks including identity theft, abuse, and fraud. With regard to this, PayIDs can only be set up via your financial company’s online banking platforms. This means that your PayID is secured by the similar security measures used in protecting your internet banking details. Moreover, the only transaction that can be made using your PayID is money transfer. Someone can only utilize it for putting money into your account but they can’t take anything. However, if you are still worried, you can always reach out to your financial provider and consult them for advice.


Osko is the pioneer of the first-ever overlay service to use the NPP ever since it was released. It is developed by the makes of BPAY and it enables you to facilitate money transfers to family and friends in a real-time manner. Osko is also linked to multiple bank accounts, just like BPAY. To make the most out of your instant transfer benefits, you can choose the Osko option when facilitating money transfers.

NPP redefines the traditional way of banking and offers a new approach to money transfer. By far, it is one of the fastest, simplest, and safest way to transfer funds. It doesn’t need rigorous paper works as well.

Thank you for reading our article on instant banking. If you need an instant cash loan, apply with Perfect Payday today. We can likely get you a loan if you have an income.

How Positive Credit Reporting Impacts Your Life

Assessing customers for their eligibility for a loan or credit card involves taking a look at their credit report to gauge their qualification. These days, lenders are required to check for the overall creditworthiness of a customer that doesn’t focus solely on their past incapacities. This has become possible today, thanks to the existence of positive credit reporting.

Positive credit reporting has indeed changed the way loan application assessments are done and has given customers easier access to financial help whenever they need it. Credit reports, however, remains to be understood by the public for all their pros and cons and what power they hold that impacts one’s life.

Let’s take a look at what credit reporting is, the advantages it provides, and what you can do in case you have been reported to have a bad credit history.

What is a credit report?

In essence, a credit report is your financial history. It provides a summary or record of all your personal loans, credit cards, and the payments you have made to pay off these obligations. It also includes all the repayments you have missed on the same.

Previously, it was mandatory for lending institutions in Australia to provide a record of a customer’s negative credit events, which include missed repayments or defaults. This was to allow future creditors to gain access to a customer’s financial history.

When a negative event is listed in your credit report, it will usually remain in your record for up to seven years.

Negative and positive credit reporting

However, the problem with this setup was that creditors would only get to see the negative credit events of a person’s financial history. The worst part was that these negative events became the deciding factor when assessing a customer for loan or credit card eligibility.

This was the reason why in July 2018, it became mandatory for all creditors to record the positive credit events on a customer’s credit history as well. This is to encourage lenders to base their assessments on the overall financial history of a customer.

The rationale behind this development is that the financial capability of a customer can change overtime, thus assessment shouldn’t focus mainly on a few missed payments or defaults.

How positive credit reporting works

Also known as Comprehensive Credit Reporting or CCR, positive credit reporting basically mandates creditors to record all positive credit events in a person’s credit history. This includes all repayments on loans or credit cards that have been made on time and in advance, as well as larger payments that were committed.

When before only negative events impact a person’s credit score, the inclusion of positive credit events has changed the game entirely to allow customers to have better credit ratings. As repayment histories are now recorded as well, you can expect your credit score to reflect your good credit behaviour.

Your CCR has a shelf life of two years and can be accessed only by banks and private lending institutions with an Australian Credit Licence accreditation. Once you apply for a loan or credit card, they can access your repayment history to assess your eligibility.

How you can benefit from positive credit reporting

By gauging loan eligibility from a direct lender based on a comprehensive financial history, this allows customers to have more confidence in accessing financial assistance from lenders, banks, credit unions, and other credit providers.

In detail, these are the advantages that you can derive from a positive credit report:

  • You can expect a more accurate credit score that reflects your overall financial history.
  • You can gain access to more information about your creditworthiness.
  • Should there be one or two defaults or missed repayments on your credit report, you no longer have to worry that this will affect your eligibility to get a high approval rate loan. Lenders will base your creditworthiness on more positive credit events that are listed than the negative ones.

With all the benefits that positive credit reporting provides, it is important that you have an idea of your current financial standing by availing yourself of your credit report. This way, you will know your overall financial history and check where you need to adjust to improve your credit rating.

Where to get your credit report

These days, it is easy to gain access to credit reports through reputable reporting companies. The good news is that some of these companies offer credit reports for free.

You can get yours either from Equifax, Experian, or illion. These are Australia’s three main reporting companies.

These companies can provide you with a credit report that you can instantly access through their online channel for free. The free online credit report from one of these credit reporting agencies is offered once a year and posting usually takes about 21 days.

Should you want your credit report immediately, you have the option to pay to get access to an instant download.

Where to check your credit score

Like credit reports, credit scores can also be accessed online for free. In Australia, you can reach out to online providers that offer credit score checks for free.

Some online providers you can access for a free credit score check include:

  1. Getcreditscore – to know your credit score from Equifax
  2. Finder and Creditsavvy – for free online credit score from Experian
  3. Credit Simple – to check your credit score from illion
  4. WisrCredit – to know your credit score from Equifax and Experian

Customers are encouraged to consider not just one online provider to check for their credit scores. It is best to access multiple online providers to know your positive credit score and get an idea of your overall financial standing.

How to evaluate your credit score

Once you get hold of your credit score, it is important that you examine your credit rating in greater detail to know where you stand financially. Your credit score is determined based on the following information:

  1. Credit card accounts
  2. History of monthly repayments
  3. Credit enquiries made
  4. Length of credit history
  5. Court judgments

These details are what you can also expect to see when you receive your credit report, which also provides information on your employment history, as well as your name, birthdate, and residential addresses.

Based on this information, your credit score will be measured against a scale of 0 to 1200. Having a credit score of over 620 means you have a good credit history.

Ways to improve your credit score

Should you have a bad credit score, take comfort in the fact that you can still improve it. Here are some steps you can do to improve your credit rating:

  1. Make a conscious effort to pay your bills and repayment dues on time or in advance. If you can afford it, make a larger payment.
  2. If you find it difficult to keep up with your payment schedules, you can opt for direct deposits or debit arrangement with your bank.
  3. Update your contact details, particularly your residential address, with your lender.
  4. Avoid applying for payday loans from one too many credit lenders
  5. Only apply for loans or credit cards in times of need

You can also adopt these steps when you want to further improve your credit rating, even if you don’t have a bad credit history. This ensures that you get that positive credit score the soonest way possible.

How to get financial help on bad credit

Should you need financial assistance immediately, don’t let a bad credit score get in the way. Even if you don’t have that positive credit score yet to back you up, you can get financial help from reputable lending institutions that offer quick personal loans for people with bad credit.

Perfect Payday, for example, can help you get access to the funds you need. The company offers bad credit loans for customers with poor credit ratings, without requiring any asset or security as collateral.

Getting help from Perfect Payday for an unsecured quick loan can also help repair your credit rating. When you pay your dues on time or in advance, this will be reflected on your credit history, which in turn, boosts your credit rating.

When the time comes that you need a larger loan from another lender, they will refer to your credit history and base your assessment on your good credit behaviour.

To know more about positive credit ratings and how Perfect Payday can help you, contact Perfect Payday today to get a quick assessment.

House Buying Guide for Millennials

Purchasing a house is a huge decision and as much as possible, you wanted to be prepared until the very last step. This article offers a quick guide for millennials on what factors they should consider when buying a house:

  • Set Your Budget: By mapping out your present income and expenditures, you’ll be able to determine how much you can afford.
  • Find Out What You’re Entitled To Review government-funded initiatives to know if you are eligible for programs such as first home buyer schemes or grants.
  • Determine How Many You Should Take Out: Find out how much borrowing limit and repayment you can keep up.
  • Develop a Savings Plan: Establish an attainable savings plan according to your budget, potential home loan, and entitlements.
  • Look for The Ideal Home Loan: Reach out to your chosen lender and apply for mortgage – you need this before you can buy a house.

This article is brought to you by Perfect Payday. Do you need a quick cash loan? Apply at Perfect Payday today and get a short term loan that will tide you over until your next paycheque arrives.

Pursuit of a New Home

Once you’ve planned everything out, here comes the fun part – home shopping! You already have your finances and budget set in place, it’s time to find out what type of house you can afford. Of course, you already have an idea of what kind of house you want to live in. If you already set your heart to a specific suburban area, chances are you also aligned your savings and budget around this option. However, it won’t hurt to have other range of options as well. Look around for potential homes around the area that you like, who knows, maybe you’ll have a change of heart.

Why Home Inspections Are Essential?

Now that you have covered the areas that you want to live in, contact various real estate agents about the type of house that you are searching for. The job of real estate agents is to sell houses, so it’s great to work with them and compare their options to your own. Once you’ve found the property that you love, make sure it’s not in shamble. This is very important if you are planning to move right away. Here are some inspections that you should do:

  • Electrical inspections
  • Strata inspections
  • Pest inspections
  • Property or land surveys

These inspections might cost you around $200 but it’s worth your money since it will save you from thousands of financial expenses in the future.

Make an Offer

Inspections are done, now what? Basically, it’s time to make an offer. The important thing you should remember when negotiating for price is to create a leeway bracket for yourself. If you badly wanted the house, then you should be versatile with your offer. You shouldn’t go way beyond your budget but you also don’t want to lose the bidding for your dream home. There are two methods on how you can create an offer for a house: auction or private sale. Private sale is when you buy a house straight to the real estate agent or owner of the property. On the other hand, auction is when potential buyers come together in one place and bid for the house that’s for sale. You can choose which method will work best for your interest.

Facilitate The Legal Work

So, you’ve found your perfect home and your offer has already been accepted, what will you do next? You wi-ll forward to contract signing. It is a vital step so you need to read the fine print carefully before you sign anything. Ask for questions and clarifications if you find some information unclear. This is also the best time to raise any changes to the contract, if you wish to alter anything. This calls for the help of a lawyer so make sure you got one by your side before you sign the contract. Generally, there are two kinds of contracts that you will encounter: conditional and unconditional contracts. Conditional contract will state that the sale of the house is only effective once certain conditionals are fulfilled. On the other hand, unconditional contract will state that the deal is effective once the contract is signed.

Apart from the contract, you will also come across conveyancing, which is the transfer of property title from the owner to yourself. For this particular legal work, you will need a conveyancing expert or solicitor to help you with the entire process. Expect costly service fee but they will guarantee that everything will go without any hassle.

Settlement and Home Sweet Home!

Legal works are done, now time for the final step – settlement day! You will meet up with the owner of the property to exchange your money for the title of ownership, then the house is yours. Congratulations you just purchased your first home! This is a huge achievement that required effort and planning, so don’t forget to give credit to yourself. Home sweet home!

Occasionally, everyone gets in a tight financial situation. If you find yourself unable to make it until your next paycheque without financial assistance, consider getting a payday loan from Perfect Payday. We can give you a quick decision as to whether your loan request is accepted.

5 Steps To Survive Bankruptcy

The worst event that could happen to anyone is filing for bankruptcy. Whether you’ve gone through this or are still reeling from its effects, it does feel like the end of world when you have to declare that you’ve lost everything and could no longer sustain the life you used to have.

On top of the financial loss you have to face, you have to live with the stigma that is associated with your name. You have to endure the fact that nobody may want to take a risk on you for any employment or business possibility.

This is the reality you have to contend with day in and day out, and sure it sounds unbearable. However, there’s life after bankruptcy and all you have to do is start believing that it is not one problem you can never survive.

In fact, it may very well be the game changer you need to re-examine your life. You may even draw from the humiliation and isolation you experience to create life-changing decisions that will put you and your family in a better place than where you were before.

The positive impact of bankruptcy

Losing your assets and everything you’ve worked hard for will never be easy to take. Along with that is the fact that your family’s wellbeing may be put at risk.

Bankruptcy is absolutely damaging for anyone involved. It destroys your reputation, the life you’ve built, and the future you’ve been working so hard to achieve for yourself and your family.

It may sound unbelievable, but anyone can bounce back from bankruptcy. You can recover from it and its effects.

As with anything in life, nothing is permanent, not even bankruptcy. The only thing constant is change, and bankruptcy is one event in your life from which you can learn a lot from, move on from, and use to your advantage to rebuild your life.

When you really think long and hard about it, the effects of bankruptcy aren’t all that bad. Being in this situation will prompt you to analyse the decisions you have been making money-wise and what led you to end up losing everything.

What you can draw from this bankruptcy experience is wisdom. You learn from your past mistakes and use what you know now to avoid getting into financial trouble again.

When you learn from your past financial missteps, you will be able to think of better ways to recover from your situation and reconstruct a new and better life for you and your family.

This is not to say, however, that everyone should go through bankruptcy to experience epiphany. It is just one event from the many more that you may experience to take back control of your life. You can use this one experience, though, to see where you can better improve as a decision maker in terms of financial matters.

What you can do to recover from bankruptcy

When you’ve accepted your mistakes and resolved to bounce back from bankruptcy, you can think of strategic steps to ensure it won’t happen again.

Here are some suggestions for you to consider to help rebuild your life after bankruptcy and ensure a better financial future for you and your family.

  1. Make a list of potential reasons that put you in this situation

What led you to go bankrupt? Ask yourself this question to help you retrace the steps you’ve taken in the past that contributed to your financial downfall.

Reasons vary when it comes to bankruptcy. Statistics from the Australian Financial Security Authority reveal that most individuals who get bankrupt may either be due to unemployment or loss of regular income. Other factors may include gambling, legal or medical issues, and credit irresponsibility.

Companies, on the other hand, face bankruptcy due to economy-related factors, failure to keep track of financial matters, and excessive withdrawals, amongst other reasons.

Either one or two of these reasons may have contributed to your bankruptcy, and it is imperative that you pinpoint exactly what you may have done wrong and why things got out of hand. It is important as well that you take note of the steps that you should have undertaken to cushion the impact of your wrong decisions.

By identifying the missteps you’ve taken, you’d be able to know what caused your bankruptcy and make necessary precautions to prevent it from happening again.

  1. Get a quick loan

This may sound impossible given your present situation, but it is definitely possible to apply and get approved for a loan even if you’ve declared bankruptcy.

There are established and reputable lending institutions that offer direct lender loans to individuals no matter their credit background. Perfect Payday, for example, provides quick personal loans to customers despite their poor credit ratings.

Whilst Perfect Payday doesn’t disregard the importance of credit histories, the company doesn’t solely base its decision to grant you a loan on this single factor. It takes into consideration your financial capability to pay and your desire to meet your financial obligations in a timely manner.

This means, despite being bankrupt, you can take comfort in the fact that you can get financial assistance in this time of dire need. You can rest assured you will be given a fair and honest assessment of your eligibility to be approved for a loan.

You may ask how you could even pay off this particular loan if you have already lost everything or this will only put you under more debt. The simple answer is, Perfect Payday will conduct a thorough assessment of your financial situation and check your potential to pay off the loan.

As quick personal loans have a short repayment period, you will have time to recover financially whilst making sure that your basic needs are met.

A quick short-term loan may not be the answer to your bankruptcy problem, but it can help you get through everyday life by giving you access to immediate financial assistance.

Rest assured you won’t be buried deeper in debt as short-term loans have capped interest rates, which means there are no additional charges or hidden fees.

  1. Start making financial-related changes

Often, people tend to be complacent when it comes to their loan repayment obligations. This may be one of the reasons why they couldn’t get out of debt.

So, avoid this habit and start making changes in the way you handle your financial responsibilities. Post-bankruptcy, you have to be more responsible in paying off your personal loans by making sure they are paid off on time. This also goes for any other bills you may have.

Implementing small changes is the first step to recovering from bankruptcy. Even as simple as paying bills on time can make a big impact on your survival.

Moreover, making sure that you now pay your dues on time helps rebuild your credit reputation. Lending institutions will take into consideration the efforts you’ve been making in improving your credit score, which ultimately improves your credit history so that in the future if you need to borrow money, you’ll qualify for better-than-a bad credit type of loan.

  1. Know where you are financially

After bankruptcy, it is crucial to your survival that you know current financial position. This is possible when you check your credit report.

A credit report lists down all the bills, loans, and credit cards you have and the efforts you’ve made in repaying your dues. In short, it gives you a quick summary of all the borrowings and repayments you’ve made in your whole life.

With your credit report, you will be able to know your credit score as well. Also, you’d be able to check your record to see if every debt written there is yours and make necessary steps to amend this mistake.

  1. Discover the benefits of budgeting

After a bankruptcy, you now want to be wiser in the way you handle money. You can do this by setting a budget and sticking to it no matter what.

Be realistic when creating your budget and make sure that you only spend for the things that are important.

Setting a realistic budget allows you to revisit your spending habits and make necessary changes in altering them. This way, you’d be more responsible when making purchasing decisions.

Use these steps to help you recover from bankruptcy. Remember that you can survive whatever financial challenges you encounter as long as you resolve to instill discipline and responsibility in yourself.

How Do I Know If I Have Bad Credit

bad credit loans

How To Determine If You Have Bad Credit History?

Many people are still unaware of how credit report works or what it really is. Basically, a credit report is collected information on all your credit history. It is a record of all the credit you’ve secured for the past years. It also contains any severe infringements cases that you’ve dealt with and any defaults given to you. It pays to remember that each time you get a credit, an inquiry is added on your credit report. This includes even the simplest transaction of availing a credit card. Moreover, it is likely that when you apply for a particular loan, your lender will examine your credit score. This practice is for determining whether you are qualified to be given a loan or not. The lender will make a decision according to the number of infringements and defaults written on your credit report. Generally, this procedure is carried out to find out if you are a risky borrower or not.

Impact of Bad Credit Report

Now that you know the basics of credit reports, it’s time to determine the effect of having a bad credit report. A bad credit report can damage your capacity to buy a property, have approved credit cards, and almost any form of credit applications. It will tarnish your credit-worthiness, thus you’ll often find yourself dealing with rejected credit applications.

Checking for Bad Credit Report

Having bad credit can branch out from simple reasons such as an unsettled bill. Good thing there are a lot of companies that offer free credit score assistance. They give valuable advice on how to revamp or enhance your score, in order to get your loan approved.

But before you can ask help from anyone, you need to know the current standing of your credit report first. There are many sources that offer free credit score report and these are:

  • Credit Savvy – Experian Rating
  • Equifax
  • Credit Simple – Dun and Bradstreet score
  • Get Credit Score – Equifax Score
  • Finder – Equifax Score


Credit companies examine credit scores or ratings from different credit reports provides since not all providers follow the same criteria for rating. For instance, the Equifax score and Experian rating above. With this, there’s a huge possibility that your credit score will vary according to which provider your lender is working with.

If you’ve already checked your credit rating but your loan application is still rejected, you might want to check other providers to find out if they logged any debts in your credit report.

  • Other Credit Report Providers
  • Experian Rating
  • Equifax Score
  • Dun and Bradstreet Score

Being one step ahead of your lenders before you submit your loan application is one of the cleverest ways you can undertake before you decide to secure a loan, especially if you have bad credit. It can increase your chances of getting approved and allow you to come up with a better offer when it comes to loan repayments and interest rates.

Monitor Your Credit Report

Tracking the standing of your credit report is one of the smartest things you can do to make sure that you are not prey of identity theft. Usually, even if thieves have zero ideas about your credit card info, they can utilize your name to secure loans and default during payments. Furthermore, monitoring your credit report can assist you in determining if the debts under your name don’t belong to you and have your credit rating and identity fixed immediately.

Fixing Malicious Credit Rating

You can ask help from a credit repair company or contact the company personally to remove the false entry in your card. The thing is, it is rare to detect malicious financial activities on credit files. These include:

  • Duplicate entries
  • Wrong information in legitimate entries
  • Identity theft or fraud
  • Other individual’s entries because of identical or same names

If you aren’t confident enough to personally reach out to the company that has recorded the debt against your name, then you can always depend on a credit-clearing company. Just be wary of the expensive costs that come when working with this company. However, there are plenty that offers free service, just ensure that you read the fine print.

Improving Your Credit Score

If you have a low credit score now, you can always turn things around and improve it. However, don’t expect that you can do it overnight since it takes a lot of time. Below are several things you can practice to enhance your credit score:

  • Settle your bills right on schedule
  • Examine your credit report carefully
  • Don’t apply for loans if you don’t badly need it.

Loans for Individuals with Bad Credit Report

Borrowers with bad credit reports don’t have to endure loan rejection from various lenders or credit providers. This is because of the latest loan scheme that offers them a chance to secure the money without going through credit checking. These types of loans for individuals with bad credit are offered by reputable leading companies in the industry. They understand that most people are simply victims of tight financial problem and sometimes it is unavoidable to have bad credit. These lenders will perceive your finances in a realistic manner. They work hard to guarantee that all borrowers will be given equal opportunity to obtain a loan, regardless of their credit rating.

Moreover, these lenders examine your present financial situation to determine if you are worthy of loan approval or not. For them, the most essential factor is how you’re going to pay back the loan. Their vision is to give each borrower a second chance, that’s why they’re making it extremely easy to apply for bad credit loans. You can borrow as much as $300 – $10,000 whenever and wherever you want. On top of that, you can even process your loan application on your phone. No need to process complicated and stressful documents, no need to wait in long lines, and you don’t have to leave your home. That’s how easy and convenient bad credit loans are.

Do They Perform Credit Checks?

Yes, lenders of bad credit loans still carry out credit rating checks. However, you can guarantee that it won’t affect your loan application. This is because they don’t only focus on your credit rating. Instead, they look at how you’re going to pay back the loan – after all, it is the most important factor. They will also examine other aspects such as your bank statements, employment status, and daily income. This will determine if a cash loans bad credit is ideal for your personal circumstances. With this, you don’t have to worry about anything – especially your unfavorable credit score – when obtaining a loan.

Who Are Qualified to Apply?

Bad credit loan providers specifically designed their credit scheme to be simple. If you are planning to apply, all you have to do is to be eligible for these criteria:

All borrowers must:

  • be more than 18 years old
  • have a source of income for the last 90 days in their personal bank account
  • have an active email address and mobile phone number
  • setup internet banking

What Documentation Should be submitted?

Just like any credit application, bad credit loan providers also ask for documentation. The only difference is, this specific loan scheme is simpler and easy to comply. Lenders never demand for unnecessary papers. Belo is the documentation you need when filling out your credit application:

  • Employment details and contact information
  • Online Banking
  • Active mobile number and email address
  • Reason for applying
  • MyGov Info if you are receiving payments via Centrelink


Importance of Online Banking Information

You might wonder why bad credit loan providers ask for your online banking information. Don’t panic, they won’t open your actual bank account! Lending companies ask for your online banking information to closely examine your present financial situation. Since they don’t solely focus on your credit rating, they use your banking info to determine whether or not you are credit-worthy. Bank statements give them insights on your daily withdrawals and deposits, as well as spending habits. With this, the lenders should be able to determine if you have the financial capacity to repay the loan no credit check.

If you are worried about your security, you don’t have to be. They utilize state of the art banking technology that is extremely safe to guarantee that all your personal details are encrypted. This means that not a single soul would be able to view your personal details and passwords. If you are on centrelink payments, consider getting loans on centrelink.

Performing Employment Checks

If you are wondering if bad credit loan providers perform credit checks, yes they do. Credit checks is one of the essential procedures that they do. Since these lenders swear to follow responsible lending, they will contact your employer to verify your present employment details and status. You don’t have to worry about this since these lenders are well-trained in dealing with employers. They always make sure that they are discreet and won’t share even a tiny piece of your personal information or the reason why you are taking a loan.

Steps To Improve Your Credit Score

Financial struggles are a part of life. You may have dealt or are still dealing with money issues that prevent you from fulfilling your financial obligations, such as regularly paying your dues on loans and credit cards. Whilst financial challenges are beyond your control, you know you have to be on top of these concerns in order to avoid being haunted by them in the future.

This is why it is very important to settle financial obligations in a timely manner, so they will not result in a bad credit history. An unimpressive financial record affects many aspects of your life, and this is the last thing you want when you intend to get your life back on track.

You may think that repairing your credit history is easier said than done, but all it takes is empowering yourself with the right information that will allow you to take the necessary steps towards fixing your credit history and hopefully, maintaining its good standing.

Here, we’ve outlined the important steps you must keep in mind to improve your credit history in order to qualify for a cash advance loan.

1. Know your credit score

The initial step to fixing your credit history is knowing where your credit stands – that is, having your credit score checked, which sets the tone for any other step you will take next. A credit score is a three-digit number that gauges a borrower’s qualification for a loan or a credit card. This is used by all lenders when assessing if a borrower is eligible for a loan or credit card approval.

A low credit score may not get you approved when you are applying for a loan or a credit card. Lenders will attribute this to your incapability to pay regularly, hence will lead them to conclude that you are too much of a risk to gamble on.

A high credit score, on the other hand, is what a borrower should aim for in order to get approved for a loan or credit card application. A good credit score simply indicates that you have been a responsible payer in the past, thus will give lenders the impression that you can be trusted to take on a new loan or credit card.

How to find your credit score

To know if your credit score is below or above average, you must secure a copy of your credit report from a reputable credit reporting agency. When requesting for your report, you will need to provide:

  • Your full name and date of birth

  • A valid phone number

  • Your address, both current and previous

  • Proof of identification, such as your birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license

  • Proof of address that also indicates your full name, such as a bank statement or utility bill

  • Names of your current and previous employer

The good news is that you can file for this information and get your credit report in an instant. Agencies like Equifax and Experian provide credit scores and credit reports for free when you access their websites. It is recommended, though, that you get in touch with multiple credit reporting agencies to get your credit report. Having a good credit score will prevent you from needing a no credit check loan.

Upon receiving your request, your credit score will be assessed according to a number of different factors. Some agencies may provide different information about your credit history, which may affect your score. Most of these agencies also offer credit reports for free but only once per year. You can get yours within 10 business days or if you want to get one immediately, a small fee is required to expedite its release.

What to do when you receive your report

Once you receive your credit report, make sure that it indicates the following:

  • Your credit account information

  • Your monthly payment history

  • Your credit inquiries

  • Your defaults

It is important that you review your credit report carefully to check for any errors or omissions. Not only should you check for the right debt amounts but also your personal details. When checking the debt amounts, make sure that they are not listed twice.

Should you have any other negative issues like bankruptcy or liens, keep in mind that these financial legal issues may eventually age off your credit reports.

2. Find out if there are errors in your credit report

Should you find any errors in your credit report, it is a must that you report this to the credit reporting agency where you filed the request. Small errors may be amended right away, but if the mistake comes from the creditor, it could be much more complicated to fix.

If the information in your report is inaccurate, you can go to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority to report the mistake. You can also get in touch with the Ombudsman to ask for help should your concern takes longer to be addressed.

You can also hire the services of a credit repair agency to amend the defaults or negative listings on your credit record. Such agencies get the job done for a one-time fee.

So as you review your report, take note of the following to ensure they aren’t inaccurate:

  • Your outstanding debt isn’t reflected on the report as the creditor failed to notify you

  • Your report doesn’t reflect the renegotiated terms or payment arrangement you and the creditor agreed upon

  • Your report indicates an account that was erroneously created

  • Your report shows a new account that was created as a result of identity fraud

  • Your report indicates that you have a default account, or that your account is overdue for more than two months

3. Repair your credit score

Once you know your credit report isn’t inaccurate, the next question would be: Do you need to repair it? To know if your credit score needs any repair, you have to know if yours is on the negative or positive side of the credit score spectrum. You may need to repair your credit score if you expect to get anything other than no credit check payday loans.

A low credit score is one that falls between 0 and 620. If yours is anywhere between these numbers, it simply means your credit history is below the accepted average credit score, which may result in disapproval of that loan or credit card you are applying for or much higher interest rates will be given unto you should your application get approved.

So, the last thing you need is to have a poor credit score when applying for a loan or credit card. It is thus important that you know the factors that may lead you to get a low credit score, which includes not only late payments on your dues but also bankruptcy, defaults, overdue accounts, and one too many credit inquiries in such a short period.

If any of these reasons led to your poor credit score, know that there is hope. The next step to take is moving your credit score from the negative by adopting good paying habits.

How to build a positive credit history through good financial habits

You can start building a good enough credit score to get a loan to payday with paying your bills on time, which will set in motion a lifestyle of being financially responsible. Timely pay your rental dues, credit card bills, and other utilities to avoid not only late-payment charges but also a bad record on your credit history. Overdue payments typically remain in credit reports for a minimum of five years, and when lenders see that you have a history of late payments, they will take this into consideration when assessing your eligibility for a loan or credit card.

When paying your bills, make sure to pay meet the minimum payment required. If you can afford it, pay the amount due in full to avoid paying for accumulated interests. If you have bills that you share with a family member, it is wise to put these accounts under your name to help improve your credit history.

If you can, make a habit of staying ahead of your payments. If you find yourself slightly behind, make sure to pay your dues immediately once you get the chance. Know that older late payments that are reflected in your report have more impact than recent payment records, thus may still affect your credit assessment.

You must also work with your lender should you find yourself hard-up on cash and won’t be able to make a repayment. It is better to notify your lender immediately, so you may ask for an extension or negotiate for another payment arrangement that will allow you to meet your future dues in a timely manner.

In times when you can’t keep up with all your payment dues, it is a smart move to opt for direct debits or automatic payments. You may use bill-tracking apps like Prism or Mint which sends an automatic reminder when your payments are due. Or, you can simply keep a calendar of all your payment dues if you are not too keen on using high-tech apps.

4. Consider a low credit limit

The final step to improving your credit history is to keep your credit balance low. This means switching to a credit card that offers a low credit limit. With credit card that has a larger credit limit, you won’t be able to control your spending.

With a credit card that has a lower credit limit, you may set your credit limit in the amount that you can afford to pay. To know the credit limit you can afford, you can check your debt-to-credit ratio. Keep in mind that a low credit balance is much better than a high balance that you cannot pay off consistently.

You can lower your credit limit by choosing a credit card that offers lower interest rates. Or, opt for a new credit card that will allow you to transfer your credit balance at a much lower rate.

Remember to apply for a credit card when it is only necessary. Avoid applying for multiple credit cards, especially when you do so in a short period of time. Note that multiple credit card applications also negatively affect your credit score.

You may, however, consider diversifying your credit, which allows you to pay for multiple credit accounts at a later date. For lenders, this indicates sound payment practices, as they can see that whilst you have a number of credit accounts (e.g., multiple credit cards, short- and long-term loans, mortgage, or car loan), you responsibly pay for your dues. Make sure, though, that credit diversification suits your needs and indeed something that your resources can afford to meet.

Applying for a loan with a bad credit history

A bad credit score doesn’t have to dishearten anyone who wishes to apply for a loan or credit card. Some lending companies are lenient enough with their assessments, as they believe assessing one’s credit history is just a small part of the evaluation process when assessing an individual’s ability to pay. They may even accept Centrelink as a form of payment to receive a Centrelink loan.

Some lenders would rather assess your current financial status than your past financial-related blunders. More often than not, they believe a bad credit history doesn’t completely say everything about an individual’s financial responsibility.

Nevertheless, you’d be better off on the safe side when credit history is concerned. Whilst you cannot do anything anymore about the past mistakes that led you to get that bad credit score, you can do something about it now by making an effort to repair it and further improve it, so it will no longer negatively impact your life in the days to come.

Apart from the simple tips you can follow to improve your credit history, you must also adopt the habit of making sound financial choices. You can do so by avoiding the following:

  • Renewing your loans

  • Bills amounting to $159 that are overdue by two months

  • Transferring multiple credit card balances

  • Lack of desire to pay off or at least reduce your outstanding debt

These unhealthy financial practices will affect your credit score, which ultimately damages your credit history. Remember that lenders give a much higher regard on credit histories that reflect sound repayment habits, as this proves that you are responsible with the way you handle your financial obligations.

Achieving Financial Freedom

At some point in your life, you may have encountered the classic phrase, “money can’t buy happiness.” Whoever said this probably had tons of money. Though they are not completely wrong, the topic of financial freedom is very crucial. The best way to interpret the phrase is that having money is not all there is. Not having one is. When you lack financial income, this becomes the stem of many problems such as frustration, pain, and anger. It greatly affects your life and becomes the bases on how you view things in the world. When you lack financial freedom, all issues seem to pivot around money. Though being rich won’t eliminate all problems in your life, saving up some money is a good start. When you are financially free, every decision that you make won’t be about money. You don’t need to accept a job solely because it offers a better income. You don’t have to check the price tag of the clothes you want to purchase to make sure that your money is enough.

The ways to reach this path are very simple, however, it won’t happen throughout one night. Here’s how:

Establish an Emergency Fund

Have an emergency fund and start building it by saving at least $1,000. This money should strictly be for emergencies only. They are not meant for beer money, vacations, or new shoes. This particular stash of money should only be used in case things get too tight in the financial department. For instance, when you need to buy a new water heater, repair your car, or renovate your house.  If you save up an emergency fund, you will be less likely to need a personal loan when finances get tight.

Why Does It Pay to Have an Emergency Fund?

No matter how stable your life is going right now, there will always be instances that could steer it into a different direction and make everything go wrong. Instead of using your credit card until you are in a spiral of debts or borrowing money from your relatives again, an emergency fund will be your financial savior. Managing your debt will allow you to more easily get a cash advance if you need one. The best thing about this is it will give you a sense of financial freedom. At last, you will have some space to breathe. This method is the fastest way to regain control in your life

Settle All Your Debts

Debt is considered a natural part of society – at least for the majority. It can develop for different reasons, like buying an apartment you can’t afford, splurging on something you don’t need, or purchasing a brand new car when you could’ve bought a used one. The largest issue with debt is that it obstructs your monthly paycheck. For instance, if you are paying for student debt, mortgage, or car loan that’s worth at least $10-700, it robs you of money you could’ve used for your savings. On another note, you could save a lot of money in terms of interest if you make it a point to pay off your debts faster. This is your most important step towards claiming your financial freedom. For instance, if you have to pay a student loan worth $100,000 with 5% interest for 20 years, and you make it a habit to pay the bank only the minimum amount for the whole period, you’ll end up paying more than $159, 000. Crazy right?

By settling your debts, you will achieve a better credit score. The next time you apply for a high acceptance loan, chances are better that you will receive one if you have a good credit score.

The Most Effective Way to Settle Debt Quickly

There are different ways on how you can do this. Pay off high-interest loans first. Every loan has a different interest rate. The best decision is to address the loan with the highest interest rate first, then work your way down until all your debts are settled. You can also utilize the debt snowball method. It takes advantage of human behavior by paying off the loan with the smallest amount first. Once that’s quickly done, it will help create a momentum that will motivate you to tackle remaining loans from direct lender.

Make A Runway

Do you imagine how good it feels knowing that you have money in your bank account that could last you for 6-12 months? This type of financial stability and freedom will offer you a sense of security during times when you lost your job or broke your car. With this, it is important to have a runway. Get your laptop and open your spreadsheet. Now, list down all of your monthly expenses: groceries, electricity, rent, Netflix, internet, and the likes. Encoding it into a spreadsheet will help you determine which aspect you need the least.

Begin Building a Retirement Fund

Retirement funds belong to those things that you need to do but you haven’t started yet. Personal finance is all about undertaking short-term sacrifices to achieve long-term benefits. If you make it a habit to save some of your money every year, you’ll be able to create a great retirement plan. By managing your finances properly, you will be less likely to need an instant cash loan as you will have reserves.

Saving Money On Vacation

Traveling for family vacations is fun and exciting until you realize how expensive it is. To help you achieve a great vacation without hurting your wallet, here are effective travel tips on how you can save money while having the best time with your family.

Planning Cheap Family Vacation

  1. Research

As mentioned before, don’t settle for one airline only. Go online and check out different websites and call them to ask for further info. Make sure you already have a budget in mind to make your research easier. On another note, if you are flying to a place that you aren’t familiar with, visit Facebook groups and don’t hesitate to ask any questions that you want to know regarding the place.

By the way, if you need a same day loan, get it through Perfect Payday. You will receive a quick decision on your application.

  1. Book Flights Ahead of Time

The analogy here is simple: the further you schedule your flights, the cheaper the deals. For instance, if you are planning to travel in the summer, book your flights in autumn. Try different airlines to determine which one offers the cheapest flight. 

Let’s take a moment to discuss your credit. Are you afraid you wouldn’t qualify for a loan because you have bad credit? If so, you may be interested in a no credit check loan. Learn more about these from the previous link if you need to borrow money today.

Budgeting While On Transit

  1. Bring Your Snacks

When traveling, nothing beats the convenience and affordability of bringing your snacks for the whole family. You can save a massive amount of money by packing your foods and drinks. 

  1. Limit Your Luggage

When traveling with the family, the price of checked luggage can instantly increase. Checking at least one or two huge luggage will help you save a lot. You can just then pack your clothes in small carryon luggage. 

  1. Stuff Latest Kids Entertainment

Don’t forget to bring some latest entertainment materials for your children too. You can have coloring books, crayons, little books, latest apps, and more. You don’t need to splurge, packing new yet affordable items is the secret. Otherwise, your wallet will cry if your kids spot shops that sell stuff that they like.

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  1. Don’t Forget Your Boosters and Stroller

Though you can always rent these, it’s another additional cost. Some airlines allow you to bring boosters for free. So all of your effort carrying strollers, booster, or car seats will be worth it. 

Saving Money For Holiday Travels

  1. Give Your Children an Allowance

Begin saving money for your children before you travel for your family vacation so they can have their allowance. For instance, you can sell their clothes or toys and divide the earnings to each of them. This doesn’t mean that you won’t purchase them anything during your vacation, it’s just the thought that they have their own money. You can also give them a certain amount of money then allow them to manage it during the whole trip. For example, you can give each kid $100 for your 10-day vacation. They can spend $10 each day or buy something more expensive, it’s completely up to them. 

  1. Book Attractions Online

By booking online, you can always save a lot of money on attractions instead of purchasing them personally on the ticket counter. You can save as much as $20 or more on tickets, so if you already know where you’re going, use it to your advantage.

  1. Share Meals With the Whole Family

Buying separate foods for every member of the family tend to be expensive. With this, purchase meals that you can share. For example, instead of buying your three children one kiddie meal each, make it two since they don’t eat a lot and most of the time, their food just goes to waste. You’ll be able to save money and give your children different food options to enjoy.

When borrowing money, there is a difference between using a broker and getting a no broker loan. It is important to educate yourself to know the difference, as one works directly with the lender (a direct lender loan) and the other type does not.

  1. Eat One Huge Meal Per Day

Another trick to cut down the cost of your vacation is to pay attention to the food that you’re buying and how often. To save money, eat just one huge meal each day. You can schedule it during dinner or supper. Then, you can simply bring your food and eat lunch, picnic-style. 

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  1. Travel with Coupons

Packing coupons as one of your travel essentials will help you save a considerable amount of money on certain things. If you find spams annoying, create a separate email for every store you shop in. In there, all great deals will accumulate and ready to be printed out when you travel. 

  1. Accept Free Attractions

Sometimes, all you need is to soak up the beautiful surroundings of the place where you’re traveling without spending anything. This being said, check out online sites for free attractions before you travel. Apply for a payday loan from Perfect Payday if you are in a financial crisis and need emergency money.

  1. Schedule Down Days

Down days are days when you don’t have anything planned out for the whole family. You just spend it by relaxing and taking a break from the holiday rush. You can enjoy the amenities offered at your accommodation or wander around the streets for several hours.

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Why Personal Finance Should Be Taught In Schools

If there’s one thing that most people learn right away, it’s the fact that money affects everything. The famous line, “money makes the world go round,” makes a lot of sense. However, there are still a lot of pf people who lack the knowledge of the workings of personal finance, even until they already had a job and are managing their expenses. This is because schools don’t give lessons on the basics of money, leaving people to figure out taxes, mortgages, superannuation, and investing on their own. This being said, the younger generations should be equipped with basic financial lessons to prepare them to take the adult financial world. 

Early Budgeting and Finance Lessons for Students

Personal finance is a vital aspect of building a better relationship with money in the future. Below are a few reasons why students should be given lessons on personal finance early at school.

  1. Weak Financial Literacy Has Negative Result

Our findings show that, for adults, stress and other problems seem to revolve around money. At several points in your life, you encounter unforeseen financial problems that will weigh down your finances. To simply say it, everyone will face a financial hurdle along the way, especially when dealing with debts. It is almost inevitable with mortgages, car loans, credit cards, personal loans and the likes. However, this gets even worse if you don’t fully understand all the consequences of financial management since you can get stuck on a web of debts. Furthermore, no matter how much you work, it will feel as if you aren’t earning any actual money to tack away for emergencies. Stress is just a starting point, but money problems can affect your health and mental wellbeing, as well as your relationship with other people. Many of these problems can be avoided with proper education and early awareness. When it comes to finances, the sooner your children learn about it, the better.

  1. Parents Aren’t Always Trustworthy Sources

Drawing from our experience, the things that school couldn’t teach you or the advice that you couldn’t get from your friends are all accessible to your parents. They are an amazing source of knowledge, especially when talking about personal finance since they’ve already experienced it for how many years. However, they are also capable of showing negative financial habits to you, which can result in misinformation. But this doesn’t point out that all parents are unqualified to teach their young ones about personal finance, it’s just that there are parents that don’t have the capability. This is why for education, schools are the best source since they teach kids factual information from reliable sources. The sources they distribute are also complete and updated. Sending kids to school and teaching them money management is the perfect way to equip them with powerful financial literacy, not just depending on parents to deal with the burden on their own.

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 Students Usually Transition From School to Debt

Due to higher education, learning and understanding personal finance is strongly more important to students compared to before. For many teenagers, pushing through their education is a natural and usually mandatory development towards achieving a career in the future. However, qualifications aren’t affordable. Student loans are now raised to $2.9 million! If you calculate it, students need to spend 9 years paying off their student loans.

That’s an extremely long period to deal with the burden of having debt. Though there are limited alternatives to student loans, many students don’t completely understand the entire consequences of getting a loan. Learn about the differences between using a broker and getting a no broker loan, as it can help clarify and make the process of borrowing easier. Learning about debt, the various ways on how to repay things, and the terms of loan repayment – can greatly assist students in making wise decisions about their finances and future.

  1. Financial Freedom Leads to Healthier Life

Our investigation demonstrated that, financial freedom and stability are often linked to better physical and mental health. Several studies have shown that personal finances are the primary source of stress for most people. Aside from this, anxiety and stress can also affect one’s mood, sleep, and blood pressure. On the bright side, learning and understanding how to effectively manage finances can result in a healthier life. Aside from this, less debt and more money are great for the economy as well. Having proper financial education can assist in decreasing financial stress in the future. This being said, the following should be taught to kids in school:

  • Investment and wealth-building strategies
  • Budgeting and money management 
  • The basics of ‘credit’ and how it can affect one’s ability to earn a job, access finance, and rent a property
  • Good saving habits 

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As early as possible, children should be well-versed with lessons in money management and personal finances. This will help them develop positive financial habits that they can use in the future.

Payday Cash Advance Vs Short Term Loan

Living from paycheck to paycheck can inevitably cause financial stress, yet this is a reality of life that most people face. In times like this, you can’t help but think of short-term solutions that will allow you to make ends meet whilst you wait for your next salary.

Good thing there are sources available these days where you can get cash quickly. You may opt to get yourself a payday loan or a short-term personal loan – common options that most cash-strapped individuals today explore.

Both are good sources of quick cash, but which one to choose? Both have their pros and cons, and it would be a wise move to know which one offers the most value to your need, without putting more financial stress upon you in the future.

Quick cash can be found with instant cash loans. This type of loan

Whilst you want an instant cash fix, you definitely don’t want to be burdened with unreasonable interests or hidden charges that will only put you on an endless cycle of being cash-strapped. That is why, when choosing either one of these options, it is best that you know how each of them works and how each may affect your finances in the days to come.

Here, we break down the pros and cons of a payday cash advance and a same day loan, so you can make a sound financial decision when thinking of availing yourself of either one.

Payday cash advance

What is it: Payday cash advance offers quick cash for individuals needing a short-term fix.

Pros: Payday cash advance is a good solution for when you need to get cash immediately for your needs. It offers convenience to anyone who wants to avail. It also doesn’t come with a lot of requirements and credit checks.

Cons: Lenders involved in payday cash lending do not go through standard regulation, which means your rights as a client or customer may not be protected should there be irregularities or abuse surrounding your arrangement.

Drawing from our experience, moreover, lenders providing this type of instant loan usually charge unreasonable interest rates. On top of high interest rates, some lenders may even charge you with hidden fees.

Furthermore, the high acceptance rate loan you got should be paid within a short amount of time. This means there is no flexible payment terms, which in turn, will require you to shell out more during the agreed payment period.

Pro-tip: Before availing yourself of a payday cash advance, make sure to do a background check on the lender. Not all payday cash lenders are created equal, so it is recommended that you research about the lender you intend to choose.

Our findings show that, it is also important to ask yourself if a payday cash advance is the best solution for your cash needs. The decision doesn’t end when you got the money; you have to think long and hard if you would be able to pay for it later.

Since there is no flexible payment terms offered, decide if you would be able to repay your loan at the agreed timeline and at the amount required. You will also have to decide if your source of current income would be able to shoulder the additional charges or interest rates.

Short-term personal loan

What is it: A short-term personal loan is essentially the same as payday cash advance, in the sense that it also offers instant cash fix. The difference is that lenders offering short-term personal loans are strictly regulated and are required to adhere to government laws that govern responsible lending.

Lenders found not complying with the regulations put forth by the government may face revocation of their license.

Pros: Thorough credit and employment checks are required before your loan gets approved, which means you can rest assured that you are dealing with a lending institution that comply with the law. Included with these background checks is a complete evaluation of your financial situation, which takes a deeper look at your suitability to avail of the loan, as well as your capacity to pay for it. This offers protection both for you and the lender.

Cons: Applying for a short-term personal loan may not be as quick and easy as getting a payday cash advance. Since background checks are required, it could be inconvenient for you when you need to get that loan fast.

Pro-tip: Just like with payday cash advance, you also need to research on short-term personal loan if it will be the most appropriate solution for your financial need. Identify which lenders are the most reputable and offer the best rates.

Which one to go for?

Through our practical knowledge, in deciding which between payday cash advance and short-term personal loan you should choose, you must first assess your financial need. It is also advised that you think long term, meaning you also have to think about how this loan would affect your financial situation in the future.

More importantly, you have to weigh the pros and cons of each when deciding which instant cash solution to go for. Whilst you need cash fast, you also want to make sure you won’t risk paying so much more on repayments than what your income can only afford.

Having said that, it will serve you well to choose the option that will be beneficial to you in the long run. Availing yourself of a short-term personal loan is the smarter decision, especially if you want to benefit from responsible lending practices.

Payday cash advance, whilst easy and convenient to get, would only burden you with more debt. Think about the high interest rates you have to pay for and the short amount of time you have to pay for them. In addition, you won’t get peace of mind when you know you might also be paying for hidden additional charges.

Short-term personal loans, on the other hand, will allow you to choose the payment term and period that fit your need. Whilst you have to go through a number of background checks before you get approved for a loan, you can be sure that the process protects your rights as a consumer and only meant to promote not only responsible lending but also good financial habits.

Whichever option you choose, it all boils down to the choice you think is best for you. Ultimately, you want to live a financially stable life, which is why it is important that you make sound financial decisions that will get you on that road to financial freedom.

Availing yourself of a short-term personal loan

Should you decide to go for a short-term personal loan, know that the background checks need not prevent you from getting the cash you so need. It might seem a tall order for you to get approved, especially if your credit history isn’t all that impressive to get you the loan you need.

The good news is that there reputable lending institutions that make the process of applying for a short-term personal loan completely hassle-free. Most of these lenders now offer online applications to make short-term personal loans more accessible to the public.

With online application, you can file for a loan using even your smartphone. Filling out the application form also takes only a few minutes to complete and absolutely free. You can even get approved in as short as an hour, when you make your online application during business hours.

To qualify for a short-term personal loan, you have to meet certain requirements: (1) You must be over 18 years old and an Australian citizen or permanent resident; (2) You must have a valid mobile number and email address; (3) You must be employed and receiving regular income in your personal account for the last three months; and (4) You must have an active online banking account.

Some documents will also be required from you in order to be eligible for a short-term loan. These may include your basic personal information, proof of identification, and online banking details to allow the lender to easily assess your bank statements as part of their evaluation process. You may also be required to provide your MyGov details should you be receiving benefits from Centrelink. Of course, you will get asked to provide your reason for availing yourself of the loan.

Things to keep in mind when applying for a short-term loan

Apart from the basics, the lender might also do some of the following in order to gauge your eligibility for a short-term loan:

1. Conduct credit checks

As part of their responsible lending practices, reputable lending institutions conduct standard credit checks to assess an individual’s eligibility to avail of the loan. Don’t be intimidated by these checks, though, as more often than not, lenders are always fair with their assessments.

There are some lenders as well that won’t look at your credit history when considering you for a loan. This means that although you have a bad credit history, they may take into consideration your current financial situation and your capacity to pay off a loan.

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2. Require a copy of your bank statement

To make the process easier, some lenders will ask for your online banking details to get access to your bank statements. This should not be a cause for concern, though, as they will only look at read-only copies of these statements and not your entire bank account. To accomplish this, lenders use the advanced yet secure banking technologies to access bank statements without compromising the client’s data. This means the client’s bank account details, personal information, and passwords are left alone.

3. Assess your suitability even if you’re a Centrelink beneficiary

Some lenders will require a thorough assessment on applicants who are receiving benefits from the government and Centrelink. Putting these benefits under source of income may depend on a number of factors, so you should not discouraged right away if you think being a beneficiary of one of these two will work against your favour.

Lenders will give a fair assessment of your financial situation and will make sure to arrive at a just and appropriate decision before approving your loan application.

4. Touch base with your employer

Employment checks are part of the assessment process, which is why you should expect your lender to contact your employer to get a verification on your employment and income details. This is to ensure that you are indeed capable of making repayments for the loan you will take.

Lenders are also professional and discreet, so you don’t have to worry about your employer ever knowing why you were applying for a loan. Verification questions are almost always about the basics, and they are asked in a professional manner.

The choice is yours

Whether or not you decide to apply for a short-term personal loan, know that most lenders offering this are fair and transparent in their dealings. You will have peace of mind knowing that the process they conduct is fair, just, and professional in nature.

Going for a payday cash advance is all up to you; just be prepared for whatever consequences that come with getting one.

So, when you find yourself hard-up on cash, it pays to be cautious before jumping on the next loan shark that offers you an instant solution to solve your money problems. Assess your financial condition, do a thorough research, and make good financial choices before sealing a deal.

The most important thing to remember is that you won’t be cash-strapped for long, so you definitely don’t need to be in a situation where you will be more troubled about money than you were originally, just because you’re paying off a loan.

It is also important that when making decisions about money, your ultimate goal is to have financial freedom. To achieve this, you should make an effort to protect your financial health, which you can only get when you start making sound financial decisions today.

Work On Your Creditworthiness


the extent to which a person or company is considered suitable to receive financial credit, often based on their reliability in paying money back in the past.

When thinking of availing yourself of a loan, a number of factors come into play that affects your eligibility to be approved or not. One of these factors is creditworthiness.

Creditworthiness is an important assessment indicator that determines whether you will likely default on your debt obligations or not. It is important to establish your creditworthiness as this is used to gauge your ability to meet your loan repayments on time.

Who is creditworthy?

Being creditworthy means an individual is fit to get approved for credit. What makes an individual suitable is their dependability in having paid back money for the personal loan they have acquired in the past.

Below are the factors that determine creditworthiness:

1. Individuals who are creditworthy have a good history of paying off debts in a timely manner.

2. Creditworthy individuals have an outstanding ability to manage their debts.

3. Individuals who have demonstrated their creditworthiness can be considered as “good risks”.

Lenders combine creditworthiness with other factors to assess your overall risk.

Other factors that determine your eligibility for a loan

Lenders check for the following as well to determine your high acceptance rate loan eligibility:

1. Credit history

Your credit file is assessed to check your credit standing. Your file summarises all your applications for loans or credit cards, as well as your loan and credit card inquiries. A copy of your credit file can be acquired from these credit reporting agencies: Experian AustraliaDun & Bradstreet, or Veda Advantage.

2. Income and expenditure

You will be asked to prove that you are earning steadily, which is why documents proving that you have a steady source of regular income will be required.

To see if you can handle your debts, you will also be asked for a list of your expenses. This is to determine if you can pay off your loans on the income you have and the expenditures you also have to manage.

Whilst many factors are considered to assess your loan eligibility, it is important to keep in mind creditworthiness as essential in determining your suitability. Being creditworthy is not merely a determining factor but also a helpful tool to assess yourself if you are indeed capable of handling another debt.

At the end of the day, you don’t want to be burdened even more with financial challenges, which is why lenders use creditworthiness to also help customers to be more financially responsible. They don’t want their clients to avail themselves of a loan that they can’t even afford to pay off.

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Negotiating for a Pay Raise

Asking for a much higher salary is never a comfortable scenario both for you and your boss. Yet you have to be the one to break the ice, especially if you feel you’re now worth more than what you currently earn. Learn more today from Perfect Payday, where you can apply for payday loans.

No matter how nerve-wracking this situation is, you have to initiate the discussion. Even if the company acknowledges the time and hard work you put into your work, they would rather not talk about it if they had a choice.

So, salary negotiations rest in your own hands, and you don’t have to feel guilty or awkward about asking for something you feel you deserve. Especially now that the cost of living continues to rise, a salary increase is definitely needed.

What are loans from direct lenders? They are when you need to borrow money and wish to do so directly from the source. The other option is to work with a broker who will introduce you to direct lenders.

But how do you go about negotiating your salary in a way that is not awkward or desperate? Here are some tips you can do to ask for a pay rise without coming across as greedy or entitled.

1. List down the reasons why you’re asking for a pay rise

Knowing why you have to negotiate for bigger pay will motivate you into moving forward with the decision. Ask yourself why you need it and if those reasons are enough to be considered for a raise.

Do you need it because you feel you have been working for so long with the company? Do you feel you have given more time and effort on your job than what is expected of you? Have you realised you’ve become more valuable to the company and your current compensation doesn’t justify that? Do you feel your salary isn’t on par with what is currently offered in the market?

Ask yourself these questions when making a decision, but know that a few of those reasons won’t cut it to get the pay increase you deserve.

For instance, if you’re asking for higher pay just because you’ve been working for the company for years, it’s not reason enough. Keep in mind that your position comes with a corresponding rate that is adjusted to meet inflation rates and cost of living expenses. As long as the company knows this is being met, there’s no reason for them to adjust your salary as well.

A good enough reason would be knowing that you have become a valuable asset to the company. You can justify that you have accomplished a lot in your position and the excellent performance you’ve shown was instrumental in the continuous success of the company.

In line with this, you can also make your company realise that there’s more to your past achievements. Your potential to accomplish more is worth looking into, and a salary increase should be equivalent to your worth as a valuable asset to your company.

You have to know, however, that taking the “I am valuable” route should really provide the company some benefit. That investing in you as an asset will be worth their time and money.

So, when you ask yourself these questions, it helps that you know what you’re talking about. Take the time to research about what your company stands for and how your current and future contributions could benefit them.

2. Gather evidence to support your worth

If you go down the “I am valuable” route, you have to know what your actual worth is. This means gathering evidence to show that your current pay doesn’t reflect what your true worth is as a valuable employee.

To support this claim, you’ve got to make an in-depth research on the market rates for your position. You can check job advertisements of other companies and compare the salary packages they offer. You can also refer to colleagues with the same position in other companies or recruitment experts in the industry.

The caveat here is when you realise, after much research and consultation, that your actual worth and your salary are a perfect match. Don’t be disheartened, though. You can use your skills, experience, and achievements as evidence to support your argument.

Do note, however, that if you use your individual performance as leverage, you have to prove that you have indeed delivered above and beyond what is expected of you, and the effort you’ve shown benefitted the company financially. You also have to show evidence that your skills and professional qualities are given more value in other positions.

If you can support your argument with hard evidence, your chances of negotiating a salary increase will be much higher.

3. Find the perfect timing

Timing is everything when money is concerned, which is why it is important that you know the right time to ask for a raise. Make sure that the company could afford to give you one.

Do your research and make sure that the company isn’t going through any financial challenges that might hinder them from reconsidering salary packages. If this is the case, you might as well wait for the right time until the company recovers financially, so you won’t come across as inconsiderate.

However, this is a double-edged sword: if the company is indeed under financial stress, they might be thinking of ways to minimize company expense, which may include letting some people go. This means if you fail to speak up to at least prove your worth as an employee, you may find yourself without a salary to even negotiate on.

Pro-tip: If you know your company can afford to give pay rises, it is best to negotiate yours towards the end of the financial year. It is during this period that most organisations are setting their budgets for the next fiscal year, including salary increments, recruitment expenses for new hires, and training. This is the opportune time to present your case, as the company most probably have an idea how much a certain position is worth and if this is reasonable or not.

4. Create different scenarios

Whilst it is not wise to assume anything yet, it will serve you well when you set your expectations based on how your company goes about reviewing salary increase requests.

The best way to go about this is to review your own employment contract. Check if the company conducts annual pay reviews and when. Review their policy on salary and performance reviews – if you will argue about your stellar performance as basis for a raise, your company may be reviewing pay and performance reviews separately. In this case, you have to wait until it’s your turn to be reviewed.

Review your employment contract carefully, as it most probably stipulates there when you are eligible for a pay review. Most companies conduct theirs during employment anniversaries, so you may want to wait for yours to negotiate a raise. If none has been conducted in years, it is definitely encouraged that you initiate the discussion.

If, for any acceptable reason, the company cannot afford to grant your pay rise request, you may want to ask for another review in a couple of months or consider other incentives in lieu of a salary increase. Offering incentives also speaks volumes about how you are valued as an employee.

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5. Write a formal letter of request

Express your intent by sending your boss a letter of request, which provides comprehensive details on why you believe you deserve a pay rise. A documentation of your request is important before the pay review discussion, as your boss may have to present your case to the higher ups.

Make sure your letter is straight to the point and written articulately. Avoid coming off as defensive, especially when you provide reasons why you should get an increment. Make sure your letter reflects honesty but done in a professional manner.

6. Be upfront but polite

During the pay review, don’t hesitate to pitch the first offer. This sets the tone of the negotiation, whether they will accept your pitch or renegotiate.

When you come up with a figure, make sure it is legitimate and reflects that you have done your research. Be truthful about your concerns and be firm about why you deserve to be given a pay rise without being rude or bratty about it. Respect begets respect, and you’ll most likely get what you want if you show that you are professional and logical in making your request.

Make sure you are consistent. If in your letter you spoke about how the increment will motivate you to work even harder, make sure this is well articulated during the face-to-face meeting. Show assertiveness but not in a demanding way: the way you speak and your body language should reflect that you are willing to negotiate and can be flexible if the situation calls for it.

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7. Avoid being emotional

Should your salary increment request gets denied, make sure to move on from this with dignity. There is no need to be emotional about it. You can ask your boss why you were rejected and accept this with grace and humility.

It’s up to you if you want to continue working for the company after this or find employment elsewhere. Before arriving at a decision, keep in mind that you may be denied now, but it doesn’t mean you will again after a couple of months. So, make sure that you will not decide based solely on impulse.

Should you decide to leave the company, make sure to be professional about it. Thank the company for their support and let them know that you are grateful for what they have contributed to your career growth. Showing professionalism during your resignation means getting a good recommendation letter afterwards.

Keep these tips in mind to ensure a proper pay rise negotiation. Remember that the key is to be professional when you make and discuss about your request. Whether or not it takes you anywhere, you would at least know that you have what it takes to push your career further.

We hope this advice has helped you. If you need a same day loan and you live in Australia, consider getting one from Perfect Payday.

Keep Track Of Your Credit Score

A good credit score is crucial to helping you gain financial freedom. Unfortunately, not everyone understands how this financial concept works and the role it plays in ultimately achieving a financially stable life. It is important that you arm yourself with handy information about credit scores and keep in mind why you should improve yours.

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Read on to know what constitutes a good credit score, how you can check and improve your own, and why you should work on getting your credit score above the below-average threshold to make a positive impact on your financial freedom.

What’s a good credit score?

Credit reporting agencies in Australia use the same band descriptors in order to evaluate your credit rating. Different agencies, however, use different scales in checking a credit rating: they may either use a scale of 0 to 1,000 or 0 to 1,200.   

Credit reporting agency Equifax, for instance, use the 0 to 1,200 scale when making a credit rating check. Experian and illion, on the other hand, check a credit rating using a scale of 0 to 1,000. No matter the scale method, this process is utilized to let you know where your credit rating currently stands.

Below outlines how some credit reporting agencies in Australia evaluate credit ratings.

Credit Band Descriptor Equifax Experian illion
Excellent 833 to 1,200 800 to 1,000 800 to 1,000
Very Good 726 to 832 700 to 799 700 to 799
Good 622 to 725 625 to 699 500 to 699
Fair or Average 510 to 621 550 to 624 300 to 499
Weal or Below Average 0 to 509 0 to 549 0 to 299


The band descriptors are pretty self-explanatory: when you find yourself with a credit score that lies between 0 to 299, 0 to 509, or 0 to 549, this means your credit rating is weak. Meanwhile, a credit score of between 800 to 1,000 or 833 to 1,200 is an excellent credit rating.

Simply put, a high credit score is a good position to be when you want to improve your financial situation. If you’re under this threshold, no need to worry. There are ways you can adopt to improve your credit score. The first thing to do, however, is to know how you can check your credit score in order to know if you need to improve it or not.    

Simple steps to checking your credit score

Here’s how you can simply check your credit score if you’re living in Australia:

  1. You can visit the website of any credit reporting agency to have your credit score checked. You may file your enquiry at any of these credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, or illion (also known as Dun and Bradstreet). These are some of Australia’s top credit reporting agencies, so most credit score enquiries are filed with them.
  2. You can also visit other websites to have a quick credit score check. There are websites that provide a free credit score check online, which is an ideal move when you want to know yours in an instant.
  3. To know which option suits you best, you can also check sites online for complete details on how you can go about checking your credit score securely. 

Tips to improving your credit score

No matter which option you choose, know that it will serve you well to have your credit score checked by different credit reporting agencies. This way, you will gain more knowledge about your credit score and how it impacts your financial situation.   

Whether you’re above or below the credit band descriptor, there’s always room to improve your credit score. Below are some ways you can do:

  1. Change your financial habits

Achieving a good credit score starts with acknowledging that you need to alter your financial habits and start and maintain a good one. This means being more responsible on how you spend as well as handle your loans.

You can start with adopting a habit of paying your bills on time. This way, you don’t have to deal with interests or additional charges on late payments.

As much as possible, make good on your promise of paying your outstanding personal loans or any credit card balances. On-time payments on these obligations will keep you from making repayments later.

Finally, avoid availing yourself of other loan or credit card applications – even if opportunity presents itself. You don’t want to deal with paying off more loans than you can ever handle.    

  1. Make a habit of checking your credit score

Having your credit score checked regularly will let you know how you can further improve your financial situation. When you know where your stand financially, it is easier to adopt more ways on how you can adjust your spending.

  1. Arm yourself with more financial information

Good thing we’re in the age of information where everything can be accessed with just a few clicks on your laptop or mobile phone. Take advantage of financial information offered online to give you more tips on how you can improve your financial situation.  

What a good credit score can do for you

All the financial information you want to know about improving your credit score ultimately boils down to achieving one thing: gaining financial freedom. It might seem too daunting a task to attain, but nothing is too impossible to achieve when you know the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

A high credit score can impact your life in more ways than one. Below are just a few of the advantages of having a good credit score:

  1. You have the upper hand when negotiating a loan

A good credit score can give you more negotiating power when discussing the terms of a no credit check loan. When a bank you applied a loan or credit card with sees your credit history, it will be easier to get their approval or negotiate the terms of your application, as they see from your financial record that you are a responsible payer.

The high credit score you possess serves as your influencing power. You can persuade or haggle your way into getting the loan or credit card terms you want simply because you know – and the bank knows – you can pay for your financial obligations on time.

As you have the upper hand, your confidence also increases. If for any reason the payment terms you demand cannot be agreed to by the bank, you can simply tell them off that you can get a better deal in another. You walk away with confidence, knowing that you possess the power and that any bank doesn’t have a hold on you anymore.   

  1. You can get a better job position

This holds water when you are applying for a position in the financial industry. With a good credit score, your prospective employer will see that you can be trusted with handling finance-related concerns, due to your outstanding credit history.

A high credit score serves as a character reference of sorts when applying for any other employment. A future employer may use this information as a consideration when gauging your suitability for the job position you desire. A quick check from your former boss is all it takes for a future employer to know that you can be trusted to handle a delicate position and thus the most qualified amongst other candidates. 

The credit score you possess reflects your being financially responsible. In cases where you need to change jobs, a good credit score is not only your bargaining chip but a testament to your credibility as an employee and integrity as an individual.  

  1. You can move to a new place with ease

When you find yourself on the hunt for a new house or apartment to rent in the city, a good credit score can help you get the place you desire. Landlords may refer to your high credit score as reason enough to award you the house or apartment you want to rent. 

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A good credit score is your edge over any other individuals who also want that rental. When you’re at the other side of the spectrum, there’s no way any landlord would trust you when they see that you have a bad credit history, as you more or less may also have a tendency of not paying your rent regularly.    

This is the last thing you will ever want when you badly need that strategically located apartment you’ve been eyeing. That is why you need to keep your credit score within the above-average range in order to gain the trust of a prospective landlord.  

  1. You get better rates on home loans

When you get to a point where you’re ready to buy your own home, your good credit score can serve as your negotiating power when getting a home loan approval from a bank. No bank will give its approval when they see you have a bad history of borrowing.

Banks are very strict when it comes to credit scores. A bad credit record is all it takes to turn down something as simple as a personal loan. For something as big as a home loan, trust that you will never ever get bank approval for it when you walk around with that bad credit record on your name. 

So, with a good credit score, bank loans may be acquired easily. On top of this, it may also give you the upper hand when negotiating the terms of your home loan. You can easily refer to your good credit standing when discussing with the bank about your credibility as payer.     

  1. You can get cheaper rates on utilities

A good credit score is also important when seeking the approval of utility companies. They may refer to your credit record to check if you are capable of making regular payments. A single bad record, such as late payments, may force a utility company to ask for a deposit from you to make sure you’re a risk worth taking.

Such additional cost is the last thing you want when sorting your utilities. Maintaining a good credit score is then important in order to avoid shouldering any additional expenses in the future.   

  1. You get better payment terms on insurance

A high credit score can give you bragging rights when availing yourself of insurance. It will be easier for insurance companies to assess if you deserve better rates on your insurance, once they see your history of responsible paying. 

Insurance these days doesn’t come cheap, which is why you need all the bargaining power you can get to get the best deal. A good credit score can give you lower insurance rates, which not only saves you money but also ensures that your future is protected without putting a dent on your wallet. 

With all these benefits of having a good credit score, it becomes much easier now to choose the path of repairing your credit score. Once you move from a bad credit score to an excellent one, keep in mind that you need to maintain that standing as it affects many aspects of your life.    

A useful tip to get your finances going 

As you work on improving your credit score, inevitable situations may happen along the way which may need you to ask for financial help. A quick loan is, of course, the best solution you can think of, but you may be hesitating to avail yourself of one due to your unimpressive credit score.

Know that there are lending companies that can help you during your time of need. While checking your credit score is a requirement, think of this as part of any lending company’s standard practices.  

To be qualified for a short-term loan, the standard requirements include: (1) Being of legal age (18 years old or over); (2) A regular income for at least the past 90 days that you receive via a personal bank account; and (3) A valid contact number.

Once you meet all these requirements, you can visit a reputable lending company’s website to file for loan application. While you’re at it, you may want to use their loan calculator to check if you’re qualified based on the payment term you choose. 

While you’re applying for a loan online, remember to check out helpful information on how you can sort your finances and improve your credit score. The first step to getting financial freedom is keeping yourself informed about how you can efficiently handle your financial obligations and ultimately, be responsible about money.

How To Repair Your Credit

Whether it’s to pay off bills or simply to make ends meet, securing a loan has been the go-to fix for most people to meet their emergency cash needs. Sometimes though, paying off a high acceptance rate loan may need be as easy as getting one. There are reasons beyond your control that may affect your ability to pay, but what’s certain is a credit that is left unpaid may cause a default listing against your name. 

This is why most individuals turn to a credit repair company to settle a default listing on their credit record once they have paid off a debt. It is important, however, to arm yourself with the right information about credit repair and if availing yourself of one can indeed remove a default listing against your name. 

Know the law

The Australian law stipulates that once a debtor have paid off a debt, the lender is required to reflect this payment on the debtor’s credit record. This means the debtor’s credit file must be updated to show that he or she has already paid off the debt. 

What most people don’t know is that even when they have settled a debt, the default or negative listing against the debtor doesn’t simply go away. The record of default payment remains in one’s credit file for about five years.

A bad credit record is the last thing you need when you’re seeking approval for, say another loan from direct lender. The default listing against your name will affect your ability to secure a bigger same day loan in the future (e.g., a home or car loan) and may even make it tougher for you to rent a home. It may also cause you to pay more for a lot of things, such as your car insurance. 

This is the reason why there are credit repair companies out there that promise to help in removing default listings. Before you head off to one, it is a must to know if a credit repair company can indeed be trusted to settle your default listing without a hitch.

Key things to consider before hiring credit repair company

Whether they call themselves “credit repair experts”, “credit fixers”, or “debt solution specialists”, be wary when a credit repair company makes alleged claims that it can wipe your credit history clean in an instant. The truth is a default listing cannot be immediately wiped out even if you have paid off the debt. Such information must go through a stringent process that includes proving that you have indeed paid off the debt.

In addition, it is important to make a clear distinction between a “credit repair company” and a “credit reporting agency”. There are credit reporting agencies that can go as far as look into your credit file to help your default listing removed for free. A credit repair company, on the other hand, doesn’t offer its services for free.

Hiring a credit repair company may cost you at least $900 to get the job done. This fee covers, among others, getting in touch with your lender to talk about your credit situation and coaxing the lender to get your default listing removed by virtue of some personal excuse (e.g., unemployment). When worse comes to worst, your hired credit repair company may even resort to making some inexcusable threats when the lender doesn’t adhere to the request, like filing a complaint at the Credit Ombudsman Services, which you yourself can actually do for free. 

Sure, such threats may get you what you want, since no lender would want to go through the hassle of having to shell out additional dollars as a penalty or being reported to the authorities. When you think long and hard though, you have just paid for a service that doesn’t operate professionally.       

What you can actually do to settle your default listing

Keeping these things in mind, there are legitimate ways you can do yourself to get your default listing removed. First, get a copy of your credit report from Veda or Dun & Bradstreet to see if there are inaccuracies on your record. If inaccuracies are present, talk to your lender and work out some arrangements. Incidentally, if you have bad credit and need to borrow money, consider getting a no credit check loan. You can apply with Perfect Payday.

If your lender doesn’t cooperate, that’s the time you can file for complaint at the Credit Ombudsman Service. Remember that this service is free of charge to the public.  

If you’re still taking into consideration the services of a credit repair company, why not do more research and decide if this is indeed the road you want to take? Read reviews and comments online about how credit repair companies are making false claims and deceiving the public about their so-called services that they offer for unreasonable prices. While you’re at it, research more about credit repair by visiting the Credit Ombudsman Service. 

The choice is yours, but remember that it is better to be armed with the facts before letting go of your hard-earned money.  Apply for payday loans with Perfect Payday if you need emergency funds.

Money Goals Achievable By Age 30

This article will tackle 8 distinct financial goals that one must consider achieving before reaching the age of 30. But, if you are already at this age and you are still reading this, that’s completely ok. If you want to get a stronghold of your financial future, try ticking these off your list as soon as you can. These tips are brought to you by Perfect Payday, where you can apply for payday loans if you live in Australia.

  1. No Consumer Debt

This is very essential. No matter what age you are, you shouldn’t be weighed down by any amount of consumer debt if you want to achieve your financial goals. However, it is understandable if you are in your early twenties and you are a fresh graduate with outstanding student debt. This happens to many people but you might want to settle this as soon as you can. Ideally, you should make it your goal to eliminate any loans that have an APR of more than 10%. If you pay off your debt, it will make it easier to get a same day loan in the future if you really need one.

  1. Build Credit

Many people utilize cash only and they don’t have any credit cards or experienced borrowing money. If you are one of these individuals, you might want to consider establishing credit since there will be instances in your life that will require you to have good credit. These instances include employment and mortgage. Generally, you should aim for a favorable credit score that is around 700 or better. 

It is easy to develop credit. And, it’s ok if you don’t completely trust yourself carrying credit cards. You could simply get one, purchase something and never use it again.

Apply for no credit check loans if you feel your credit score is preventing you from qualifying for a conventional type of loan.

  1. Have an Emergency Fund

No matter how much money you’re making, you must have an emergency fund. Having an emergency fund is one of the many steps you want to undertake if you want to have a good financial future. You should set aside at least $1,000 – $10,000 for emergency use. Take note that an emergency is not something that goes like this: you dropped your phone in the sink and you need a new one. Actual emergencies are instances wherein you had an injury that confines you in the hospital for several weeks or your car gets broken while you are on the highway. 

If you do not have an emergency fund, you may find yourself needing an instant cash loan. If you have a job, you may be able to qualify for this type of loan from Perfect Payday.

  1. Better Understanding about Taxes

It’s vital that you have a broad knowledge about taxes and you completely understand how the tax system operates to reach your financial goals. Once you understand the workings of the tax system, you’ll realize that there are a lot of ways on how you can save money. Dedicate half of your day to learn and understand the tax system. It will benefit you in the long run.

  1. Different Source of Income

You might want to consider having other sources of income to guarantee your financial safety during an economic crisis. Even if the economy is acting steadily right now, you have no idea what will happen after a few years. It pays off to have a sense of security that you are going to reach your financial goals. For instance, you can start a sideline like offering rental properties where you can earn money as a landlord. Or you can also begin making money out of your hobby. For example, you’re good at baking pastries. Why don’t you bake some brownies or cookies then sell them? Take note that you don’t have to start immediately, you can simply tuck them at the back of your mind for now. Think about other ways on how you can earn money in case you lose your current job.

  1. Full Insurance

When you begin having a lot of households and financial responsibilities to look after, you need to start thinking about ways on how you can protect yourself. This includes dental and health insurance, and most importantly life insurance. It is vital to have some kind of life insurance if you have a family. As you are approaching the age of 30, you should pay attention to this matter more.

  1. Charitable Contributions

Look for ways on how you can donate. It’s not always about the money because you can also donate your time. The moment that you are in your thirties, you might have a little cash overflow and it wouldn’t hurt if you find different ways to donate money. 

  1. Establish Retirement Plans

By the time that you are thirty, you might have no plans of retiring until you are 65. However, you can retire earlier and be able to do that, you need to pay close attention to your financial goals by the age of 30 or younger. Being proactive in this type of matter will help you look for ways on how you can decrease your retirement date. Instead of retiring at 63 years old, you can lower it down to 60, or even to 55.

5 Reasons for Getting a Personal Loan

Personal loans aren’t just for financial emergencies. You will be surprised to know that there are a number of ways you can actually benefit from getting a short-term loan, which can help you manage your finances better.

In fact, when used responsibly, you can even use your payday loan to improve your financial wellbeing. Intrigued to know how? Read on to know how you can make your personal loan work for you, should you need it for things other than a financial emergency.

1. Hospital check-ups

Drawing from our experience, you may have found yourself availing of a short-term personal loan for medical emergencies like accidents or illnesses. Events like these are inevitable, and sometimes we are short on funds that prompt us to get help from lending institutions.

In non-urgent medical situations, however, you can also use a personal loan to cover your hospital expenses. For example, you may need it to finance your annual executive check-up should you find yourself short on funds to cover this expense.

Whilst there are public hospitals that provide their services for free, outpatient expenses like medications need to be paid for by you in order to ensure your recovery. In times like these, availing a personal loan is a smart move to cover for hospital bills when you’re scarce on funds or don’t have extra money to be sued for hospital expenses.

2. Home renovations

Your home may or may not need considerable improvements but either way, you need the funds to finance its renovation. Getting a payday loan is a good way to get your home fixed immediately.

Maybe you need to get the bathroom fixed or have the kitchen installed with more cabinets. Or, you may want the garage to have more space for vehicles or add an extra room to accommodate more guests. Whatever improvements your home needs, you need the money to cover all these expenses.

Whether you lack the funds or your budget isn’t enough to green light a much-needed renovation for your home, a personal loan can help you cover the cost to bring your home back to its former glory. The best part is that the interest rates for personal loans used for home improvements or renovations are quite reasonable, so you will be able to meet your repayment obligations with no difficulty.

Availing a personal loan for home improvements or renovations is also a great way to invest in your property. With a refurbished home, you can increase the value of your property should you decide to sell it in the future.

3. Payment for debt

Based on our firsthand experience, getting a personal loan is also a great way to reduce your debt. You can apply for a loan that can help pay for all your other loans.

You can do this by consolidating all your loan repayment obligations into one, using one payment from the larger loan you acquired. This way, you only need to remember one loan payment schedule instead of many.

Moreover, you can also reduce the interest rates you pay for your other loans when you only have one to take care of.

When availed of in a responsible manner, getting a loan to refinance your high-interest payables can be a smart move to help you manage your finances efficiently. Make sure, though, to get sound advice from financial experts to know if loan refinancing is right for you.

Since personal loans have shorter repayment terms, getting one may not be ideal for you if your income isn’t enough to accommodate another repayment obligation. Consulting a financial expert can help you make sound decisions when thinking if consolidating your debts or not is a good option.

Should you decide to refinance your other loans with a larger loan, know that this could potentially help you solve higher-interest repayments on your other debts.

4. In lieu of credit cards

Expenses like vacations may prompt you to use your credit card to cover the cost. Did you know that it is better to get a personal loan to fund such expenses?

Whilst there isn’t much difference as far as paying for interest rates is concerned, it is wiser to use a personal loan for expenses like weddings or vacations, so you can pay back the loan on a much shorter repayment term.

Credit cards, on the other hands, don’t offer fixed payment terms. It takes much longer to pay for credit card dues, especially if you were only paying a minimum amount. Moreover, you will be tempted to use the credit card over and over again, which could lengthen the time it takes to settle your dues.

A short-term personal loan is then an ideal solution should you need quick cash for things like a new laptop or to have your car fixed. You may even use it to finance a small business, which means you will be able to pay off your loan in no time should your business venture takes off.

5. Credit rating repair

Our findings show that, probably the best way that a personal loan can help you is when you use it to repair or improve your credit rating. When you get approved for a short-term personal loan despite your poor credit history, you get a new lease on your credit-driven life.

Reputable lending institutions like Perfect Payday offer individuals with bad credit an opportunity to repair their credit rating by allowing them to avail of short-term personal loans. As long as you meet the eligibility requirements and can show proof that you can meet your repayment obligations on time, there won’t be a problem getting that approval.

This is because Perfect Payday doesn’t assess your qualification based solely on your past credit history. It puts more merit on your current financial status and your capability to pay off your loan.

When you get approved for a personal loan on bad credit, this can serve as proof which you can use to vouch for your credibility when you avail of loans in other lending institutions. When they see that you are responsible in paying your loan dues in one lending company, they may decide to take a risk on you as well.

Since it only takes a few months for short-term personal loans to mature, you will immediately see how your loan repayments have improved your credit score. Just getting an approval for a personal loan can actually improve your credit score quickly.

When lenders see how you easily managed your repayments for a short-term loan, they may also trust you to get a much bigger loan. For example, you may get approved for a home mortgage when you can prove to lenders that you have a history of paying off loans responsibly and in a timely manner.

So, consider taking out a short-term personal loan should you find yourself dealing with any of these situations. However, make sure you’ve done in-depth research on the kind of loan that appropriately suits your income and your current financial status.

Most important of all, only deal with reputable lending institutions like Perfect Payday to give you expert financial advice on short-term personal loans. Getting help from an accredited financial institution is the best way you can maximize your loan for the things you need financial assistance on.

How to Make Money on Instagram, Even If You Aren’t Famous

At PerfectPayday, we help you get a loan when you are low on cash and need emergency finances. This, of course, isn’t the perfect situation for you to be in. Instead of getting a cash loan, it is better to earn and save money so that you can have more stable finances. To that end, we are providing various tips and articles that we think will help you earn some more money. This particular article will focus on how to make money from Instagram.

Here I will be showing you how to make some money online, on Instagram, without actually being famous. Instagram has over 1 billion active users, with around a hundred million posts being uploaded, every single day. Those posts getting around 4 billion likes every single day. Instagram is huge, and there is a lot of money to be made on there.

What is a high acceptance rate loan? If you need a loan badly, it is good to apply for one with a place that has a high rate of acceptance. Apply with Perfect Payday today if you need a loan.

There are many ways to do this, such as drop shipping, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and shout outs. There are loads of different ways to make money on Instagram. I’m going to show you just how you can do it, without having to be famous. I’ll explain these different niches and ways to make money through Instagram and how to monetize your Instagram account.

Millionaire Mentor

The first example I will show you is Millionaire Mentor. They have 3.6 million followers. I’m going to show you different accounts in different niches. This is to show you that anyone can do this. If you can make an account, you can do the exact same thing that these people do. What is Millionaire Mentor’s claim to fame? They re-upload other people’s pictures. They pre-post other people’s pictures. It’s almost like stealing their pictures, but it’s not stealing, because these pictures posted to Instigram are free. They weren’t copyrighted. All they do is repost other people’s pictures and try to get followers.

I’m gonna show you a way that you can get followers to your account at the end of this article. Stay tuned for that. These Millionaire Mentor guys, how they make money, you can tell by the links in their profile that they are promoting affiliate links. If you purchase the item in their link, they will earn an affiliate commission. I’m not sure how much, but the item they are selling costs $99. They may be getting 60%, 70% or 80% commission. What they’re doing is making money through affiliate marketing. All they’re doing is re-posting pictures. They add their logo to the picture, and they also add motivational quotes. That’s all they’ve done.

Another thing they are doing is sponsored posts. They have an affiliate link on some of their posts, but someone has paid them to post it. It is an advertisement that someone paid for them to post. I don’t know how much someone is paying them to do this, but they have 3.6 million followers. I’m guessing they paid quite a bit to have the post with an affiliate link made to their account.

Awesome Earth

Next, we discuss another Instagram account in a completely different niche. The account is Awesome Earth, and the niche is travel. They post cool pictures of places around the world. These guys are not using their own pictures. They are pictures they’ve taken from other people’s accounts. They may attribute the photo to the original person, but they didn’t create the photos. They post other people’s photos, giving them credit.

Just like Millionaire Mentor, they make their money with paid sponsored posts. On one particular post, they are featuring a Black Friday affiliate promotion. It takes you to a Shopify website. They are dropshipping. What they probably do is get the items cheaper from Aliexpress. They will get an item that probably doesn’t even cost $5, but if you buy it from them you will pay $20. You buy from these guys, they go to Aliexpress and have it shipped to you. You pay them $20, they pay Aliexpress $5, they pocket the $15 difference.

They might do shoutouts as well. Many of these pages will do something called a “shoutout”. If you’re an upcoming photographer and you want to get your work on Instagram, you can pay these guys (for instance) $200 and they will post your photo. Their 3.4 million followers will then see your photography. If you have a link embedded into the photo itself, displaying a link inside the picture, many of their 3.4 million followers will visit your website.

Luxury Generation

You’ll see the next featured Instagram account is The Luxury Generation. You’ll see right on the top that they do “Collaborations”. That is essentially a “shout out”. They will feature a company’s luxury product and they are calling that a “collaboration”, but it is in fact a shout out. This is one way they are monetizing their account.

They are about luxury items. That includes jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, watches and other luxury items. They have 119k followers, not as many as the earlier featured accounts. However, they are more focused, more niche-specific, and it makes for a great way of marketing a narrow range of luxury items to a specific market.

They are not doing affiliate marketing or any other method of monetization. Instead, they are focused specifically on collaborations. That is their means of making money on Instagram. Again, we are discussing these different accounts to give you ideas on how you could make some spare cash with Instagram. A company that wants to promote their watch would spend their money, wisely, on having it promoted to its niche followers. If you can build a similar following, you can certainly build some a nice secondary or even primary income source.

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Viral Bikes

The last Instagram account we will discuss focuses on a completely different niche, motor bikes. Viral Bikes has 35,800 followers. It’s a smaller following, but a very specific niche market. They post pictures of awesome motorcycles, but they mix in product shout outs. They won’t make a fortune with 35k followers, but they might make $20, $30 or even $40 with a shout out. That isn’t bad for that size following. Again, this is how to make money with Instagram even if you aren’t famous. You don’t have to be huge to start making money, you can progressively make more as your following grows.

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If you were to start many different niche pages, you may only be making $20 to $40 per shout out, but you would be making it over many such accounts. You could try going for volume. Another possible method of making money for this Viral Bikes account would be by selling merchandise. They could sell motorcycle related merchandise or customized clothing. They certainly would want to do this if they reached over 100k followers.


In summary, you don’t have to be extremely popular or have an extremely high follower count of millions before you can start making money with Instagram. There are many methods to use, including affiliate links, drop shipping, sponsored posts, shout outs and selling merchandise. You can start small and work your way up from there. Instagram makes many people a small fortune, and you can begin building a side business with Instagram today.

If you have no job and are in need of Centrelink loans in order to put food on the table before receiving your next paycheque, finding a nice way to make money on the internet will help you become more independent. It could provide you with a great passive income, or even turn into a full-time gig. In the meantime, if you are low on cash and need extra money before receiving your next paycheque, get your next personal loan from PerfectPayday.

The Better option: Cash Loans Online

One of the things that is happening today is that the internet is now a washed by online payday loan lenders. It is their way of attracting clients to avail of this short term loan to answer all of their financial concerns in the present time. Aside from this, it could also provide a better way of acquiring a 100% acceptance rate loan without being taken advantaged of by lenders.

These short term loans go by amounts that are in the lower thousands of AUS dollars and must be paid in a few weeks during the time that a borrower is set to receive his salary or any other form of income. The only purpose of this payday loan is to help the borrower make ends meet until he gets his next salary. The loan usually costs about $15 AUS for every $100 borrowed. This amount is not dependent on the time period agreed upon to be paid by the lender and borrower.

Here in Australia, people are starting to look into this type of personal loan as a way to make a quick buck that can be availed without the inconvenience if having to go through a background investigation. Here is where it gets interesting. The borrower will have to give complete authority to the lender with regards to their bank accounts. This move s set to protect the lender that he will get his money back when the borrower gets his next paycheck. This means that when the loan is due, the lenders can just withdraw the amount that the borrower owes them.

Lately here in Australia, payday loans have become a very popular way of helping Australians make ends meet. But the only thing going against payday loans is their high interest rates. If a borrower computes it properly, a whole year loan can run up to 400% interest rate.

What is the difference between working with a broker and receiving a loan no brokers? A broker can potentially hook you up with a lender if you are finding it difficult to find a direct lender willing to let you borrow money.

Our company has been providing payday loans amounting to $4000 AUS to borrowers who do not have the requisites to file for cash loans. What we do is that we try to offer them their best option specifically with short-term loans.

The truth is that our company knows that payday loan applicants and approvals have more than tripled last year. The fact is that the increase in numbers showed that there was 227 percent growth in borrowers in 2015 compared to the preceding year. This statistic is backed by another research where lenders lent $667 million AUS in 2015 to borrowers in need of short term solutions to their financial problems.

The high season for pensioner loans fall around Christmas time when a most Australians will have to spend a lot of dollars on shopping for gifts and food. The reason for this is that those who do not have credit cards simply opt for payday loans to tide them through.

On the average, Australians have been taking $502 payday loans which they are able to pay back in about 117 days. It is expected that the payday loan industry will expand to record highs in the years to come.



Australians See Payday loans as the Answer to their Financial Problems

$1 Billion AUS is the amount of new loans that Australians are expected to acquire year after year. This number could still rise in the years to come. This is just one proof that a lot of Australian households are falling under the distressed household category and these households that fallen vulnerable into the trap of payday loans lenders.

However, even if there have been warnings about these lenders, still the number of borrowers are still increasing by the day. Thousands and thousands of Australians still file their applications for a payday loan because they see this as the immediate answer to their short-term financial needs and problems. The truth is it is. There is no arguing with that.

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But with everything being played out by both lenders and borrowers, there is a chance that Australian loans will go beyond the $1 Billion AUS mark by 2018. And from then on this amount just might keep on growing.

It seems good business for lenders. It definitely is. But the thing about it is that borrowers might not be able to handle the high interest rate of this type of cash loan. If properly computed, the interest rate would be comparable to a 50 percent rate out of a regular loan. And since Australians are looking at payday loans as the answer to their short term financial problems, some of them might be enticed to take in more payday loans than just one.

These same day loans have seen an increase at a rate never been seen before in Australia. The thing is that this type of loan has been in the eyes of a wide range of borrowers. These short term loans were once the stranglehold of those classified as financially distressed households – these are the people who cannot get their hands on a regular loan. However, in the recent past, even those qualified to take out a regular loan are starting to look into payday loans as an option for them.

How fast can you get a loan if you need one? Instant cash loans are available for people who have a job, even if they have bad credit. Apply today with Perfect Payday if you need a quick loan.

These are the people, who fall under the financially stressed household category, have the thinking that the reason why they are considering a short term loan is that they just simply need to borrow some money for a while and that their financial issues will disappear after a short while. A lot of this belief has to do with the lenders marketing arms. They have created a need in which those who do not actually need to borrow a direct lender loan now see that they actually need to get one. Eventually, these borrowers might end up becoming a repeat borrower because the marketers will try and find another reason for them to borrow more payday loans.

This fact is backstopped by the fact that borrowers today take in an average of close to four payday loans in a year. The reason for this is that a lot of first-time borrowers have become repeat borrowers already. And this is the main reason why this industry is thriving at the moment and in the years to come.

Don’t Ever Take Up Payday Loans Without Reading This Article

If you are cash strapped or face with an urgent financial emergency, it seems that borrowing a small sum of money as a cash loan for a short span of time seems like a very good solution. But, before you take the bait and take on that payday loan, make sure you read this article.

Top Things To Consider Before You Take That Plunge

  1. Interest rates can get sky high.

You have to know that alternative payday lenders can have an APR or Annual Percentage Rate as high as 5000%! The money comes fast, but the repayments can be a total nightmare for anyone.

  1. They will have access to your bank accounts.

Based on our firsthand experience, many lenders collect repayments off of your debit or credit card. They have the authority to take payments from your bank without having the need to ask your permission for it.

  1. Know that you can always cancel payments.

You have all the right to cancel payments. If your bank makes any payments right after you cancel, ask them for a refund.

  1. Ask loan help from your parents or relatives.

Before you take on a payday loan, ask first your parents or relatives if they can help you. Perhaps, they can share their money with you and you can pay them back in installments.

  1. Payday loans are to be repaid in a very short span of time.

Drawing from our experience, Payday loans are easy to borrow, but you have to pay them back in the next pay day. Many borrowers fail to pay in time, and so their loans earn interest. Many of them take out another pensioner loan just to repay their existing loans, and the vicious cycle goes on, and on.

  1. Do some research first and look somewhere else.

Do your research; you have to know exactly how much you will pay back in entirety before you get a same day loan. Many lenders have payday loan calculator, check on each. Some lenders deceive borrowers into lending without showing how much they will have to pay eventually. Do not fall prey.

  1. If you do not pay, expect to be harassed, intimidated, and pestered by payday loan collectors.

This is a sad reality when it comes to payday loans collection. Do not be a subject of their intimidation and stay free of stress by repaying your loans and or avoiding payday loans altogether. Or expect to be bombarded by many calls every day, sometimes around 15 times a day!

What are brokers? They help introduce you to people who are willing to lend money to you. There are two options when getting a loan, either working with a direct lender, which is considered a no broker loan, or using a broker to help introduce you to these direct lenders.

  1. Fast loans are easy, but expect poor customer services.

As indicated by our tests, loans may be granted in as fast as 5-10 minutes. But the office of the Financial Ombudsman said they receive over fifty complaints about payday concerns each month. Several complaints are about money taken off their credit or debit cards without their approval, or the unfairness as well as very poor customer services.

Paying off credit cards in a timely manner will build your credit so that you can more easily borrow money. If you find yourself unable to borrow through conventional methods because you have a bad credit history, consider applying for a no credit check loan.

Once a borrower is unable to pay back, the office of Fair Trading says lenders have the following recourse – freeze the charges or provide another repayment plan. If you can’t pay your loan in full, ask your lender what they can do for you.

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