Guide To Choosing The Right Lender

"Guide To Choosing The Right Lender"

Searching for a lender? There are several things that you might want to consider first before you begin your ultimate search.

Getting to Know Money Lenders

A money lender is someone who offers loans with an associated interest rate. The interest rate is fixed and they can also charge additional fees such as service fees, annual, fees, transactional fees, and others. Selecting a lander has become more complicated as times passed by, especially with so many online lenders claiming they offer cheapest rates, excellent loan terms, and ultra-efficient loan approvals. But are these online lenders offer great deals compared to traditional ones? The answer is yes and no. Though they might not have the costly expenses linked to conventional lenders or major banks, there are still fees associated with money lending. However, online financing is a more convenient and uncomplicated option compared to traditional lending companies.

Should You Trust Smaller Lenders?

Is it right to depend on small-time or local lenders? The thing about small lenders is they hire their own closing and processing officers. They excel in small, instant cash loans. Their operations feature a top-level of entrepreneurship. Similar to big companies, their terms and expertise can also vary from each other.

Tips on How To Choose the Right Lender

1. Don’t forget to do your research

Many people struggle when it comes to selecting a lender since they have no idea where to begin. The answer is simple – explore online. Research all offers and prices meticulously for details. Look past through the fabulous advertising and unrealistic claims. Determine the appropriate requirements, additional fees and dishonor fees. Search for reviews, as well.

2. Compare different costs

If you have time to spare, compare rates from different lenders – four lenders is a good start. Take advantage of loan calculators to calculate how much you’ll be paying back in the future.

3. Determine what type of loan you need and why

There are an encyclopedic variety of loans that you will find out there – quick cash loans, smart loans, payday loans, mortgage loans, personal loans, car loans, and many more. Loan terms vary according to the kind of loan. The reason why you want to apply for a loan is also essential for you and your chosen lender since this will determine the ideal solution for your financial woes.

4. Enhance your credit score

Though you can still get a no credit check loan even if you have low credit score, you’ll have less negotiating power. Find reputable lenders that will not only focus on your credit score alone, but will also consider other factors.

5. Everything must be in writing

A reputable lender will guide you all throughout your application and they will give you a copy of the loan contract. Make sure you read it carefully before signing anything. If you have questions regarding the contract, feel free to ask your lender for clarification.

6. Ask suggestions from a friend

Though this might be too obvious, many people tend to overlook this source. There’s a big chance that one of your friends might be presently repaying a loan. Find that friend and ask for recommendations about great lenders you can work with.

7. Reach out to a professional

Ask a lawyer, real estate agent, accountant or financial consultant if you are planning to get a loan. These professionals work with lenders on a daily basis and they are full-aware of how they operate.

8. Read the fine print

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and read contracts from cover to cover. If a lender claims transparent terms and no hidden charges, don’t fall for it, especially if they are rushing the entire process. This is not an ideal way to select a lender. Find out about the criteria and charges. Before, borrowers just go to the local bank if they want to borrow money. Now, there are a lot of banks wherever you go and you can meet up with a loan officer anytime you want, even if it’s not mandatory. You can even sign a contract in the comfort of your home – that is the beauty of online lending.

9. Investigate their customer service

As of the present, it’s not about working with the nearest bank since it’s no longer mandatory to personally go to a bank to obtain a payday loan. It’s not also about loyalty to a certain company since you are just one of the thousands of accounts that they are managing. What’s important is the interest rate, but it’s not the most important factor. The lending industry is very competitive and many lenders provide the same terms. The number one criteria that you should focus on is customer service. Your lending company must have accommodating, helpful, and friendly staff. They must have amazing reviews and service awards from satisfied clients. The best leaders aren’t afraid to take personality responsibility for the loan of their clients.

Advantages Of Online Lenders

One problem with major companies is that they haven’t fully embraced the reality when it comes to people’s finances. With this, they end up rejecting potential borrowers, approving bad applications, and encouraging a scheme of irresponsible lending. Why? One of the main reasons is that these types of lenders only ask for the most standard and obvious detail, like utility costs. Things such as unintended but critical purchases can damage the bank, immediately resulting in default loans. After that, default interest is charged, completely submerging the borrower – who couldn’t afford the loan in the first place – to even greater debt. This is not good for the borrower and the lending company – who will begin having problems collecting repayment. This self-destructive pattern is the number one reason why the lending industry has a bad reputation. Online lenders are different than this traditional way of lending. They gather more relevant information and you can conveniently fax or email them any essential documents. Working with an online lender, you can guarantee that everything will be made available for you in writing.

How To Choose an Online Lender – and Which Ones to Avoid

The first thing that you should consider when selecting an online lender is their level of customer satisfaction. Lending is not solely about the rates, but the number of satisfied clients. Many online lenders claim that they offer instant outcomes and seamless communication, but not all live up to their promises. Moreover, locations don’t matter if you are choosing an online lender. However, you should still work with those that are within your time zone.

Once you know what a good online lender looks like, you should also be aware of the bad ones. Though most lenders follow the laws, there are still those that are black sheep of the industry. They prey on naïve and desperate borrowers and lure them into taking a loan that’s way beyond their repayment capacity. Furthermore, don’t settle for a lender:

  • Who sent you a direct email but you don’t have any connections
  • Whose advertise their loan by giving out flyers to your doorstep or sticking them in your windshield
  • Who randomly contacts you to offer a loan
  • Whose charges and rates are extremely high or low
  • Who is urging you to instantly sign the contract without reading

How Much A Loan Actually Costs?

There are many lenders and financial companies that offer loans. Basically, they won’t have the same terms, rates, and fees – though some might unintentionally have similarities. This is why shopping and comparing is highly-recommended for those who are planning to secure loan. With the competitive lending industry that you are in, it is very important to explore different loan options and lending companies. You’ll find that what’s expensive to other lenders is actually cheaper to some. It’s all about taking the time to compare and investigate the best deals.

Furthermore, you can take out a loan worth $1, 000 with a repayment period of 12 months, and repayment amount of $33 per week, $67 for every two weeks, or $140 per month. You can also borrow as much as $10, 000 with a repayment period of 13 months and repayment amount of $124 per week, $246 for every two weeks, or $539 per month. You will have the freedom to select which repayment amount suits your finances well.


Don’t fall if a lender claims that their loan will eliminate all of your financial troubles. The only way to solve them is earning and saving more money. Loans aren’t miracle workers. If you’re having trouble settling all your debt, taking another loan will only add up to your financial burden. But if applying for a loan is your only option, make sure you work with a lender that’s reputable and trustworthy – those that offer good loan terms and follow responsible lending. Don’t be afraid to compare loans from different lenders, this will help you find the best one that will suit your needs and requirements. Lastly, don’t hesitate to turn down a loan offer that’s sketchy and unrealistic.

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