Getting a Personal Loan for an Upcoming Move

"Getting a Personal Loan for an Upcoming Move"

Whether you are planning to downsize or upsize, moving comes with expenses that you can’t avoid. Good thing there’s an incredible alternative that you can turn to personal loans. These are short-term loans that will allow you to borrow at least $300 to $10,000. In addition to this, here’s how you can spend the money you obtained from a cash advance to help you during your future move:

1. Packing

If you don’t have any moving boxes to salvage, chances are you’ll likely purchase new ones. Though you can ask your family and friends for leftovers, you still need to buy extra ones. How much does moving box actually costs? Typically, it is around $5 but you’ll need to multiply that by at least 20 pieces and now you have to spend $100 on boxes alone. Another packing essential is newspapers. Unless you are a hoarder, you’ll need to purchase them to secure your belongings. Butchers paper or bubble wrap costs around $9 for every 50m. Though it’s not expensive, you still need to shed some money. Lastly, once all your items are packed and stored in boxes, you’ll need to hire movers to deliver them to your next home. This is another expense that you need to deal with, but with direct lender loans, everything is covered.

2. Repairs

Drawing from our experience, once you are done packing your things, you’ll discover areas inside your house that need repairs, such as the dent on the wall, leak under the sink, and other possible issues. No matter what damages are done, they all mean one thing: costly repairs. But if you have a $3,000 personal loan, nothing is too difficult to fix.

3. Cleanup

One horrifying thing about moving is the cleanup. Though you can always do it by yourself, you have a lot of moving shenanigans to deal with. If you are moving from a rental space, you also need to meet the strict standards of a bond clean. This calls for the expertise of professional cleaning service. Of course, service cost may vary according to the size of the space but typically, it ranges from $130-$150 to carefully clean a large house. With a no credit check loan, you can leave your old home in a squeaky clean state without worrying about finances.

4. Movers

As indicated by our tests, hiring movers is probably the most expensive aspect of moving. First, their charges are insanely budget-damaging. Their hourly rate starts at a massive $50 per person. And that doesn’t even include insurance and transport costs. The worst thing is, if your next home is in the interstate, you’ll likely pay a lot more. With these costly moving expenses, it pays to have a personal loan by your side when dealing with the movers.

5. Moving Insurance

There are moving companies that offer insurance as an extension of their services. However, insurance is not always enough to replace damaged items. Varying on the cover, you still need to apply for additional insurance. Once you do, be careful of the costs since they are equal to maximum coverage. The sad thing about this is you will not be given the maximum coverage that they owe you due to several reasons. In addition, you also need to update any existing insurance that your home has. All of these could cost you a lot of money but with a personal loan, you can get the financial aid that you need without any hassle.

6. Brand New Furniture

Based on our observations, this is not a must for everyone who is planning to move but you’ll likely purchase new furniture when you transfer to your new home. Regardless of whether you are downsizing or upsizing, chances are you’ll probably end up buying or swapping out furniture items. By applying for a personal loan, you’ll be able to get the couch that you need for your home and repay your loan gradually.

Instant Personal Loans

You can get as much as $300 to $10,000 in personal loans, even if you have a negative credit report. The application procedure is always easy and simple. In fact, you can finish it within a few minutes. All you need to do is to submit your application and it will immediately be assessed to determine if the lender can supply the money that you are planning to borrow.

Should You Apply for Personal Loan?

To find out if a personal loan is right for you, examine your present monthly expenses and other financial commitments, like mortgages, credit cards, and the others. If you are planning to apply for a personal loan to cover your moving costs, can you still pay off other expenses if you take an additional short-term loan? No matter how considerate lending companies are, they don’t offer financial advice so it’s up to you to determine if you are still capable of dealing with another loan.

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