These Are The Centrelink Benefits You Are Entitled To If You Have A Family

"These Are The Centrelink Benefits You Are Entitled To If You Have A Family"

The financial assistance that Centrelink offers cannot be underestimated, yet not many may understand the kind of support that they are entitled to under the programme, especially families or first-time parents who are struggling financially.

The financial assistance Centrelink offers varies depending on the beneficiary concerned, so knowing the kind of financial support to expect depending on your category can help you plan your finances more effectively.

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Financial support for Centrelink family beneficiaries

Centrelink offers a myriad of financial assistance for families. Whilst falling under one umbrella category (i.e., family), the amount of financial support to be provided depends on the type of beneficiary.

For new parents

Centrelink offers a number of financial support programmes for new parents, as it believes that this is a crucial stage in any parent’s life. Most of the time, new parents aren’t prepared for this stage financially, so help from the government through Centrelink offers financial relief as they get their act together to fully finance the new family they are building.

If you’re a new parent, you can choose from the following Centrelink benefits:

  1. Newborn Upfront Payment

No one is ever prepared for the cost that comes with having a baby. In cases like this, Centrelink offers the Newborn Upfront Payment support to help families deal with newborn expenses.

If you’re having your first child, you can expect to receive Centrelink benefits amounting to $2,000. There are eligibility requirements, though, to be qualified for this benefit.

To qualify, you must not be receiving the Parental Leave Payment for the same child and must be eligible to receive the Family Tax Benefit.

You can expect to receive around $1,595.23 if you’re having your first child and about $532.35 for each child you will be having in the future.

  1. Parental Leave Payment

As a first-time parent, you may also choose to avail of the Parental Leave Payment, which provides $657 every week. This may be availed of for only 18 weeks.

This form of benefit is offered to help employed workers provide more financial means to care for their new baby.

Remember that should you choose the Parental Leave Payment, you are no longer eligible to receive the Newborn Upfront Payment.

  1. Partner Pay

This Centrelink benefit targets dads or partners that just had a new baby under their care. To be eligible for this payment, dads or their partners will be assessed based on their employment and income eligibility.

Should you be qualified for this payment option, you can expect Centrelink benefits amounting to $657 per week.

For families

Existing families stand to receive Centrelink benefits under the Family Tax Payment option. Under this payment programme, families may get financial assistance depending on their combined annual income.

Family Tax Payment is the most common Centrelink benefit that most beneficiaries avail. It involves a two-part payment that is mostly used to meet the expenses of raising children.

To know if your combined income is eligible under this option, visit Centrelink online to check your family’s individual income.

For young parents

Parents under the age of 20 may be eligible for Centrelink benefits under the Parents Next programme, as long as they meet the eligibility requirements.

With Parents Next, Centrelink aims to support financially challenged young parents it defines as “vulnerable” and needing financial assistance to support their new families.

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Apart from families, Centrelink offers financial support to those who don’t belong under this category. Beneficiaries may include individuals who are still studying or unemployed, and even those are already retired.

Centrelink financial support for non-families

If you happen to not have your own family but needing financial help, these are the financial support programmes you may avail of when you turn to Centrelink:

If you are studying or currently don’t have a job:

You may avail yourself of the Job Commitment Bonus, which is offered to individuals who are facing employment challenges or students who are looking to up their chances of being employed someday.

Under this programme, you need to have been employed previously for a full 12 months to be eligible. You may also be qualified for a second payment amounting to $4,000 if you have completed a full 24 months at your previous employment. You will only be eligible for the second payment if you have been approved for the first payment.

On top of this bonus, you may also get additional financial assistance to cover child care expenses. Furthermore, you may also get financial help to cover rent and telephone costs, as well as get access to healthcare cards.

If you are retired or a pensioner:

Retired individuals who are receiving their pension get to receive a Centrelink bonus provided they have decided to remain in the workforce. This could be in the form of earning extra cash through part-time work or side jobs.

To be eligible for the Pensioners Work Bonus, you must be over 60 years old. There are other eligibility requirements as well that must be met to qualify for this Centrelink benefit.

The good news is that you can expect an increase in the amount of employable income you can earn under the Pensioners Work Bonus without affecting your current pension. Should you submit yourself for a pension income test, expect that the first $250 to be given fortnightly is not included.

In a year, you can expect to receive around $6,500 through the Pensioners Work Bonus. The best part is that, the $250 you can get every fortnight can be saved and added to the amount you receive every year should your job doesn’t allow you to earn the same amount every week.

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There are indeed a lot of options you may avail from Centrelink should you find yourself cash-strapped. If any of these benefits doesn’t apply to your case, don’t worry. All you have to do is visit the Department of Human Services website and check the payment finder page to know your options. You will most probably see a Centrelink benefit that applies to your situation after submitting yourself to an individual assessment.

Other options besides Centrelink

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