How to Approach Personal Finance

"How to Approach Personal Finance"

Take Baby Steps

Not all people are blessed with good money habits – or great sources of income. For most, the money that they earned always ends up being spent without them knowing how leaving them with zero finance to keep for future emergency expenses. This usually happens to people who live paycheck after paycheck. If you are one of these people, then you should start revamping your financial habits now.

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Try out these minimalist approaches to succeed in managing your personal finance:

Educate Yourself About Personal Finance

No matter how easy it might seem, if you put it into practice, spending less than what you make isn’t easy. Money nowadays just slips right through your fingers. One of the primary reasons why people are bad at handling their finances is due to the fact that money is a fragile topic. You can’t comfortably talk about it with your family or co-workers without feeling offended or judged. With this, people should begin having a genuine conversation about money in order to improve their finances. You need to set aside your ego and make an effort to learn deeper about it. One of the best methods to educate yourself about personal finance is by reading books.

Don’t be a slave to your lifestyle

When you start earning more money or receive a pay rise, the first thing that you think about is upgrading your apartment, purchasing a new car, or improving your lifestyle. This is usually your way of rewarding yourself for all the hard work you’ve done. However, if you want to win against your personal finance, you need to be aware of your spending, examine your lifestyle, and don’t blow it as your salary increases. If you practice this kind of thinking when dealing with your finances, 5 to 10 years from now, you’ll be able to live a more comfortable and financially secure life.

Stop keeping up with everyone’s life

There’s a reason why they call it keeping up with the Kardashians because these kids of people are definitely follow-worthy. However, if you are not particular and cautious about your social media accounts, keeping up with these multimillion celebrities is totally bad for your personal finance. Having access to their lavish lifestyle will only tempt you to buy the things that are way beyond your financial capacity. The reality is, rich people became rich since they make intelligent decisions when it comes to their money. They don’t lease brand new car or rent an apartment that they know they can’t afford – and that is a financial habit you should keep up.

‘The myth of I don’t have’

Sometimes, the problem isn’t about the financial temptations you face around you, but the pressure that you keep putting on yourself. There’s this idea called ‘the myth of I don’t have,’ which is something that you tell yourself so you can shop and purchase a certain item. For instance, you want to workout but you tell yourself that you can’t start unless you buy that cute gym outfit at the mall. The truth is, it’s only impeding you to start achieving your goals and dreams. No matter how much you think that purchasing that additional item will solve everything, unfortunately, it won’t. Most of the time, you have to make certain sacrifices and be completely clear why you need to do achieve a particular goal.

Sweet Taste of Financial Freedom

Once you already grasp the idea as to why you need to stop living from a paycheck after paycheck, the next thing that you wanted to do is to free yourself from any debt. Think about how great it is to have financial safety and security that you can depend on during financial emergencies. Think about how good it feels to have zero debt to think about when you receive your paycheck. So take the risk and challenge yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and try out things you never imagine you will do.

For starters, spend less than what you earn. However, there is a lot of pressure that you will face on a daily basis that will tempt you to do the complete opposite. But, if you can fight off these financial urges, you can create a healthy relationship with your finances and build an effective spending habit that you can follow. Once you do this, financial freedom will be all yours.

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People need to start having healthy and honest conversations about money. Apart from the minimalist approach aforementioned, nothing beats encouragement from a friend or family member when you are going through tough financial times. Never feel discouraged or threatened if you talk about your financial situation with a colleague and they have a much better situation than you. Instead, use that as an inspiration to improve your personal finance.

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